Victory for Princeton

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Victory for Princeton - VICTORY FOE PRINCETON. The Crescents Lose Again...
VICTORY FOE PRINCETON. The Crescents Lose Again at Eastern Park. A Brilliant Game of Foot Ball Between tho Colligeans and the Local Champions The Visitors Manifest Much Strength llchitid the Rush Line. Botli Princeton and the Crescent foot ball teams showed up in good form at Eastern park yesterday afternoon and excited a considerable degree of enthusiasm in the 3,000 or more spectators who looked on from tho grand stand and tbe bleacheries or peered over each other's shoulders along the roned off boundaries of the field. The ground was iu splendid shape and elicited many words of admiration from Jack MeMastors, the Princeton trainer, who was on hand to watch the work of his pupils. Tho style of play which tho Princeton boys brought with them from the college of missionaries was attractive to tho onlookers and boded no good for the Yalensians unless the two colleges come together for tho championship contest. Tho Crescents showed marked improvement over their work of last week, perhaps bocause of tho additional old timers whom Captain Beecher has rallied around the standard and persuaded to come out and play. Tho local team wolcomed back John and Matthew addition to Henry Lamarche and Sheldon, bring back tho old familiar appearance to tho mull lino. Behind the lino Carman and Bergen were nnfamiliar facos, but their play fully substantiated tho Judgment of the Crescents' captain in his selection. The Princeton team is nearly perfection behind the rush line. King, the tow headed quarter back; Adams, Borgon and Poo, the younger, are a quartet of wonders who seem to work automatically together and . have learned an iinraenso amount of clover dodges well calculated to confuse the most phlegmatic rush line men. Had they a rush line of sufficient size anti strength for proper protection, the Princeton team would be one to bet on for the rest of the season. The Crescents had far less trouble in getting through the Princeton line than they did that of the Yale men last, week, but when they got there the Princeton man with the ball had managed to worm his way out of easy reach. Biggs began at center, but was compelled to retire after tho first few minutes, and Symmes occupied tho position for the rest of the game. Princeton has abandoned the nnmbors for calling out signals, and baa adopted symbols made with lottors, which sonnd rather curious at times. Two members of tho Princeton team wore bandages over damaged eyes, and a third had a cago over a broken nose. Ex - Captain Poe, Princeton's last year quarter back, was among the wpectators wtio followed the play most carefully. There was a numerous delegation of college boys who woro the orange and black and cheered the plays when they were favorable to the visitors' side. Play was callod promptly at 3 o'clock by llefereo Wyllys Terry, Duncan Edwards acting as umpire. Tho teams lined up as follows: CRKSCKNT A. C, Slmhlon Ilyrne Hotchkius POSITIONS. I'KINCKTOJr. . .. Loft etut Vincent . ..T.ett tackle Davis ..Lett guard Dovrkownt M. l.amnrclio (enter Kicxs 11. Lftmarcho Kisht cnaril lVh - otor 1 - ernieier (tight motile Harold J. Laniarouu Ilicht end Wan - en Homelier llnarler hack King Hovloit I.rit h.ilf lAck...Adarni C - irmall Kiitllt hull bnck..Pfirgea Bergen Full l.ek I'oo Crescent won tho toss and took ihe ball and the south goal. The wedge pushed the ball eight yards for the homo team, and Hewlett followed soon after for fivo yards moro. Tho Crescents then failed to make ten yards advance in the next four downs, and the ball went to Princeton, whereupon the small and delicate appearing Poe wriggled through the center for fifteen yards. Adams supplemented this by running around John Lamarche for ten yards more. The Crescent line braced up and prevented any more advances and got the ball on a fourth down. Biggs was laid out in the scrimmage, and Symmes took his place at center. Princeton regained possession of the ovoid and Adams made a twenty - five yard rush iu a brilliant manner, bringing tho play to the Crescents' five yard line. The way the Princeton backs got through tho right and left of tho center from this tinio to the end of the game was a caution. Tho play was generally made by King pausing tho ball to one of the backs. A second back went on in first, the man with the ball following close behind, the third back pushing from the rear. When the trmmviraro got even with tho rush line the guards pushed the opposing rushers aside, and tiieu allhaitds took part in the sle,r - ing after the t'luhion of th ewodge. It generally resulted in landing the man with the ball pretty weli behind the oppodng rush line, where he was guarded from a tackle by the nvo b - cits who had come through with bim. The lirst touchdown was made on the next down by Adams, who was pushed over the line. King kicked a goal neatly, and the score stood 0 to 0 in favor of tiie Princetons. On the kick off again short rushes were made by Hewlett and Carman. Then H. L - auarche at. templed a rush and tin: ball was knocked out of his hand. Matthew Lamarche got the ball, ran a few yards and lost it iu his turn, when it. went to Princeton - The visitors could do nothing and the ball returned to the possession of ("res - cent. Beecher made live yards. Abaci pass to Beecher precipitated a scrimmage in which Bergen ran into Hewlett, who was trying to recover the ball. A brief interval was accorded in which Hewlett restored his spinal vertebrio to their wonted places, and the ball having been captured by Adams in the meantime, Adams made a clean run almost from Ihe center of the field around Crescent's left end for a touchdown. The feat was wildly applandeil by the Princeton rooters. A goal was kicked by King. Snore, 15! to 0. The ball being put in play Hewlett made fifteen yards and Carman ten more. Bergen ran ten yards through the Princeton's left in good form. Then Beecher made a short run, supplementing it by another of eight yards. The play wai then within live yards of the Princeton goal Hue, whereupon Beecher fumbled the pass and lier - gen missed it altogether, the Crescents thereby losing ten hard earned .cards. Fourdowns failed to gain anything more for Crescent and the ball went to Princeton. Poe kicked twenty yards and the Crekcenti made no more advance. The play continued iu the Princeton's territory until the call of time for tiie first half, which was a minute later. Score for the first half, 11! to 0. The "potr to bugs,'' as the Princeton boys aif famtliarh" called because of their vr.rtegatod ye'; - low and biack uniform - ,, started off the second half with the V. The Crescent's center dashed at, the apex of the V with much force of arms and knocked tho v.iud out of tho rugged Syninies. A pail of water and a sponge restored the normal action of Symmes' din - nhr.igm. and the sport went merrily uu, fifiw - Ico - .vnt, Wheeler, Adams and Davis made short rushes, but did not manifest - any remarkable abilities on the part of the Princeton rush line rushers. The ball changed sides a couple of rimes and was on the ( 'rescetit's five yard line. There wa, - a grand scrimmage, in which Adams inada a littie ndvjuce. but va checked in his mad career by Hewlett. Bergen was easily pushed the remaining three yards through tho center, making the third touchdown from which King ktctted a goal. Score IS to 0. In the kick on that followed the Crcscouts formed the wedge and on tho start Beecher passed Ihe bail to Hewlett, who gained ten yards, while the Princeton team was occupied iu ohlik - : - - auig the wedge under the mistaken idea that the - ball was somewhere within it. Carman made ." yards more and ttie tinil went to I'rince'on. The visitors then worked the ball down by rushes from the backs to Crescent's 0 yard line, when Llergeu ran iu . - uid made tne fourth limcii.iowu. A try at goal by King failed. Score. ,." to 0. i he final score of the game was made by Bergen, who was woriied through ttie center as above described and, protected, by Poe and A'.tanis, ran straight down the field for :). - yards. Ki ug kicked a goal. Score, to 0 tor l'l iticetou.

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 11 Oct 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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