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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 21

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 21

Brooklyn, New York
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19 More New Films Come to Screens Here and on Broadway Other Theater News' BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1932 'SAVAGE RHYTHM" FREDRIC MARCH The Cinema Circuit By MARTIN DICKSTEIN aroma that Delhi camels are famous for goes a long way, eventually glvo up trying to down a tortilla, and. accompanied by Charlie Le Maiie. hires a 1904 Ford, and heads for Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. And then, settled back comfort-ably between the spring-lumps, your Plays and Players 'A Utile Starring Queenie.

Smith, Coming It Majentic, Tonight 'The. Rand Wagon? in. IaiI Fortnight Stage. Gonip 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

With Fredric March, Plea Week-End Andienceg at the RivoliAlhce 'Strictly Dishonorable Having born screened it least and their wive will attend in a body the performance of "Vanities." 'Moiine' at Mrk The 100th performance of Church Mouse." featuring Ruth. Gordon and Bert Lytell, will occur at the Playhouse tonight. Thai east remains the same as at thai opening performance Oct. 1J. anrl Includes Louise Kirtland.

Charlei Abbe. Wallace Ersklne. Charles Rlevnsnn' (imoiw boo story, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." emerges now tRlkinar picture at the Rivoll Theater.

In the dual role which John Barrymore. played In one of the more memorable Inaudible version, you now encounter Predrlc March. Mr. March's performance Is marked not only by a fresh and, perhaps, slightly unorthodox Interpretation of the mythical English doctor and -his baser other aelf, but by an Ingenuity of makeup for the role of the monstrous Hyde that Is at once Imaginative and horrifying. In the current edition at the Rivoll yon are offered the rather terrifying spectacle of March changing i iff' 1 hp aaaaaaaaa japKaRBaswaawsRanaaRBa: Vivian Bnber in iht atfnv eihoxt ISrgrn lilt, trhirk oamieaf rermtly mi ihm John Theater, Queenie Smith, In "A Little) Racketeer," a brand new Shubert production, come to the Majestic tonight for a week's stay, with the usual matinees.

Miss Smith Is supported by Carl Randal) and a host, of other well-known players, barked up by a dancing chorus of girl announced as being especially easy to look at. Queenie Smith belong to the at.livfl tit Willi. II MlllM nilu I-IAKKIC Mitchell were shining lights a gene-! ration ago. and has a large follow-. Ing In Brooklyn.

i 'Band Wa-nn' Rolls On "The Band Wagon" begins the last two weeks of Its New York engage-I ment today. Since June J. 1931. ap-i proximately 365.000 persons have witnessed the revue. Up to the present, date the gros receipts have been

Spoofing Radio Doran. R-sy and He we announce that. Osgood Perkins. Betty Starbuck, Edith Van Cleve and Bruce Mac-Farlane will head the cast of "Wild Waves." a new comedy by William F. Manley.

which I a satirical play on the theme of radio broadcasting. Mis Lord's New Play Guthrie CI 1 i presented Pauline Lord last night in Washington at. the Shubert-Belasco Theater in "Distant Drums." by Dan Totheroh. In the cast are Arthur Hohl, Edward Ellis. Beulah Bondi, Edward Pawley and Eda Heinemann.

Mr. Mcciintic staged the production. The play will open at the National Theater, Manhattan, on Jan. 11. MIm Skinner's lat Week Cornelia Otis Skinner, solo act-res and author of her portrait of "The Wive of Henry VIII." a well as of.

her various character sketches enter her eighth and final week on Broadway thi evening at the Lyceum Theater. Her performance will continue through Saturday evening, with matinees on Thursday and Saturday. Elmer Rice Return Elmer Rice, author and producer of "The Left Bank," at the Little Theater and of "Counscllor-at-Law." at the Plymouth, return tomorrow from a cruise In the West Indies. He will start Immediately casting for a second company of "Counsellor-at-Law." which will he pre.sented in Chicago early In Feb-ruary. Elk to Honor Mahortry Will Mahoney, featured comedian of Earl Carroll "Vanities," is to be honored with a theater party and after-theater supper by the Queens lodge of Elks Monday night, Jan.

