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Brooklyn Heights Press from Brooklyn, New York • 5

Brooklyn Heights Press from Brooklyn, New York • 5

Brooklyn, New York
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teabtr 27, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS PIT First Day onJobXopCollarsiAeterRobhQi' Signing Up for Peace r.r ceny, possession of burglary tools 1 tne naa Deen carrying a screwdriver) and malicious mischief. Three years ago, according to a report, Napoleoni shot a fireman while trying to escape after pulling a holdup. Judged a youthful offender, he received a three-year sentence. Currently, he is on probation while awaiting disposition of a statutory rape charge against him, it was also reported. in PUERTO RICO 7 Doyi from $165 I Including: All These Featureet Round Trip 1st AlrTrensportatlotJ Swiss Chalet for Cocktails Club Housa Raco Track Tlckata Cocktails at 'Top of tha First' Your Cholcs of Hotala your choica of 2 BonuaVeaturel Transfors to and from your hotal Dinner at top Night Club Luncheon at tha Swiss Chalet Sightseeing Trip around Sn uan Boro Hall Offices: 175 Rmsn St.

(at Court St.) JAckson 2-1700 Open Evenings to Sat Sun to 5 nut heir (Pboto by Eddie Simon) Ptl, Harrington and Napoleoni at station house. Meter parts and dimes are in -foreground. bar, 122 Montague St. Ptl. Harrington hauled him out.

and police said later that Napoleoni had 39 dimes on him, presumably taken from the parking meter. While the other two hoods got away, Napoleoni was booked at die Poplar St. station for petty lar CANDIDATES ASKED TO BACK NUCLEAR TEST BAN: Woman signs petition circulated by Brooklyn Heights Women for Peace asking political candidates to support disarmament measures and nuclear test ban. Scene is Montague and Henry Mrs. Ruth Philips, 163 Hicks of women's group, looks on.

Mrs. Philips home will be site of Women for Peace meeting Monday night at 8:30, Audience will hear reports of delegations that have visited candidates asking for views on disarmament and radiation hazards, and also will hear talk by Mrs. Pearl Bowser, 71 Joralemon who visited Russia this summer as member of a peace mission. Long Island College Hospital Lost $193,000 Last Year If the rest of Ptl. Jeremiah Harrington's days on the Police Force are as busy as his first, the young 82nd Precinct policeman can look forward to a future of worn out shoe leather and spent cartridges.

Figuring' a policeman's career to be about 20 years, that would mean over 7,300 cartridges and almost that many pairs of shoes for Ptl. Harrington. Fresh out of the Police Academy, Ptl. Harrington's first tour of duty saw him walking a beat on the South Heights on the evening of Sept. 19.

Shortly after 8 o'clock he sw three youths acting suspiciously in front of 44 Livingston St. He watched them closely for a few minutes, then saw them break open a parking meter. Ptl. Harrington rushed to the scene and the youths fled. A chase followed, during which the trio split up.

Firing a warning shot, the officer kept after one, later identified as Julio Napoleoni, 19 years old, of 142 Baltic St. Napoleoni ducked into Karoff 's Mugging (Continued from Page 1) fist. The detectives said afterward that he must have had a chain wrapped around his fist, because of the marks on my face. You should see me. "I fell to the sidewalk.

He leaned over me and cocked his fist. I said to myself: 'This is "Then I heard the other one shout: 'Cheez it, here comes They ran away and left me. "A man came up. I told him what had happened. "That sort of thing happens all the time he said.

Later she singled out the abandoned church as a danger almost as bad as a mugger's fist. "The muggers must hide there. In any case, during the summer men relieve themselves in the overgrown hedges. The stench is terrible. "Many persons have complained to the city, because it is understood that the lot is now city property, which will later become part of the Cadman Plaza project.

The city has done nothing about those awful conditions. "I know that the building will be torn down soon, but can't something be done in the meantime? There are people who still have to live near there." How do you know uninsurable? Find out whor you stand Call mo today UGENE SCHWARTZ 205 Hicks at. N.Y. Life Ins. Co.

