Coroner's first statement

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Coroner's first statement - ? CoEONEE'S OF.FICC, 1 Brooldyn, Oct 10, 18G1....
? CoEONEE'S OF.FICC, 1 Brooldyn, Oct 10, 18G1. To 4hc Hon. Board of Aldermen : Gentlemen, on the morning of Monday, October 3d, tho mangled remains of a human body were found in the water at the foot of JjitUo street. The appearance which tho body presented was shocking in the extreme. The head and logs and hips were gono, having beeeu removed Dy a knifo aud buw. This operation was evidently done in a great hurry hurry as from the appearance of portions of tho clothes found with tho body it is ovident that the murderers did not take the trouble to remove them before cliamembor - ing it. I say, murderers, because 1 firmly believe that more than ono person is cognizant of the affair. The the thing ia bo shocking that many believe the remains to be a portion of a cadaver which was used for anatomical anatomical purposes. This is not so; the body had boon dead only a f. - w hours when found, and the manner of tho cutting was not at all in lieoping with the idea of anatomical researches. It is impossible to say, how far away from 'the spot where the remains were found the crime waB committed; it is barely possible that the man may have been killed at a point remote from Brooklyn, and taking this view of the case I would recommend that a reward sufficiently large - - to enlist the services of tho Now Yort as well as tho Brooklyn detectives, be oiferod for the arrest ot the perpetrators of the ciimc; and as I believe there has tceu mere than one person engaged in tho horrible horrible aC'uir, this reward might be extended with the promise ol leniency to the informer, ii he or she will be one of the guilty parties. Tho body is still kept at the Bead House, in the hope that some clue may De found, and! have had the river in tho neighborhood dra"ged for tho same purpose. Hoping you will act without" delay, delay, and with a liberality demanded by the magnitude of the crime, I remain yours, very truly, ThoilssP. Kokbs, Coroner, Kings Co. P. S. I have just been called upon by Dr. Boaton assistent of Coroner Wildly of Jfcw York, who tells me that the pelvis of a man was found floating nt the foot of Corle&rs street in that city this morning. On cora - Tiaring the parts wo discovered that they are of the same body. A portion of the pants remain on the pelvis aLd correspond in color and texture with tho portions of clothing iound with the body in my keeping. X. p. n. Alderman Belknap moved that the Mayor be authoiized to oiTer a reward of ;,W0 for the detection of the murderer or murderers. Aid. O'Keefro was of the opinion that the communica - tion should have been sent to tlio Police Commissioners and rot to the Beard of Aldermen, but if thero was to be n reward offered, he would wish it to bo understood that the money was to be rsid only to persons outside of the police force, and moved an amendment to that effect.' Aid. Belknap could not accept the amendment, because because he thought it would destroy any good effect tho advertisement might have. If tho alderman of the rth knew the amount if money required to bo spent "by detectives in working up these cases, ho would not press the amendment. It was true the polico were paid $1,000 a year, but it is also truo that nearly one half ot this amount is spent by detectives in ferreting matters liko these. Aid. Van Buren said he would move to increase the reward by a very much larger aoiouat. If tho Board hope in this matter to enlist the services of the detective polico in Now Yori, they ought to offer a reward which would be liberal enought to make them go intj it zealously. He moved to make the amount $3,000. The motion was not seconded. s M3. BeDaiap said if tho amount were made $1,000 bd would second the motion. Aid. O'Keeffo wanted the Board to divest themselves of any notion they may have, that ho (Aid. O'K.) was not in favor of having this arrest made, but ho thought that it was not in the power of the Board to tote this action under the provisions of the charter. The law provides that we cannot expend money for any purpose for which it has not boen previously appropriated. Ho had no objection to giving the reward to policemen mere thanany other men, oxcept that tho principle was wrong, and ho was satisfied that if tho Board would pass a resolution to pay any expenses incurred by tho detectives in this matter, it would have tho desired effect. Aid. Fisher moved that the matter be referred to the Committee on Police, to consult with the Police Com - missioners in reference to the matter. Aid. Van Buren hoped the matter would not be referred referred to a committee, ns that would only have tho offect of delaying it until it was too late, and if anything was to be done in the matter it ought to be done immediately. Coroner Norris was present, and ho would move that the privilege of the house be granted to Coroner Norris to explaiu hia reasons for sending tho communicatio - i. Adopted. Coroner Xorris war, invited by the Chair to spealr, and addressed the board. He said tho main portion of what lie had to say on the subject was embraced in his communication, communication, but theie were some points which could not be elaborated in tho communication. It was evident that there was more than one person engaged in this most horrible murder, and it was from some one of these pereonB that by means ot tho roward it was hoped that the information might be pot which would brin the perpetrators to justice, and for this purpose it would be necessary to offer a - largc reward. Aid. Wallace said that a matter qf this tind reouired the ntmost promptness, and if a roward of SJoyo would bo of any use in bringing the perpetrators of so horrible a crime to justice, he knew that no tux payer would object object to it After some finther debato Aid. Fisher withdrew his motion, and the motion to offer a rewaui of a iho. mud dollars was adopted. EESOLiniONS. ' By Aid. Kalbfli isch Designating puic - s for holdm' the pollsin tho 18th ward. Adopted. By same Whereas, It is barely possible.the horriblo murder that thiB Board has just authorized the Mayor to offer a large reward tor the detection of the perpetrator or perpetrators thereof, and which murder may havo bean perpetrated in tho adjacent city of New York, therefore therefore be it WiioriUc - aof that city oi the action of this Board', wft

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 11 Oct 1864, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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