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Article Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROOKLYN EAGLE, MOM, JUNE 33, 1952 IT CD B' MARGARET MARA 0ne 01 tne oddest sights I have come across in Brooklyn colection of wejghty and artistic garden ornamenU that icrowd the yard of a house at 610 Avenue Y. They Include foun- tains, tables, benches, flower boxes and vases made of terra cotta -Living in Brooklyn9-' River Pebbles Oddity in Art busl- or or by latter the and sea green cement on steel mesh, encrusted with small, polished stones and pebbles that came from the riverbed of the Hudson River, near Peekskill. For 20 years, Epifanio Nicosia has been making these original ornaments and examples of his work are found In elaborate gardens of estates on Long Island as well as up-State. In an adjoining yard, at the corner of Hubbard St. and Avenue Y. the first three ornaments Mr. Nicosia made 20 years ago are standing, durable as ever. These are a five-foot windmill, an Oriental pagoda and a garden vase on a pedestal. The vase was his first creation. Mr. Nicosia said that the idea for the vase studded with "lucky" stones and colored stones came to him in a dream. He had been a boss bricklayer and was injured on the construction of a large building. While recuperating at home ha "dreamed" about making thel Margaret Mara flower vase. Thus, Mr. Nicosia started on his business venture which has supported him and his family for the past two decades. Some of his pieces have sold for $1,000. Probably the handsomest pieces are the garden table and a set of five curved benches. pedestal table is five feet in diameter, the ton polished like ot ornaments, some of which sip-iweigh up to 800 pounds, mium is coated, too, as protection against sea air. 4. A vacant store on Coney Island Ave. near Avenue has the windows covered with whiting with visibility possible through one little cleared space. Finger-written in the whiting is the notice: "For Nosey People Only." 5. And a dry-cleaning estab- marble. The rims and pedestalsilishment at 3d Ave. and 8Rth of table and benches are St. lists "stains removed" in the studded with the inlaid river interesting and revealing se-stones. i quence, "beer, blood, coffee, etc." As far as is known, Mr. Nicosia; is the only maker of these novel Removina Grass Stains Grass stains on white cottons are removable by a solution of