11. About 200 members of the lodge A Ml ISEMKNTS BROOKLYN I.OEW'S VALENCIA. Jamaica Ar. TODAY WITH I.OEW'S Reverting By RIAN nd Notable 'Srandalleed' The list, of notable visitor George White's "Scandals" during the include Mayor Walker, Otto H. Kahn.

Douglas Fairbanks, Bert Lahr. Norma Talmadge, Taylor. Will H. Hay, Joan Bennett, James Cagncy, Lupe Veles. Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Newman Buys Play Robert V. Newman has acquired for Immediate production new mystery melodrama, tentatively titled. "Trick for Trick." Vivian Crosby, Shirley Warde and Harry Wagataff Gribble are the author of the play In which James Rennia will be featured. More Work for PoMr H. C.

Potter, who directed "Ex perience Unnecessary," the new comedy at the Longacra Theater, will stage another play for try Mrssrs. Shubert this season. Mr. Potter operates a Summer theater at. Southampton.

L. and directett William Bolitho'a play, "Overture." Mewel Robbery' Coming "Jewel Robbery," the new corned? co-starring Mary Ellis and Basil Sydney, which Paul Strcger produced in Washington last week, will play in Newark this week, prior to its Broadway premiere at thaj Times 8quare Theater on Jan. 11. At the Palace The Four Marx Brother open, the new year at. the Palaoe Theater this week.

This quartet, of low-comedy comedians are always welcome by a vaudeville audience, ani there I no questioning the fact that they were even more warmly received by their first audience than has any other turn been receiver! at the big Manhattan vaudeville) house so far this You ran always get a laugh at the Four Mars Brother. They certainly have not forgotten how to he funny. Trini. the Spanish dancer, also caught the popular fancy. Then Diamond Boy, rough-house, comedians and dancers, gatherod In thd laughs that, did not.

go to the Marx family. The song end of the rail was ably handled by Sylvia FY no, whose singing run toward popular music. All in all, it is a nicely balanced vaudeville bill. AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN SHEARER. Montfomery In Prlreto Llrot, rgopie in "ACE" VAUDEVILLE TODAY On Board Ship.

La Guayra, Venezuela. La Guayra, to hear the tourist guides tell it. Is the entrance to the "dreamland of South America, a city of colorful hills, a cosmopolitan meeting place." Well, La Guayra a narrow strip of populated lowland, some of the hugest, most impressive twice before In silence. Robert Louis 'Or, Jok.vll and Mr. Hyde' A Paramount picture bused on the story bv Rr.nert Louis Stevenson, directed by Rouben btamoiillan itnd presented the Rlvoll Theater.

THE CAST Dr. Jekyll Much Ivy Person Hopkins Dr. Lanyon Holmes Herbert Muriel Carew Rose Hobirt Gen. Csrew Hslllwell Hobbes Pool' Idisr Norton Utteraon Lucy Hobson Col. McDonnell Mrs.

Hewkins Tempo rirott Lewis Stone and Sidney: Fox, while George Meeker and Sidney Toler have Important supporting roles. You probably do not have to be reminded that "Strictly Dishonorable" is about a pleasure-loving but unsophisticated Southern lass who, after breaking off her engagement to a smug youth from West Orange, finds herself surrounded by a group of bon vivants in a New York speakeasy. With Innocent enough intent, she accepts the proffered hospitality of a well-known opera tenor who occupies an apartment on the floor above. The latter intentions, however, as you may recall, were "strictly dishonorable," but everything ends happily enough when the singer suddenly realizes that he has fallen in love with his pretty guest. Mr.

Lukas gives his usual fine performance in the role of the tenor who suddenly turn noble, and Miss Fox is consistently pleasing as the unwordly heroine. Lewis Stone plays the sympathetic Judge with his cus tomary excellence, and George Meeker is the stubborn fiance from New Jersey. It Is all very pleasant, though, it should be added, it is not exactly an appropriate entertain ment for juvenile-moviegoers. Benny Leroff and his orchestra are the headline on the A 1 bees vaudeville program this week. Ruth' Rove, the Thre Reillys in an amav ing tap dancing exhibition, and the Five Elglns, who perform remarkable acrobatic and juggling feats, make up the balance of a first-rate stage bill.

