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The Brooklyn Call from Brooklyn, New York • 2

The Brooklyn Call from Brooklyn, New York • 2

The Brooklyn Calli
Brooklyn, New York
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His only begotten son. equal to himself A $2.00 In power and majesty, of the same divine essence, but sent him into this wicked world. Into their flesh and blood, to be a sacrifice for their slna. For their sake He permitted him to be humbled, spit upon, tortured and mur Tailor. Made Skirt Made tYour Order dered.

Sad Indeed and entirely without Ttilor-Madc Skirt Made to Your Order for 50c hope was the condition of mankind. All bad gene astray and were aa helpless CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN? LAY C9RNCRST0NB OP NEW EDIFICE SUNDAY -AFTERNOON I Ceremonies Beautlfiil and Impressive Church Building One ef the Architectural Triumphs of Bushwick Section-Great 0k From Little Aforu Grew and Pastor Frits Planttd the Acom. kr slaves In the power of Satan. Without 50c exception they were deserving ef the eternal punishment of hell. But Christ the Son of God, threw himself Into the breach, and through His lanoeent suffer THURSDAY ONLY.

THURSDAY ONLY. ing and death reoenelled the Father, THURSDAY ONLY. THUBSDAY ONLY, atoned fer their transgressions and earned for them eternal peace and happiness. Bleedy Indeed and fraught 74c $1.50 Corset With ceremonies solemn and Impres SIX BARGAINS FOR THURSDAY AND FRIDAY '0NIY with terrible suffering was the way the Son ef God had to go In order te accomplish His end, but triumphantly He aroee en the third day and proclaimed his victory with the words: "Because 1 25c food- I fr Ladles' very floe Nainsook Bmbroldered Handkerchiefs, slightly damaged, well worth 25c. Sold for day mentioned with Coupon only.

aanatL.ov 7 tin Sample line of Heather-bloom, Hydtgradc Morn and Sateen Petticoats; all worth 2.00 and some $2.50. With Coupon for day men 1 5c Butcher Qlr UflOB 36-inch wide bleached Butcher Unon, shrunk ready for use; well worth 15c. Sold with Coupon for day advertised only. sive, the oornerstone of the new home of the English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior was laid Sunday Closing out geiudae 11.50 R. 4 Qi Amerv 'lean Lady, and W.

B. Corset, in white and drab, size 18 to 10. Sold with Coupon only. afternoon in the presence of fully one live ye shall live also." now taat tne id this 1 and this an on curse of sin had been taken away and reconciliation effected, the way waa thousand persons. A more perfect day fur the ceremony could not be wished.

Coupon Coupon catitlea tioned as advertised. paved for the establishment of God 1 fi la title In Covert street over the basement of the new building, a large platform had Srpi and this aoc' the bearer To one CUlff Straw Oat great kingdom of grace, the New Testament Zlon, In which man was to www "III bearer 'the bearer THURSDAY ONLY. been erected, and upon this every available eeat waa occupied when the opening hymn waa announced. Several ONLY. THURSDAY ONLY.

THUR THURSDAY enjoy the precious gifts Christ had earned for him. Forty days He stayed 39c upon earth, teaching, strengthening end To one "Commercial Brand" Negligee Shirt The) best shirt ever. hundred persons whe found It Impossible to get near the speakers' stand 17c To oma pair of Corsets Broken' aiaea. These are aalemen'g samples and regular valuta are 3.60 te 3.00. Trimmed with ribbon and feathers.

took part in the exercises from the street and neighboring doorways. Among those who held seats were a number of clergymen prominent In the THURSDAY ONLY. 29cCorsetJ C-Cover Ladies fine Nainsook Corset Cover, finished with 4 rows of Valenciennes lace and insertion. Sold with Coupon only. Regular valns 6O0.

sold for b-tc. 12 Lonsdale c7n Cambric, yd. 36-inch wide Lonsdale finished White Cambric, a rery good 12o value. Sold with Coupon for day advertised only. 53i8 Infants' Com-1 bisatica Set Infants' fine Nainsook Robe and Skirt com-bined, fancy trimmed witl laces or embroidery; well worth $3.50.

