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Article Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

McGRATH AND SHEA POLICE MEET STARS Brilliant Performances Feature Final Day's Program at Sheepshead. Matt McGrath of the Police De partment and Dan Shea of the Fire Department carried off the chief ath- honors at the final day of the Police Honor Roll Relief Fund games McGrath hurled tho 16-nound hammer 181 feet Inches, which is but 7 feet a inches short of the world's lonrd. Shea turned in the star track per formance when he stepped the 440 yard event, open to city departments, in 00 seconds hat. Dick Kgan, also of the Fire Department, ran his department mate right to the tape and was beaten by a scant two yards. Egan started from scratch with Shea. Thomas silly, 171M Precinct, with a handicap third. Tho Police Department relay again came out victorious in the 1.200-yard event, open to city departments. The .1 close second. It was mainly through the running of Jack Eller on the anchor leg that tne police were aDie to win uy a scai vard. The Brooklyn bicycle relay team, had ample revenge for Its defeat last week at the hands of the Manhattan sound 111 the one-nair-mne mteroor- ough race. The local team got away to a living start and led Hie tan ouartet to the finish bv ten yards Tho Queens team 'finished third, five l.ohirtd Manhattan. Jack Idler Beaton In Hurdle Race. A surnrise of the meet was the de feat of jack Kller In the 120-yard low hurdle ev.nt. rne uroomyn cop was looked on as a sure winner; but the 12-yard handicap allotted to Martin Mulderrig, First Inspection District, proved too much for him tc overcome. Kller was beaten thai a yard in 14 seconds. John Kell First District, finished third, twt Minis behind Kller. Traffic repealed Its victory of a week ago In the lim-yard chariot race winning easily over the 10 4th am in 4th Precincts, which finished sei. ond and third respectively. The winning team was composed of Waliei Brown. William Behrens and Jamei Melia. William Irving of the Sixty-see .111 Precinct clipped a full second off tin time made in the 100-yard veterans race last week, when he stepped tin distance In 12 seconds. Frederic! Hlllman of the Twenty-eighth Pre clnct finished second and John Finn Detective Bureau. third. Irvin; lumped into the bad at the crack 0 the gun and before he had run fift; yards had gained a three-yard advan tage. Htliman nnisn .1 could not ovi a Ihe early I i ing. iml il em bl amusement w.r oishul the Immense crowd by thr testants In tbe shoe race. John senreidcr crossed the line llrst. when he came before the Juditf inspection it was discovered tin odd Anion 146th I' net, was finally doi laretl Ihe Ith Pat Walsh, Truffle llermnn Meyer. Fifth Rraneh De-tectlve Itiirrau. easily outrun the Held In the fat man's race, which was closed to men weiKhlnu 136 pounds or over and to those Ave years or over in the service. Meyer defeated I'aul Hoffman. 147th Precinct, by four vards In 12 4-5 seconds. Samuel Bottle. Thirty-eighth Precinct, finished third. tun Won by T. on.l; ihlrrt Time I 04 'ImiV I kTZ. lls: p. MrDonuM, 23il (56 feet). Inches, ppi-ond; P. Walsh. Traffic 174 feet 9 Inchen, third. InterWeiiBh hlcyol relay r.ce Hruoklyn. Manhattan, second; i Won Szerllp, First In-istrlct; P. Walsh, Tialtic (', see-Illlman, 28th, third, Time, 2:39 chariot rare Won by Trafflc 154th I Brown, Irving, lid: P. cond KlBht-n W. F.i I ii. Yost, Old 1516 (28 seconds), third. Tim, 8:15 2-6. Tub of war, Trafflc Department 1 Trafflc second; TralTlo third. 1.200. r. Murph Mori Time, 2 Aqueduct Entries The entries for tomorow's races at Aqueauci are as toiiows: furlongs The Iter Philippic limp. Unilianan Pra.iy Peer' Trap. 115; Deck Mate. ei iJrfS l-yiar-oldn: Mlllng; em mlle-virglnla 115; 'Queen of Paradise. 104; 114: C.ooil (ounscl. 105: ltae.mleiiso. 10:,. Third Haee Knr sellout; liv. 1 "np V'T- 'haufrbT' 101 P.lvcr.lale. 112; Doe Meals 111 Ha. For J.year-ol Ihe Wllleti Wim KrlCBok Transit. 110; Al i-liff Haven, 105 lllk; Hili'lllBton. "siil.n-,,. I Latonia Entries $gj' tWo? .2" V. Mn! 'un, lis. Monro. ne lei fur 1 I ii'-ie, 3j.nrol.le. 'rrS 'iiS' 'ZXr-WPrS he 1 Zl' A.nuiV. v. 1-1 ''will, Cei.iso Itoeseli. .0 inn no. icmmmm, oiner.e. 11 lA'Vr u'tn n't "ripi-ei't. Time. 1 Ail stancii. sixth liner- of a mile w.o'.'ii,...i by M. Htil- tX'lv'Vtthli? HM t. Wl'hh. ii?,. oil, ttitiJ. WW, i.Mi.