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 - Ki OSCARS 'BODY IS J0W.; EMBALMED 1 - Funeral...
Ki OSCARS 'BODY IS J0W.; EMBALMED 1 - Funeral of Late Ruief of Sweden . til- til- May Not Take Place, for a Fortnight. fie b ba, d t KING GUSTAVE, TAKES OATH. Remarkable Career of the Monarch, Who Possessed Literary and Artistic Talents. Stockholm, December 9 The body of King OBcar of Sweden, who died here yesterday morning. Is now being embalmed. embalmed. The necessary arrangements for the funeral probably will necessitate delaying delaying this ceremony for a fortnight. Queen Victoria, wife of King Guatave, arrived here this morning. The death certificate was worded as follows: "We declare upon oath that His Majesty King Oscar II expired peacefully at 9:10 o'clock this morning in the castle at Stockholm at the age of 78 years, 9 months and 17 days, as the result of calcification of the cerebral and cardiac blood vessels. "BERG, "EDGREN. "FLENSBURa." The succession to the throne of Sweden now passes to Oscar Oustave Adolphe, Di'ke of Vermland, the oldest son of the late King. At a meeting of the Council of State yesterday afternoon the new King took the oath of allegiance under the title of Gustavo V, and adopted the motto, "With the PeopU for the Father land." The princes took the oath of al legiance and the new monarch accepted the homage of the state officials. Oscar II, Frederick, King of Sweden, was not born of a long line of kings. Jean Baptlste Jules Bernadotte, ardent partisan of the first French Republic, Republic, Napoleonic general, one of the heroes of Austerity and Jena, elected hoir to the throne of Sweden, and afterward the wise and good Charles XIV of that country, was the first of the line, uscar n was a grandson of Bernadotte. He was born at Stockholm, January 21, 1829, the son of Oscar I. When he was born he was far away from the throne, his grandfather be-; be-; be-; ins Kine. his father Crown Mince ana tne two older brothers having nearer claim, and it was not thought needful to educate educate him for a ruler; so he was allowed to carry out his one wish to be a sailor. when 11 years old he entered the sweaisn navy and, like any common midshipman, worked at all duties, passing irom one grade to another till he was promoted to lieutenant. He was a true lover of th sea and of viking type, though of sea robbers among his forefathers he had none. The one great moment of his life was when he found himself at the head of a combined Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Danish fleet during the Crimean War. He was Prince Oscar only at the time, full Of youth and fire, and he found It hard to forgive his brother and predecessor on, the throne, Charles .XV, who would not lot him join in the attack against Russia and have at least a chance of recapturing the Province of Finland, the loss of which has left Sweden in a state of rage even up to the present day. He had one more opportunity that of 1864 when he thought he might be allowed to take the. Swedish and Norwegian squadron under his command to the aid of the Danes. Permission was withheld. , Prince Frederick ascended the throne of Sweden as Oscar II September 18, 1872, succeeding his brother, Charles XV. After After having been denied the opportunity to show himself a great sailor It became his one ambition to shine as a peaceful king and an author. . His court was one of the most brilliant in Europe, although the term Parisian, which has been given to it does not describe it accurately. The abundant wit, tho feeling for art and for all that enriches life and makeB It better are all of a more serious cast than is known to the Parisians. There was at the court of Oscar II a wonderful amount of freedom. The king always kept open house to his friends, among whom he counted many clever people and some great authors, painters and sculptors. sculptors. He gave free access to his audience audience chamber to the humblest peasant also, and yet he was not absolutely popular. popular. Too much given up to study and literary work, many of his subjects complained, complained, people of that class which have for "dem literary fellahs'' the hatred of ignorance. Some time ago the King fell 111 and he partly closed his house to visitors. visitors. He no longer moved freely about the streets nor encouraged strangers to speak to him and the coldness of his subjects subjects toward him grew apace with the progress of his incapacitating Illness. In February, 1899, when his seventieth birthday was quietly celebrated, he was very ill, and he temporarily gave over the reins of government to Crown Prince Gustav, who is quite popular with the Swedes. Just about that time the King had accepted tho Norwegian Storthing's proposal to allow a purely Norwegian flag, without the mark of union, and the old King had given offense to his Swedish . subjects, who are to a large part of the Norwegians the Separatists what the English are to a large part of the Irish the Nationalists. King Oscar II possessed literary and artistic talents of a high order, and he was a poet of taste. He knew many lan guages and translated Goethe s Torqua-to Torqua-to Torqua-to Tasso" into Swedish, which earned him his election to the Frankfort Academy of Sciences. In a graceful dedication of the book to his wife, Sophia, he told her how shi had been to him what Leonora had been to Tasso the crowning happiness of his existence. existence. His love of history led him to write a life of Charles XII, which is considered considered a valuable work. His poems are all inspired by a keen love of nature. One oi nis most cnarming poems is cauea in My Home." and gives a peep Into the Ideal family life, trustful, peaceful and loving, of this poet-prince. poet-prince. poet-prince. For a long time King Oscar was denied the active co-operation co-operation co-operation of Queen Sophia at state receptions, because Bho was a confirmed confirmed invalid. The Crown Princess, too, is very delicate. The King's second son. Prince Oscar, morganatically married a Miss Eba Munck, and they are said to be very happy. Prince Eugen leads an artist's artist's life in Paris. Prince Charles is married to Princess Ingeborg of Denmark. King Oscar II was umpire under the general arbitration treaty between the United States and Great Britain in 1897 In the Venezuelan matter. In 1897. when the King celebrated the twenty-fifth twenty-fifth twenty-fifth anniversary of his reign, the Swedes in this country sent him several proofs of their regard and he acknowledged acknowledged the receipt of them In verse. Under King Oscar Sweden's stabllty and progress has been uniform until the events culminating In the recent separation separation of Norway. The final success of the separation movement was a grievous blow to the aged King, who took deeply to heart this severance of an ancient union. Both his pride and heart were wounded, and bis constant brooding over this unhappy event doubtless contributed to his death. Indeed, the doctors' final diagnosis that his heart was affected appears appears to give color to the earlier reports that he was slowly dying of a broken heart. Politically, however, -neither -neither Sweden nor Norway Is likely tarfce disturbed disturbed by King Oscar's demiser, since the recent storm between them , has been wholly calmed and each has now ad-Justed ad-Justed ad-Justed itself to the new order of affairs. In one respect the change, of monarchs may ameliorate the relations between Sweden and Norway, as the new King's son, Who now becomes Crown Prince, Is wav. "' - : n - .

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle09 Dec 1907, MonPage 14

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)09 Dec 1907, MonPage 14
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