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restore the In his The eon. a serious' an that was ho To and a F. nresidlne- 110 nara- to a in bv the was and su The for- and confer- A. Tie A. in S27,- commis-on the LEGAL NOTICES. NEW YORK SUPREME COURT. COUNTY OF KINGS Fanny G. Slack, plaintiff, against aamuei n. Montrose ana Jennie Montrose, his wife; Henry Montrose, Alice Coles, Emily Burtis. Samuel H. DeMott. as executor and trustee of and under the last will and testament testament of Georglanna Slmonson, deceased; Howard M. Slmonson. Ida Smith. Lottie DeMott, Hettle Brower, Cornelia Denton, John H. Brower and Augusta, C. Brower. his wife; Richardson Brower and Catharine Brower. his wife; Alexander Combs. Samh A. Ike, Em-mallnda Em-mallnda Em-mallnda Carman. Sarah Seaman, John H. Montrose and Mary Elizabeth Montrose, his wlfo: Merwln Montrose and Laura Montrose. his wife; Carman M'ntrose and Emma. Montrose, his wife; Daniel W. Montrose and Frances Montrose, his wife: Carmen S. Whaley. Thomas H, Whaley and Emma Whaley, his wife; Charles Whaley and Susan Whaley, his wife; Elnora Lewis. Lilly Combs, Eva Ann Combs, Amanda Denton, Sarah Ann Hendrickson, Mary Denton, Clin ton Brower. F. Demott Brower and Cornelia Brower, his wife; Hiram Brower, Eliae Hrower and Lottie Brower, his wife; Ellen Walsh. Mary Ward, Susan Player, Julia Kimball, I ovinia Pearsall, Amelia Carman, Elizabeth Brower, Laura B. Frost, Julia Neu, Cornelius Brower and Eliza A. Brower. his wife; George W. Brower, Samuel Samuel Brower and Minnie, his wife; Dltmas Brower, Frank Brower and Ella Brower. his wife; Thomas Finucan and Ijottie Flnucan. his wife; Charlotte Shields, Augusta A. Wtl-son, Wtl-son, Wtl-son, Matthew Flnucan, Lottie Wells. Daniel Combe and Annie L. C. Combs, his wife: Sarah J. Brower. Mitchell Brower and Elizabeth Elizabeth A. Brower. his wife; William S. Pearsall Pearsall and Almira Pearsall. his wife; Benjamin k. iJear8all and Dolly Pearsall, ms wire; Elizabeth Ann Mott. Emma Bedell. Alice Saxon, Sarah Hester Combs, Clmrlotte Combs. Robert Combs and Jane Combs, his wife; Smith Combs and Susan A. Combs, his wlfo; Samuel Combs and Amelia Combs, his wife: Charles Comba and Mary Combs, his wlfo; Lillian M. O'Connor, Ernest 8. Montrose, Florence Montrose, William Montrose, James King and Hattle King, his wife; Ida Esther Muohmore, Grace L. Muchmoro and Julie Muchmore. Mary J. Foster, Emma A, Walters, Walters, Lillian Mason, George W. Reeves and Susie, his wife; Walter Flower and Dollls Flowpr, his wlfo; Sarah J. Slcgel, Frederirk V. W. Hewlett and Melissa Hewlett, his wife; Bertha F. Hewlett, Walter Flower, as administrator of the goodH, chattels and credits which were of Irkey Flower, deceased; deceased; Frank Baldwin and Amy Baldwin, his wife; Charles Baldwin. Edgar Baldwin and Alfretta Baldwin, his wife; Theodore Baldwin, Baldwin, and Mary Baldwin, his wlfo; Emma Williams. Iavinla Raynor. Seaman Baldwin and Mary E. Baldwin, his wife; Josephine B. Morse, George Baldwin. Thomas W. Pearsall Pearsall and Catharine Pearsall, his wife; I jester Brower and Carrie Brower. hfs wife; Julia A. Langdon. Etta Golder. William Ryder and Hattle Ryder, hln wife; Ellas Ryder and Amelia Ryder, his wife: Mary E. Brower, Alice Combs, Smith Combs and Annie Combs, his wife; Thompson