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Brooklyn Sunday Star from Brooklyn, New York • 22

Brooklyn Sunday Star from Brooklyn, New York • 22

Brooklyn, New York
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BROOKLYN SUNDAY STAR. DECEMBER 11, 121 ifRDOkLYN SUNDAY- STAR INQUIRING The Revised Letter To Santa reporter ruUUhd Ery Sunday by DAINKS SfllMH'll ITIII.ISIIINO CO 4108 It Kourlh Avrnuc UruokUn St'N 1100 you think toipiont will oolvo tho divorce C. R. HAINES SCIIMM'll DAN OolilMiV JOHN I IIKAUNK Prr.ldrnl ami marriaga and njt.rr Advriiait Manoicar Wulter Ihrkson, 8301 1 nird avenue On the contrary. it will i re.

eiv cotnmunU'ai- incrcuae them. These marriage 5 mu.t b- rlv. roinmunlear- them. 1 nene Slar 1 publication muat Da ur1 nthing more or leas than the The llrunk Sunday me tu Mias Stewart, 137 Eighty I sixth street "Yes, they will. rar for It 00.

These inurriugcs, if carried out in 'the right spirit, will prove if each i the couple are really in love. 1 Th- Sun la. Hlar will b. pa a 1 fn jrh a n- i'A i oi urn mailer tutor 21 l-. at tb .1 i A 1 uf Mar.h 3 1 a A I Brooklyn Miss Margnret Wallace, 432 K.ghty-eighth street No.

These mnrriages will tend to clog up the divorce courts. Young folks will follow the lead of that Kaunas couple and rush these foolish marriages hen they riitlire the mistuke, then work for the divorce courts will co me ('has Birnhaum. 526 F.ighty-fifth street "These marriages are all right providing the privilege is not abused. The trouble is that a lot of young kids wi probably try it for a joke and that will be awful. OPEN FORUM Editor of THE STAR: pronment in the boxing world 1 was shocked by the story any other section of the appearing in last weeks issue of nty know that if these boys THE STAR regarding the exist- -ld world's championships you the SUNDAY.

DECEMBER 11, 1927 EAST FLATBUSH IS HAPPY If many jubilant faces the stri-. 's Hast platbush he may seek the reasoi such jay in the fad i- 'r' to believe the 'naTi nXn; would appeal to the Hoard of Aldermen to approve th. transformation as specified in the city mar ago. This announcement brings the happy tory in the fight for the improvement for the civics have been waging so incessantly the past ft During the building boom in Vandeveer Park, the northern boundary of the woods, in 1921 and 1925 many homeseekers bought houses in the section in of the benefits to be derived from the ultimate Prk-Several attempts in the past two years Peterson, chairman of the Park Committee, 8Pee up work have met with the question of an appropriation. But there apparently has been no effort made by th Park Department to place the prospect before of Estimate.

Alderman Campbell has pledged h.mself to co-operate with the civics, according to Peterson. would ha them all over first page. Whv dont you string along with them now? Boxing is a funny game ami often the "paluka of today is the ehamp of tomorrow. Give these local boys a "break. Write up their fights.

Sport ence of a crime school for children in Bay Ridge. Conditions are bad cnJ1E when our front pages are filled with stories of sashweight murders and dismembered bodies, without having our children systematically trained for a life of crime. ime. i news is always interesting. vVhy Criminals such as the man en- taft a column just for local gaged in such an inexcusable practice fighters? In most papers the sports occupy just as high a penalties.

BAY RIDGE. position as editorials. Stop giving these local glove artists the "go by. Give them space and plenty of it. Your readers would much rather read of a good fight than of the card party of the Womens League to purchase eye-glasses for blind pigs.

1 Editor of THE STAR: I have a kick and a real one. Why dont you give us some news of our own local snorting boys? We have plentv of them. Bay Ridge and South Brooklyn alone has more boys who are Mr. T. F.

Hcrmaine, Fourth avenue The idea is very good. It might solve the divorce problem. But, I think that its a little too far fetched to be practical. George Flemming, 8843 Narrows uvenue I sec absolutely no necessity for these companionate mairiages. Legally they are married, but in reality they are not.

Divorces will be on the increase when these silly things are generally used. Mrs. Margaret Kaiser, 7803 Fort Hamilton parkway These marriages seem to be used on a betrothal basis. They are not essential. Divorces will not be affected by them.

John Griffith, 687 Seventy-fifth street Companionate marriages will be a failure. People who contract them will see how foolish they are and the divorce courts will be cluttered UP those who want them annulled. Miss Veronica Wagner, 967 Sixty-fifth street These marriages are just a fad. They are the outcome of a publicity-mad generation. Engagements answer the same purpose.

The divorce rate will raise, due to these marriages. Martin E. Cassidy, 5308 Seventh avenue Companionate marriage and Free Love are synonymous. The joys and Pe-ures of married life without the obligations. The only reasonable outcome of one of these unions will be divorce.

Mrs. Eloise Marvin, 225 Terrace place Companionate marriage, as the Kansas couple used it, is too broad. The only way these young people will realize what marriage is will be by having their own home. I think that type of marriage will increase the divorce practice. will become greater.