BROOKLYN Where iTN evenrbody? Vizzing in and ouTX tv "jf a Lafayette National Drive-In Banking Windows! It i 1 4 Long Island College Hospital, 340 Henry suffered a net loss of nearly $193,000 during 1961, according to the annual report of the president of LICHs board of regents. The report was made public on Tuesday. The main reason for the deficit, reported Edward M. Fuller, 1 Grace was that payments of accounts owed to the hospital by the Blue Cross Medical plan and by the city fell short of the amount needed to meet the institution's operating expenses. These expenses totaled over $5,000,000 last year, the report stated.

This deficit will subsequently be offset, Mr. Fuller said, but it still was reflected on the books at the time of their closing. Blue Cross has assured the hospital that the medical plan's payment gap will be closed retroactively. Things were not so simple when it came to the city accounts, the report disclosed. "The delay in collecting our receivables from the city' requires that we become the city's banker, and mis diminishes our cash position to a very uncomfortable level" The delayed-action removal ot the deficit has not affected the activity of the hospital's plant.

Rather, LICH is regarded as being slightly overcrowded. The 401 -bed institution, with its 44 clinics, is operating at 110 per cent of capacity. INDIVIDUAL dresses suits separates AD DIE SADOWSKI UL 8-2540 St Peter's (Continued from Page I) $1,000 apiece, he said in response to a question. In order to run a voluntary hospital the doctors would have to form a non-profit corporation under the law. It would then be up to the state's Department of Social Welfare to grant them a charter for such an operation.

If their proposal materializes the 30 doctors would form the nucleus of the medical staff of the institution. They conceivably would then try to augment their numbers, first from other members of the present staff, then from outside sources. However, the new hospital could not bear the name "St. Peter's." That title rests with the order and will go with it when the institution closes four weeks from now. Due to the slow progress of the appraisal, it now appears that if St.

Peter's indeed will continue as a hospital, there nevertheless will be a hiatus between the time the nuns move out and a new administration takes over. Any new hospital administration, there would face certain problems. First, of course, would be making the hospital financially stable, where the previous administration had failed. Much of this depends on the modernization of the main building, which was opened in 1898. This would include installing a sprinkler system, repairing an elevator not now in use and completing the refurbishing of a pavilion on which' work was stopped when funds ran out.

Also, the hospital might be called upon by the city to provide an ambulance service, which it does not do now Lafayette drive-in banking is a real timesaver for busy people. Three convenient offices provide fast, courteous drive-in service: 200 Montague Street, open 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday 4930 Kings Highway, 9 to 7 Mondays, 9 to 3 Tuesday through Friday 650 Fulton Street, 8:30 to 7 Mondays, 8:30 to 3 Tuesday through Friday. LAFAYETTE NATIONAL BANK of Brooklyn in New York "The Brooklyn Bank for Brooklyn Business" member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OTHER LAFAYETTE OFFICES FOR YOUR BANKING CONVENIENCE: 325 NINTH STREET 465-86TH STREET 6614 BAY PARKWAY 120 LAWRENCE STREET (Insurance Premium Finance Office.) ANTIQUES FAIR OCT. 3, HEIGHTS ANNUAL AND SALE 4 5. 12 to 10 P.M.

75 FREE COFFEE OPENING ON OR ABOUT ST. CHARLES IORROMEO AITKEN AUDITORIUM 23 SIDNEY PLACE (between Joralemon and State) BROOKLYN HEIGHTS 1 NEW YORK sponsored by the Irooiyn Heights Yeunf Catholic Assoc OCTOBER 1st and we are looking forward to the pleasure of your visit DONATION Complete line of PAPER BOOKS GREETING CARDS for every occasion UAH Sr? I If Iff If Unliniinri mmmssA 180 MONTAGUE ST. MAin 4-7454.

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