'A Kiss for Cinderella' Coming Here Next Week Constance Blnney, stage and screen star, who Is returning to the legitimate sta? after a retirement of five years, in 8ir James M. Barries "A Kiss for Conderclla." will make her first Brooklyn appearance in the comedy at the Majestic Theater next Monday. The company includes Ernast Lawford, John Williams, Sir John Dunn. Eva Leonard-Boyne, Eleanor 8tewart, H. Lamgdon Bruce.

Jane Saviie, Roland Hogue. Lowell Gil-more. Lionel Ince. Ruth Gilbert. Jonatha Jones, Marel Foster and Gllda Oaklcaf.

The settings have been designed by John Wenger and Alexander Oumansky has staged the ballet in the bnflroom scene. Miss Blnney Brooklyn appearance was as a star in the musical comedy, "Sweet Little Devil," but she was better known for her appearance in the non-musical field, more notably In "39 East" and other comedies. Maude Adams starred in "A Kiss for Cinderella" several years ago. AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN ing eyes have ever seen; a city of colored adobe huts, shacks made out of barrel staves and thatched city that smells to high heaven of donkeys and raw coffee- and hemp and frying tortillas, and more donkeys! A couple of thousand dogs each a composite of 12 different breeds, and no less, throng the narrow streets, making It, tough on local automo-bilists, who hardly ever miss one. and you can't look over the local traffic to Type MMF.8 realty isn't all of that.

La Guayra is snuggling against a background of and colorful mountains these rov me a Bolivar being the eouivalcnt of about 20 American cents. For, three Bolivars a native will sell you anything from the shirt off his back providing he Is the kind of a native who has a shirt to his back to a whole houseful of his wife's relations. All around, native youngsters, naked as the day they were born, and heaps dirtier, run In and out among the auto, which are considered out of the contest If they aren't equipped with at least three horns, two klaxons, and at least one gons. A noisy place, this little La Guayra, and swell, if you like local color, and can stand about the same kind of an aroma that Delhi camels are famous for. A columnist who thinks that a little of the kind of AMllgKMENTS MANHATTAN FRANCINE LARRIMORE BRIEF MOMENT LaMt Week CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER in her utftt.ndtiif ir a ma lie hit THE WIVES OF HENRY VIII Lyeeam.W.4.1t.EyS:M.ra.MliTharRal.

r0UNSELL0R-at-LAW By ELMER RICE, wihS PAUL MUNI IVrV1 1 8:20 I.A. I PHILIP MERIVALE YNARA .4 mmtem ulay liimt the novel "ila Imperlcct Ma rosea 4S.W.erR'y.Ee.:4.VMat.t:4 Wed. Mel. Best Seats it: Sat. Mat.

FARL CARROLL VANITIES with Hrll I. KM I.IAM MITCHF.I.I. MAHONEY DKMARF.ST DI'RANT Comoany of 200 SO OUtlerlut Scenea 75 ol the World's Most Beautiful Girls Nl(hl. Enllr. Orek.

Entire tfl, U. Wed. Mat. Me to St. Sal.

Mat. Mir lo st.M EARI. CARROLL 7 Are. MM. EVERYBODY'S-WELCOME amtstcov Jt I LyL-i" i Vaftdftl 17 TCicnii 17 a.

i EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY A Nr. Comedr by OI.ADY8 UNDER 1 CAa71i-t-UK With mr.X IONGACRK 4. W. ol R'way. Era.

Matinee Wednesday DOI'OI AS MONTGOMERY In pATA MORGANA gfrai.d: with Ara hHlllsnt ser romrdr." Wcreld rne ROYAI.E 4.Vh W. of osy I Eras. Matinees Wed. Sat. ncnnr'rvutii-Trcr crtunil ULUIVUb nnilbd i with Root Valke.

Willie Eotene Howard. Ethel Merman. Ererett Rar Belter. Gale Quadruplets. I CONSTANCE COLLIER in vnri rnwiin'i rnMfinT HAY FEVER AVON W.

4 t. Mils. Tool. Thor. CIVIC LIGHT ORERA CO.

in I GILBERT SIM.MVAN'S; ICil AWTUC wllh r.n.00. I Vt.niiiiia GII.BERTIAN cast tskift rnitr.n: r.yes. one to Wed. Mis. Anr to SI.

IU. Sat. Mis. AOs lo 4 W. 4.