There are too many loopholes to the explosive ships menace The land about Gravesend Bay is no longer an solated itretch of beach front. Realty booms in the Bath Beach md Bensonhurst sections have brought thousands -amilies to live in the apartment houses and homes he vicinity of the bay. Therefore the sub-committee he New York Maritime Exchange, appointed to investigate harbor conditions, is to be commended for its report vessels laden with explosives should not Prmlted 0 anchor in Gravesend Bay, as now permitted by shipping regulations. The committee will recommend in its report that a vessels laden with explosives be forced to anchor in Sandy Hook Bay, the shores about which are sparsely settled, and which will afford a safer anchorage If one of the ships laden with tons of explosives happened to blow up, the damage and loss of life tha would probably result could hardly be estimated Many persons living in and around the Gravesend Bay section realize the danger at their doors and have been living in fear of some dreadful calamity. marriages.

Divorces will be greater. Thomas Ready, 142 Prospect Park West The things are a joke. They never will solve divorce. People who use this companionate thing are the same type as those who get divorced. Real people dont do either.

Miss Kitty Brown, 327 President street The marriages are foolish. They will never solve anything. Only Bolsheviks would be married that way. Mrs J. Weaver, 259 Ninth mock marriage will be a disgrace to the nation.

Our divorce rate will be greater. Nothing is accomplished by these marriages. They ignore the teachings of ages. Marriage is sacred. It should not be treated this way.

Stetson Hour Reproduces West Point Parade The program of the Stetson rarade for NB(7 Red Network 11s--tenera this evening, at 6:30 oclock will be a redio presentation 9 th dress parade and review of th West Tolnt Cadets, The progran will be furnished by the Weymouth Post American Legion Bam of Massachusetts. Miss Dorothy McGregor, 82 Elm avenue The companionate marriage is a marriage in name only. What good is it? It will never solve the divorce question. Walter McCarthy, 1028 Avenue I The only thing companionate man-iage will do is to let a lot of fellows get married who are afraid to stand the expense of keeping a home. Why get a divorce from one of these marriages? No expense and all the pleasures.

Mrs. P. J. Grimes, 962 Avenue These marriages are useless. They will never solve any problems.

Seeing a man a few times a week is no way to judge him. You have to live with him before you know him. Miss Jean Banka, 2406 Albemarle road Companionate marriage is a Communistic idea. Those who enter them will not bother about a divorce. Bigamy the problem which will follow these marriages.

Stephen Felix, 126 Sterling niace Companionate marriage will be a failure. Those who enter them will want their ifc' dom and they will have the judges of the divorce courts worK-ing overtime. 'Miss Celeste Grecco, 296 Union street Marriage is too great a thing to be played with, as did this couple, who entered the companionate marriage. It is too loose a tie which binds these Thomas Jenkins, 5 Sherman street These marriages are not necessary. A couple should know whether thy want to be married before they enter into any contract or ceremony.

I do not think they will solve any problem at all. Miss Mary Van Horn, 942 East Eighth street Companionate marriage is the invention of a couple who are very radical ideas Divorces will increase because of these marriages. Herbert Carson, 829 Coney Island avenue Nothing binds one to a companionate marriage. It is a sort of business proposition. A couple of kids wanted to get into the limelight and did.

No problems will be solved by these marriages. I think the ligitimacy of a lot of children will be questioned by these marriages. Miss Betty Sutherland, 780 East Third street Divorces will become the thing if these marriages become popular. Young folks will rush into them and then when they realize what they are they will want to get out of them as quickly as possible. Mrs.

GtT. 1084 East Fifth streeti-The -idW of These rare- -atoo They will be abused. Divorces is PUNISH CHURCH DEFILERS There is something radically wrong somewhere hen truckmen are permitted todump garbage in i fr a church. Publication in The Ite ocking state of affairs called to public attention Rev Morrell, pastor of the Atonement Chrch, calls immediate police intervention and the abolition of is disagreeable state of affairs. Whoever has been lax vigilance to permit such violations not only of law, but tmmon decency as well, should see that there is no petition of this unseemly conduct.

We doubt whether the pushcart peddlers who fre jent lower South Brooklyn shopping streets are to blame the filth thrown in front of the Seventeenth street lurch every Saturday night. The fault can be definitely inned we feel certain, on one or a few. arrogant mdi-iduals whose limited intelligence or lack of it permits lem no other way of showing their disapproval of jligious denominations. Such nuisances must be staniped out with efficient ictics, in which mincing of words or soft-spoken repi -lands should play no part. Summary judgment should handed out to whoever is caught leaving the rubbish -here the Sunday morning churchgoers will have to sub-jR their noses to stench.

and their sight to an eyesore efore they may enter their place of worship. If there is no abatement of this evil within the. next tpek mfy we advise, the- parishioners to, Wjfe ions ready and cause jthe arrstqf, irs person gui 3J. the aforenamed When Mayor Thompson of Chi eago took that delegation Washington In the interests io nood relief, ha probably was onb trying to make a splash. Perhaps companionate marriag lsn-t what this country needs a all, but a few friendly ones.

Jug not that ye be not Jnggei An old maid is an unmarrk person who advises girls how marry happily and tells mothe how to raise children. Boy Improves After Struck by Truck. says a headlir That may be one way to rai bUdren, but jsnt it pretty rougl i i lea I could Um jdi Saxophone players .1 Job frpjik Demosthenes. He pr rUtlced down by the seashore..

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