A Larger Class - Graduated With High Honors From Grammar School 15.

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A Larger Class - Graduated With High Honors From Grammar School 15. - A LAEGE CLASS Graduated With High Honors From...
A LAEGE CLASS Graduated With High Honors From Grammar School 15. The Bojg AYerage 85 Per Cent, Inter cstin;? Commentement Exercises A Nephew of Justin McCarthy Anions tho. Orators. Tho lecture room of tho Young Men's Chris. tlan Association building was filled to overflowing last evening, by persons who woro lntorostod directly or Indirectly In tho closing exorcises of Gramma? School No. 15. Tho first flvo rows of seats In thfl body of tho houso woro flllod by girls of ogos ranging between 14 and 19, dressed in whito and cream colored fabrics. Ou each sido of tho houso the five front seats woro flllod by tho graduate. Tho class numborod 110. Tho largest class which; precodetl this was graduated from School lti la 18S5. But tho class had anothor claim to distinction beside size. The section which graduatod In June, could boast that its boys had attained an avorago of 85 per cont. whilo seven of them had rlson above 90 per cent - Tho girls of tho same class had an, avorage of 80 percent, and ono of the boys, John C. Authouy, had attained 93.0 per sent, and thoroby oarued tho Mayor's prizo, six month's inomborshlp iu tho Brooklyn Library. On tho stago a long row of scats was arranged for tho dignitarios who wore present for spoochmaklng and oratory. Thoy sat as solemn and heavily re - speclablo looking as the performers at a minstrel show bofore tho music itrlkos up. Among them wore ox - United Stales District Attorney Mark D. Wilbor, Colonel John Y. Citlyor, Principal Georgo N. Carman, of School 15, and tho local commlttoe, Cbarlos E. Tenia, chairman, William Harkneas and John V. Wiggins. Seated behind tho boys and girls, with facoa which showod that thoy shared in tho triumphs, if they did not in tho prizes, woro teachers who were so largely responsible for the class' progress, Mr. Hormnnce S. Johnson, A. M., and Miss Sarah BalL The programme lucluded the orations " Liberty Eullghtoniug tho World," by Frederick C. Sooker - sou; " Homo Rulo," by Justin McCarthy, and "Ambition," by William A. McDonald. Then there wero essays, Class History," by Miss Netlio Tanner, who horriuod ovorybody by accusing the young ladios of stealing apples, and "Class Prophecy," by Miss Goraidfuo Kose, who dealt ontlrely with taa future of members of tbo class and only predicted good things of them. The piano duets wore "Lut - piol," by Jeuuio Aitkon aud Eva Drako; "On tho Race Courso," by Mlnnio Walsh and Laura Woods, aud "Immortalleu Waltz," by Linda Bailey and Mamie iiginton. Thoro woro also piano eolos by Floronco Pool and Jamos Schulz. The recitations and class exorcises, delivered in monotone by a chorus or soinl chorus of girls, with appropriate, simultaneous gosturos, wore intoro3ting and pretty to look at. Thoy woro "of Old Sat Freodom on tho Heights," by tho Juno Division of girls; "Give Place," February Division of girls; "Goblet of Life," girl of tho Fobruary Division; "Love thou thy Lord," girls of tho June Division. The singing was rathor limited, consisting of a pretty duet, "Whon Lifo is Hrightoat," by Lulu Smith and Eva Drako, aud tho two songs, "Old Fif toon" and "Class Song," which wero sung by tho school. Tlio class song was as follows: Summer's sun is glowing o'or us, Touder Juno is reiguiug uow, And our life is all beforo us, Autumn's fruit and Winter's snow. But of eitlur little reck wo, AH our hearts with Joy o'orflow Joy commix't with teudor sadness, Alma ilator's tribute duo. Ciiokus Faro yo woll, dear Alma Motor, Faro yo well, our school room, doar, F'aro ye well, our books and studies, Faro yo woll, our toachors, doar, Faro yo woll, Old Fifteen. Tho' tho future bring us ploasure. Glowing happiness and koon; Tho' ft bring us uo Joy and gfadnoss, Sweot contoutmeut aud serene; Tho' no ill should ere o'ortako us, Tho' no cloud of sorrow fall; Vet our school days will seem brightest. Swootost days beyond recall. Justin McCarthy Is a nophow of tho famous historian. Ho has takon tho hlghost honors of the school in composition but is a llttlo troubled by nervousness as yot ou the platform. In his oration on "Homo Rulo". ho handled tho English Parlla - mont without glovos, but was pretty loulent iu ro gard to Queen Victoria, allotving that as women weut she was a very fair sample. Tho valedictory oration by Frodorick C. Sockor - son was as follows: Ono of tho great questions ofton misunderstood by many is "What is Llborty ?" Is it tho wild unrestrained condition of freodom. which in truth por - tains rathor to the bruto than to tbo man, about which tho most lawless, dangerous class of humanity, tbo offscouriug of Kuropean prisons, tho anarchists run wild 7" Is It tho freedom that says: "Down with all organized government; let tho strong triumph ovor the woak; the brutal over tho patient?' Is it tbo freodom that loaches that each man must