PEn. THE THEATRE GUILD presents EUGENE O'NEII L'S Trllory ournin Becomes Electra Composed of 3 olara presented on 1 dee The Honied. The Haonted commeneinit at 5 sharp. Dinner tnter mission nt one nour at 7. no nv VT GUILD THEATRE.

Sat 1 H. Rarrl PrMli QF THEE I SING tlh KHIiiR- I Vift-r Ml'iir HAX M. I scribe gets what turns out to be the most thrilling ride of his life. Up sharply we go. back of the town, and into the Andes, along a narrow strip of paved road that whirls through the gaunt, burned, cactus-covered Andes that burgeon up a full 7.000 feet above the sea: a road redundant with amazing hair-pin curves, dead curves, breath-taking curves a road Just about wide enough for cars to pass, providing they aren't terribly wide cars.

Along we go. with a complacent native chauffeur laconically chewing his betel nut. while his less complacent passengers munch their hearts in anguish. Outside of the scenic railways at Coney Island, there is no ride like this one i In an hour, and just about, the time that unconsciousness begins to set in, a pastel city all pink roofs, and coral walls, and palm-planted, and tropical gleams from a nook between two mountains, and the driver, who never heard of brakes, lets nature take Its course. In about five minutes more, we're In Caracas.

In Caracas, we bid the driver good-by, spend the next, few hpurs sidestepping burros In the amazingly Interesting market place, in the flower market, we buy orchids at a quarter apiece, colorful native flora at a dime a carload. On the streets, natives hawk lottery tickets as youngsters sell newspapers back home: swarm about us like flies around a honeycomb, follow us Into the open-faced shops, burros and all. Pigs tootle around unescorted; burro are parked in every alley, lovely native women, In Spanish mantillas, sell queer native birds, monkeys, and pictures, and you can buy a copy of a New York maga zine, issue of last. August, for two bolivars. Policemen and soldiers abound, and there's more auto and horse traffic than you'll find on Fulton 8t.

at home. Tourists. In pith helmets clutter up the by-ways and believe it or not. there's a statue of your V. O.

George Washington on the Avenida Martin. So this Is Caracas! Eventually, a hungry scribe call his sight-seeing short, drop in at the Restaurant Hippodrome, meets his old friend Leon Brecker, now general manager of this cafe. And so he lunches while the German Leon Brecker tell him all about, the cafe business In South America, and he listens Intermittently to the dreamy music of a local jaw band. Eventually, the band strikes up the national anthem, the diners arise, stand at attention as President Gomez, accompanied by his staff, enters to pay hi respects to the tourists. In a little while your scribe is presented to Venezuela' President; chats briefly with him.

Irams things. Gomez has been President of Venezuela for twenty-three years. rsatates personality, although he Is no longer young; has huge, handle bar mustachios and wears great, tor toise-shell glasses. While eighty- seven tourists with movie cameras take his picture, he vainly removes 'his glasses, smiles pleasantly, ad- AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN TBI THEATRE ti ll presente REUNION IN VIENNA A remedy ay Robert E. Sherwood Martin Brek 5 HI.

AYS Ay. PHn. Kvf. Matinees Thori. a Sat.

JOHN SAVAGE RHYTHM "Kallrcly tntnci m4 aVflaHely Tii. Anatolic keltl bv ta JIhimc UantU. itaily A'ia. JOHN GOI IIKN The. W.

Aft Ml. Clr. 1-6HU manner wisn. sat. S'NC HIGH, SING LOW 4 Montk! THE I.AIIOHINO HIT! rTI Ei.unn 4 wff in advance SAM H.

HARRIS Toe W. .1 -ay Errs. Brt Seals Mta. Wrd. as Sat.

LESLIE BANKS SPRINGTIME FOR HENRY ith Helen Nisei Frieda wjoS" CHANDLER BRUCE INESCORT 4.11k. w. of y. LA. 4-0iS4 m.

Mallneea Wrd. and Sat. ITATHARINF POHNFI I IVrt 1 IIMMML. TPL. of WimnnU I antnt OUttt Erei.l JO Skarp Mats, wed, oi Sal.

with DOROTHY C.ISH A HENRY Hlll.l. Sjgr.Vt? 5 a fin a ni bmurIi THE CAT AND THE JEROME KI R1 and OTTO HARBACB ot. fxPtKINr. TrtVITUT At :30 PROMPTLY 4RIH YV orc.cao THE DEVIL PASSES 4 nr.; IDPr with ARTHUR BYRON.



as Set. Eres. 1 to a. Mata. IIWItM 7 iJHE GOOD FAIRY 'One of Iko few triple-starred.