Sold with Coupon only. preparing the first messengers ef trutn. On that first great day of Penteoost the spirit of God came down and filled the hearts of the apostles, endowing them in a most miraculous manner with the power ef preaehtng the gospel In tongues they had never heard. On that day the foundation was laid to that great Zlon, whose power should pulpits of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Men's Suspenders, all kinds, Police, Firemen, and lots of others, well worth 39c a pair.

Sold for day advertised with Coupon only. and this and this ra and this The address of congratulation was delivered by the Rev. Paul tindemann. pastor of Trinity Church, Brooklyn. Coupon Of eetitle OVJ the bearer stretch over all the world, and already The exercises were held under the direction of the Building Committee, nA Coupon IB- entitle UF tks bearer To one pair of Women's White Foot Hose Tast dye.

Value 16o In the evening of that day a stately srmy of 1,000 souls had sworn under the banner of Christ. The mustard seed had been planted which would grow te a mighty tree, whose branches THURSDAY ONLY. THURSDAY ONLY. mVJJ the bearer To pne box of Tourist Rucbios; Full six yards a To one yard of Dress Goods AU our novelty Dress Goods. Regular 25o 3 Pairs Children's of which the following well known men are members: David Theis, chairman; Henry Wahlers.

secretary; Charles Ctasen. Ernest Jantaen, Charles H. Schmidling, Henry Stauderman, William Bonnewltx, John H. Meyer and the Rev, John H. C.

Frits, pastor of the church. 19c were to overshadow all peoples ef every I2 Base clime. The apostles were the first mes and 60c values are in- knv IT. 1H. 1 0.

eluded in this lot. THURSDAY ONLY, 25c Box Writ- Qr inj; Paper Linen finished Writing Paper, Envelopes to match; always retailed 25c. Sold with Coupon forday atndvertieedonly. THURSDAY ONLY. 25c Box jzn Ruching Washable Tourist Ruching.

Box contain II neck lengths. 8old with Coupon for day advertised only. a pair. sengers of the gospel of salvation, and under God'a peculiar but ever wise rule 10 Yds. Ua- 9Q.

bleached Muslin yc Unbleached Muslin, a very good 6c, Quality, Sold In 10-yd length and with Coupon only. and guidance the Church of God grew. After the singing ef one or two Children's Fast Black 6eamless Hose, always a good 12Hc value. Sold with Coupon only for day mentioned. Zlon became great and mighty.

hymns snd the reeding of Scripture, the Rev. Paul Llndemann was Introduced Until this very day the Lord Has con II by the pastor of the church, the Rev. and again of the precious Lamb of God, which through suffering and death has earned for you eternal salvation; here MARRIAGE LICENSE, Ludwlg N. Steliles, tl years, 1T00 tinued His gracious work and countless are the souls who are fighting under His standard, who have chosen the Dean street, and Bertha C. SXecher, 21 yen are, during the lulls In the battle John H.

C. Frits. Taking as his text "The Lord hath founded Zlon and Zlon shall prosper," the speaker addressed his audience as follows: of life, to eee the crown of victory held years, 361 Nostrand avenue. Savior-King as their leader. At this place also the Lord has founded and out to you and filled with a new hope John F.

Gannon, Tl years, 4B0 Pros IN GERMAN CIRCLES. fostered His Zon. He did not pees you In Christ. Jesus, dearly beloved $1,318,316.45. The total cash requirements In case of resumption would and eourage you will go valiantly forth pect place, and Florence D.