according to tho dictates of his own will ? - No! That Is no truo liberty; it is rather the first and strongest kind of tyranny. Truo liberty is that which ontiilos all men to a volco lu framing tho laws aud forming tho government that Is to protect him ; undor tho reign of which tin) restraint of such laws Is cot imposed upon tho Just and well be - havod, but that class of ruffians whose business Is to make war on socioty. Then Justico sits upon hor throne dispensing righteous decisions with full equity, and woighs carefully In tho balanco tho rights of men. What an enthusiasm awakens In ttie mtnu and hoarc oi ovory truo ana putriot. American: what glowing satistuction there la mt fact that tho liberty for which such mon as Was' liigton, DeKalb, Kosciusko ond Lafayette foug and bled aud for which our forefathers fought for eight long yoars has proved, not to ho au experi ment, as many nations at urst recardod it, da. realization of tho fact that a Iroo peoplo aro able to govern themselves, 'that under tho reign liberty our Republic has roachod its prea - l out glory and has surmounted an obstacio that lead to tho firm establishment ot a powerful nation; that the liborty that wo eujoy has reached a height wbouce it sheds the living light of llborty. throughout the whole world, Infuslug into tho hearts ot all humanity a desire to bo froo. Tho light of liborty shiuihg abroad ovor all mankind has mado our republic a refugo for the oppressod aud povorty etrickon pooplo of othor lands. Liberty, standing on our shores, beckons to them, saying; "Coino you, aubjoets of Asiatic despots, flud a refugo from oppression lu this free laud. Come jou, natives of tho Dark Continent, find freedom, civilization aud po.ice in our boautiful land. Come you, sons of the Emorald Iato, find refugo from the merciless hand oi tho oviclor; dud homos whoro you may livo lu safety from tbo moloatation of tho tyrant, Como all yo oppressed, And in these froo - L'voros a wolcomo and froodoin." We have but lately witnessed the gilt from thfl great liopubllc of France lo tho Unitod States of the emblem and principles of theso governments, whose principles are Impersonated by ono word liberty. As long ns tho granlto that forms the base of that statuo shall stand in tho gateway of tbo new world; yos, longer; as long as these shores shall exist, as long as tho Mississippi shall roll its broad way to the ocean, as long as the lofty peaks ot tbo Rockies shall lift their heads in solemn grandeur shall exist tills free Ropublic. It may bo shaken, it must bo shaken, but the Diviuo Providonco that has protected it so far will protect it to tbo end; the right shall triumph and "Tbo star spangled banner forever sbnll wavo O'er the land of tho froo aud tho honlo of tho bravo.' - . Aftor tho presentation of diplomas Mayor Whitney and Judge Wilbor mado short addrossoa. The graduates wore: February Benjamin M. Ilrlgga. Charlos A. Burroughs, Francis E. A. Cttrloy, Edgar Denoll, Will, lam N. DicKiuson, Paul Dresol, Frederick B. Georgo, David R. Long, Justin McCarthy, William A. Mo Donald, llerborl C. Mackenzie, Joseph Plan, Cbarlo A. l'ulcifcr, Albert A. Richey, Jamoi U. Scbultz, Charles A. Slado, Albert A. Smith, John Tiorney, John Weinright, John W. Wilder, Annie L. Allen, Linda Kaily, Adolo V. K. Bail, Gertrude Ilartol, Carrie M. iirown, Ada J. Crasko, Lottlo I. Drew, Mamie Egiulon, Thorosa Enoch, Isabella S. lloath, Alda M. Johnston, Fannie IComblo. Belle MaoReyn - olds, Mary McQueen, Anna C. .M illor, Thorosa K.' i'almie, Camille Pitt, Florence L. Pool, Oriol M. Riley, LUlie 11. Storey, Lottlo E. Squires, Antoinette - Tanner, Lottie Thatcher, Daisy C Tower, Martha Trahoy, Emma R. Wilholms, AUco C. Wllmarth, Ella Anderson and Lillie Crasko. June John Anderson, Johu C. Anthony, Elmer 1!. Dodino, Charles M. Brown, Aug. Clinkonbroom - or, John W. Collins, John C. Doubt, Goorgo L. linger, Harry II. Forbes, fi. Carl Foster, John Hobbs, Jr.; Chris. A. Kassen brock, Jacob C. Klluk, Charles Koch, Jr.; William Melius', W. S. Manning, Jr.; Johu Murphy, David Plimloy, Charles Sculos, Frederick C. Seckorson, Frederick Sutor, Thomas C. Wnmuack, William Wells, Harry 11. Willis, William H. Winter, Edward J. Yalo, Jcunlo J. Al ken, Grace Barkor, Joslo L. Belts, liosa E. Boyd, Agnos K. Carey, Florence E. Colos, llatlio Cooper, .Myra J. Cooper, Lottlo Do Buck, Agnos C. Doauo, Carrie I.. Dorion, Acnes F. Howling, Eva J. Drako, Gortrudo Duff, Ellzaboth Fordham, Georgio Galloway, Looly C llurtt, Grnco E. Henderson, Clara L. Ilolllday, Annie S. Huntington, Lizzie Lelghty, Ida I.ovy, Hossio Lyon, Alabel Atortltnor, Goraldlno iiose, Edith A. Shattuck, Graco L. Smith, Lulu M. Smith, Mamie L. Stacoy, Linda Steluhart, Vnnolta SwoetsT, Bertha O. Trubo, .Minnie O. Walsh, Eva B. Wood and Laura A. Wood.

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  2. 28 Jun 1887, Tue,
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  • A Larger Class - Graduated With High Honors From Grammar School 15.

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