Intntedtalely rerom- HENRY MILLER'S I'-t W. 43d Rl. Matinees Thora. and S.I. NEW YORK'S NIGHT THEATRE JHE LANCASHIRE LASS 4 SCfll direclfd.

fast ooiH0 miolr erred 0t of Aoltuio traicA aaonM fee voo oweAioo to fHa Err. feo. Nlchtly at and tl jo. No MaUoeoa All Seats Rrseeyed Pl.t BAR OPEN FROM CIOCR ON PRCKrnENT 4tk W. of R'way DW iJUWL" JHE LAUGH PARADE An Rventnt' RntrtBinnienl with Joanna rmh-rt, Lawrenr ftra.

alhtr IMfCRIAIa TH W. 45th Xl. Ff. 4 Malr. XI i IJ.fvO.

Mala. WM. Hal. JHE LEFT BANK i ith a I if in Part ITTI 4 t. Tmt.

I I-M'M Saearer aV Mootoasot7 ni riyala lint" Hollywood Colleriani, Mary Htjau, atki. from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde and vice versa, before your eyes an achievement In photography which in itself is enough to distinguish the new production from others which you have seen in the past. The unique cinematic effect and Mr.

March- ercellent portrayal of the dual character are. however, not. the only outstanding features of the current "Jekyll and Hyde." Rouben Memoulian, whose directorial ability first Impressed this observer In the picture called "Applause." la revealed as an even more brilliant in this production at the Rivoll. And to Samuel Hoffcnstein and Percy the adaptors, must go the credit for turning what used to be nothing more than a fable into a sort of study of the Freudian the ory of human existence, You see, Dr. Jekyll is now not merely the scientist who experiments with a drug that will change the physical but a psychoanalist who discovers the secret of separating man's finer and baser selves.

Thus, you have here a more modern and probably a more convincing reason for the terrifying exploits of a Dr. Jekyll who ever and anon finds himself freed from his repressions. Accordingly, the new "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" differs slightly from the pattern of Robert Louis Stevenson's original story.

Now you are told that, the otherwise respectable Jekyll assumes the Identity of the bestial Hyde so that he may satisfy his meaner desires by conducting an affair with a little music hall dancer In Soho. And where, before, he poisoned himself to protect his fiancee from his maniacal other self, he is now cornered in his laboratory and killed by the police he has strangled the girl from the music hall. The latter. Incidentally, is splendidly Impersonated by Miriam Hopkins, who Is second In Importance In the cast only to Mr. March.

Rose Hobart does very well in the role of Dr. Jfikyll's fiancee, and Holmes Herbert Is all that could be desired In the part of Dr. Lanyon, who finally discovers Jekyll's horrible The picture at the Rivoll Is altogether a brilliant effort and should be added to your list of better screen entertainments. BEST SCENE: The episode In Jekyll's laboratory where the Doctor Is transformed for the first time Into the hideous Mr. Hyde.

BEST PERFORMANCES: Fred-ric March in the dual title role: Miriam Hopkins as Ivy, the cabaret girl. PHOTOGRAPHY: Brilliant. AUDIENCE RECEPTION: Favorably Impressed. FAMILY SUITABILITY: Approved. FOR CHILDREN: Doubtful.

GENERAL RATING: An ingenious and satisfying plcturization of the Robert Louis Stevenson story. At the Albee "STRICTLY DISHONOR ABLE." I Universal production based on the stage play of the same name, dltected by John M. Rtahl and featuring in the cast Paul Lukes, Sidney Fox, George Meeker. 8idney Toler and Levla Stone. For the first time since it completed Its Broadway engagement at the Criterion the talking film version of "Strictly Dishonorable" is being shown to a Brooklyn audience at the R.K.O.