Combs and Mary Combs, his wife; John H. Combs and Martha Combs, hts wife; George Wod and Annie Wood, his wife; Julia A. Woorl, Frank Wood and Margaret Margaret Wood, his wife; Elizabeth E. Walls. Ann Amelia Smith. Jep'mlnh Brower and Mary J. Brower. his wife; Walter M. Johnson and Nettie Johnson, his wife; A life Coles. Jean-ette Jean-ette Jean-ette Johnson, Elizabeth 'Fish. George Osenr Pettlt nnd Alverder I'ettft. his wife; George R. Smith nnd Amelia Smith, his wife; Ella Wood, Margaret A doll Lnnatn. Charles A. Pettlt and Carrie Pettlt, his wife; Cora L. WHson. Elvira E Rcbb. Isaac Slot, Frenres Roth. Elvira SMP Murrnv. Beatrice Blake, Emma F. Fink, Charles Blrdsall. Wilbur Bird-sail Bird-sail Bird-sail and Mary E. Rlrdsall. bis wife; Addle Hteinhardt, Frank 'Binlwli and Susie Blrdfall. his wife; Frank Dunham. Jemette Smith, Charles L. Pettlt and Mirv Pettlt. his wi; Ella E. Hnff. George S Pettlt. Eupenn W. Pettlt and Kate pettlt, his wife; Ellas Pettlt and "Susan" Pettlt, his wife; John Pettlt and "Mary" Pettlt. his wife: David PMtlt and "Ann" Pettlt. his wife: William March and "Ruth" Marsh, bis wife: William A. KIrby and "Jane" Kfrby. his wife; the names "Susan." "Mary." "Ann." "Ruth" nnd "Jane" being fictitious, defendants' christian nnms being unknown to plain ttn and anv and all unknown persons, whose namej and parts of whose names are unknown, nnd whose place or places of residence are unknown and cannot cannot be ascertained. lelng the widow and hejrs at law of William M'ntrnse. deceased ; Elias Pettlt. If deceased; John P-'t'lt. P-'t'lt. P-'t'lt. If rioreised: David Pettlt, if deoemed; Wflllim Marsh. If deceased, and William A. Klrhv. If doi-eased;, doi-eased;, doi-eased;, Carrie Slote Hunter and Fannv Rnlney. rie- rie- I fendants. I. th undesigned, duly appointed I referee, bv ordt of this court, dated on ths -'mn -'mn nay oi January. j:mh. n"r:iv require encn person not a party to th action, who nt th date hereof hud a lien npon nnv undivided Hhare or Interest In th property sought to be. partitioned herein. anJ which Is hereinafter hereinafter rlcBcrlbed. to appear before me on or before the lut day of Mny, lflr' at my office. No. isft Montague street." In the Borough of Rrnnklvn. in the County of Kioirs. to prove hts ln and the tnio amnint d ip or t0 be- be- nmo due to him bv rr.Tyon thre.f. The premises are describe In the complaint In the ab'iv cause an foiin-v foiin-v foiin-v All that 'r-'aln 'r-'aln 'r-'aln lot of land with the Improvements thereon, thereon, situate, lying and binfr in the Seven l h Ward of ih Bor-iugh Bor-iugh Bor-iugh nf Brooklyn, C-.unt:-' C-.unt:-' C-.unt:-' C-.unt:-' C-.unt:-' of Klncs and State of New York known nnd dlstlntrutwhed on a m.?p of property belonging to .Torernlih Johnson as bd ninnl-T ninnl-T ninnl-T on hundred hundred and seventeen hounded and dew-fiord dew-fiord dew-fiord as f.l!'v.s vfjs. : Retrfnnlni; at a point on twon-ty-five the in, al-3w In or the to Hop-k and and Sutter to the of, of line the at in N. of and a tho and ly the Brxk-lyn. 350 C. and and firm Harhi-si.ri To

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle08 Apr 1908, WedPage 17

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)08 Apr 1908, WedPage 17
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