Albee Theater. This charming comedy, which appears to have lost none of its original appeal in the course of Its transcription from stage to screen, has been cleverly directed by John M. Stahl for Universal Pictures. In the cast are such cinema favorites as Paul Lukas, RKSTA 11 RANTS BROOKLYN CONEY ISLAND FELTMANS' i TISHEREE" GRILL ON ROAItDWAI OPEN ALL YEAR "Moderate Chargoa" Fish. Seafood, Steaks, Shore Dinner Aitrt not POFtorrTmo th Famoti Ftltman Frankfurter "fliir.

hatha yourself on RoarHwalfc: we furnih eteamer ehalra anil rnhea' WH2rh St. and Bowery CONEY ISLAND L.OPEN ALL YEAR. RESTAURANTS MANHATTAN KOW IN ITS SIXTH SEASON. Oram St. (at IMtrMia Sejaare) rnane nrria "A I.HII Kit of raniip nifinrr.

sx si. a mr la Tart Daneing Till Twft "fin fr plneM A fnrk tA ketitinm rth th tm9pktr. nr i tr'f'fita tc'A WA, Thnf't mh ttirlcttr tirUjt 1 ft' ferHftr grp. if fftrilfeVa? knt mit i AT METROPOLITAN, lit GINNING NEXT RATI'RDAY JEAN HARLOW In PERSOI I.OEW'S PITKIN. Pitkin As Crawford.

Gable. Pos.reerd; Wllllama Itolanoo LOFW'R RAY RIDGE, 3d Geo. Reoerofl, Rlrk Man's Folly; Six C.alonoB LOEW' 4STH 4 At lllrerht. Geo. Benerolt.

Rleh Meo'a Fellr Bonne Rosa LOEW'S GATE. Gates di Broadway. G. Bsoerofl, Rlrk Mao'a Felly; Deeaan Cannefaw TODAY ON LOEW'S PERFECT TALKING SCREENS TODAY I.OFW'B KINGS. Jf At bush At Tilde JOAN CRAWFORD.

CLARK GABLE. POMESRRft In 'Or, Jekyll and flfr, on the. Rivnli't irrrrn. Just hi khakl uniform, and straighten up. But he never one removes hi brown cloth glove.

While Gomes is present, guard watch all table, scrutinize all pack age, cluster round thetr chief protecting, form a clear passageway for him when, bidding us a cordial farewell, he leaves. Shortly after, your columnist leaves too, sets out to see a little more of the town. And so, hurriedly, he peeps In at the Plaza Del Toros, plant himself happily In the prpss box, grieve that there is no bull-fteht today, and wishes that there were. At the theater, he notices that the chief attraction is Monte Blue. In an alr-thrillcr, and In the National Cathedral, he thrills 'at an amazing, albeit unfinished painting of "The Last 8uppcr." In the public square, he rides a donkey, buy a tortoise-shell comb, alleged to be a home product, and finds It stamped "Made In Germany," eats dirty candy, snagged for a few centimos, from an even dirtier youngster.

At the Palace of the President, he flit through the council rooms, the cabinet, room, and His Excellency's private chapel, and learns by sign language from a guide who speaks no English, and darned little Spanish, thai the President Is asleep. To Indicate this, the guide does everything but put nn pajamas and brush his teeth and we understand him. And so. piling back Into the car again, stop at. the Hippodrome for one more mar rum punch, and flit hack over the Andes, in time for our first Christmas Eve party, aboard ship.

So that was Venezuela! Copyright. 1032. Brooklyn Daily Eagle Joe CookV Tour Joe Cook, star of "Rain or Shine" and "Fine and Dandy." has been engaged for a lour of the complete circuit of the de luxe Loews theaters. He will be assisted by Dave Chasen. who I as much a part ofj Cook's tomfoolery as the compli cated Rube Goldberg labor-saving contraptions.

AMl'SKMENTS BROOKLYN First Time at ALBEE Prices AUL JIDWIY LE Wit lilKASroXJTOIIE I WRK0VouJev.lle" Dirorl from Weeks at K0 falaco BENNY MEROFF BAND WtUtmt Bmrk (o YamJrnllt RUTH ROYE Th 3 REIUYS Th 5 EIGINS aMM I "I of wjjSgS MAJESTIC Matinees w-d. s.i. AAESSPS SHURf ST Proaerrf A Great Cail ff I Fa wttk LITA GREY CHAPLIN VF.XT r.r.K SEATS NOW ir Ja nio H. Rrrlti Famoi Cam, A Kiss (or Gnderella with COSTANCK BIWKV Ernest Lawford Jnka Williami and CnmoanY of 40 anfiOiivK Vna wauM'l prrR SAFE in HELL io.aaUX.HOyD at 0t. ttsr vi.

3ut i 1 I I 1 i.iFr.i. i.iviiianiuii-nBiiuvcr. rratorna porttnr tinanee Ji Branded Men I.OF.W'S HILLSIDE. Jamaica Warner Baiter, Surrender; L. Hyama; Grlhoon I Coos.


Woodllayen raen, LUKW'S BEDFORD, Brdlord-Ber jen PIOORLYN PlofOmh Avoeeo ond Pterins Mroet "DELICIOUS" wMkiMOtaAYNOR Ckorloo FARHCLI. MICH LUCAS In aaraoo em. vi arawt Oeocooo aseroo oent pocwearno "poiaai oouoc" moo r.nd! I On the Stage ai Each rerfarme nee HAROLD NOIC.F. in person in "Jungle AHvenlurea" FEATURE FILMS SHOWING TODAY I without reflecting that back In New- York, some second hand auto dealer, aided and abetted by a couple of cans of loud paint, sure knew his salesmanship. Along the main Avenlda (avenue, to you) of La Guayra pronounced "La Why-rah," and "don't ask us why trolley cars of the Tooner-ville type make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun.

but hardly get you anywhere at all. There Is no unemployment problem In La Guayra. because everybody that hasn't any other kind of Job Is a There are about 6.000 natives In La Guayra, and about nine-tenths of them are policemen. In the stores, which are open-fronted, like the Eastern bazars, you find electric clocks displayed heel and toe with native melons; home-spun blankets laid out neck and neck with imported watches. And there Is practically nothing offered that you can't buy right back in your own home town.

In La Guayra, there is practically no vegetation, no drinkable water, no edible food. Natives tootle along, mounted on burros, which are a specie of half-pint donkey, munching peculiar tortillas that come packed in yards and yards of native leaf and in common with the panhandlers on Broadway everybody warns a penny. La Guayra money Is divided into Bolivars and centi AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN CRITERION Tkeatrt B'aray Twlee Dell Shifts ffeferrerf aWartfaafjajlaajBajaaaj T.lfc. T.T" il ASTOR 4 R'e f. tiletntt.Kn raVVCNUC, SO-STRUT ARTISTS at AOthl R.

HYDaV'l em rteonc Mare? vast I Ll. njaaH iJIr ozuaous" tmwmt ee. CM. MUMU. I I wotm rrriNe I tr area laHMMaaM Ouhaasia Bel am.La anorHeaa I tiKMTrn I 1 Kj L.

I icTTST.t aothl rv BAY RIDGE SECTION Ferlwer. ih-ri Hamilton Onee a Lade: also Alessoder He Park Tkealra. 44th St. ot Slh Av Hooor of Ihe Penally; lw of II BEDFORD SECTION Aoole. Pillion 81 ArThroop A Foe tores Yellow Tlrlet: sl.o Sob staler of Paris: also Graft I- rJedlBrt Av hanhaled f.e: ritMln Marshall R.

CoLmaw Seroy, Bedlord Ay. Lincoln PI Vaodr.lllr: sorrender, Waroer Re.ier. Iila Rrama BOROnCH HALL AND DOWNTOWN SECTION nm Ronald cima. tJZZ r.I7i of M.deloo Clandet: M.okoy Tersalnsl. 4th Ay.

Ar Dean St Hnholy Garden: also Mootaoo Kid Sawej BRIGHTON BEACH SECTION In "Rlrk Man's Folly" a Mickey Moose Biof Crosby or tup: nti unimr' tn wT RfMa TOMORROW lltno Colosaai Tone. Daroeej R. Irene Donne) Affair Alfrl loot see dor RIM R.ChTller"., SECTION R.ater. WHFEI ER AND ROBERT WOOI SET lo i RENO' PORTING CR A siCE 1 Tflliakunbiwb VJA Toiewo, Ocean Pky. nr.

Brlfhton Seorole of a Rreretary; Sandowo Trail BVSHWICK SECTION Sorrender: slso Meo In Her Life CROWN HEIGHTS SECTION 1 iii King ntnnocero To Whom Human Were a Goring Tons-Up! a ran n. R.yero. flt. John a PI. at K.nislonAr..

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