Wnlte 1 years, 793 Bergen street by with His grace, but baa richly and use the arms or Christian warfare friends, especially the members of the Church of Our Savior, amount to $3,187,645.31. The Brooklyn Quartet Club, one of the foremost ef the German societies Carmino D'Antonlello, ts years, It ito attain It That la the meaning if the In case the temporary receivers are blessed yeur efforts In His He has given you a paster of wham may be eald: "How beautiful upon the It is but fitting and tight that yon discharged, their compensation, together Marion street, and Rose Frabbasllle, 19 years, 419 Humboldt Street. words: "in the Zlon of the Lord the poor ef his people ahall And their trust." ef the (South Brooklyn section, conferred the honor of unanimous re-election upon Its entire staff of officers at mountains are the feet ef him that have made this day on which tbe cornerstone of your new place of worship la to be laid a day of festive and Glacoma Miranda, zt years, CI Gar Inestimable Is the blessing emanating brlngeth good tidings, that publlsheth from 'a bouse of worship, where the its annual meeting, he'd at headquar with counsel fees, should he added to the cash requirements in case of re-sumption. What Money Would Be Needed. "Under the agreement providing for field place, and Rose Buonumo, 20 years, 1 Harrison street Joyous Through the grace of life Is taught In Its truth and ters.

Prospect Hall, on Prospect ave peace, that brlngeth good tiding OI rood, that publisheth salvation; that Jacob Conn, St SSI Bushwiek nue. The officers are: John O. Roth, salth unto Eton. Thy God avenue and Rose Hyber, 24 years, 10 president: Herman Langhorat, first of Cod, your congregation has, after years of bard struggle, snd perhaps many bitter disappointments and discouragements, grown and prospered to the postponement of depositors' claims. Bo abundant haa been His Messing, so purity and the sacraments are administered In accordance with Christ's Instruction.

With what honest joy and fervent enthusiasm yon should proceed Walton street vice-president; Karl Gogel, aeoond vice- great waa the power ef His word, that the following additional cash would be reaulred In case of the withdrawal ef Simon Levy, 81 years, 48 Patobea president; Ma9 Keeppke, recording avenue, and (Caroline Schwab, 11 year, secretary; Alexander 'Walter, finan such an extent that your old place of worship has become inadequate for your all funds now en deposit with the bank: you find neeeaeary to euna unto rum a new and larger place ef worship In order to give all members of Zlon an cial aeeretary; Helnrlch Justus, trees 73 Marcy avenue. la ue erection or your pew church, until sit last it standa complete, a monument of tbe pure gospel and true Luthersjilsra amidst all the wickedness William Horgan, 21 years, 8T Ful purposes and you have decided, with tbe help of the Lord, to build ante Him nrer; William Borrmana, librarian; Harry Ortmann, assistant librarian; ton street, end Nora Oriffln, 24 rears, a new bouse and dwelling place. God 850 Mark's avenue- of this great city. Onward, therefore, haa given Willing hearts and hands. Ernest H.

Glrards, 40 years, 1031 Otto Afoebes, eoler bearer; Henry Klr-chen, B. Jantser, Karl Go gel, Rudolph Schmidt and Edward Sehults, fiqanee committee. Musical Director Carl be your watchword: onward for your own glory and honor, but onward for opportunity te hear the voice of their Ged and King. It la Indeed a proof that He alone is king and that His word la a power unto salvation; that in spite of the fact that tbe gospel of Christ Is unto the natural man foolshness end a stumbling block, your congregation Metropolitan avenue, and Barbara Miller, 29 years, 120 Himrod street WILL OPEN NEXT WEEK WELCOME NEWS OF MECHANICS AND TRADERS' BANK. i Will Have New Name of Union Bank of Brooklyn, Devoted to the Sal Interacts of Brooklyn and Will Have a Capital of a Million Dollars Former Comptroller Grout at Head.

The Mechanics and Traders' Bank, Which had ten branches la Brooklyn before its suspension, will reopen aa the Union Bank of Brooklyn In a week er ae with a capital ef a million dollars. This Is a mum to the bank's eld same. This welcome Information was announced at the of former Controller Edward M. Crtut la the Trinity Building, after the report of Banking Superintendent Clark Wllltama to Justice found, of the Supreme Court, bad been received. The Union Bank la to be a solely Brooklyn Institution.

AS heretofore, even -eighths of Its business and atoek holdings are in Brooklyn, and in accordance with the banking superintendent's suggestions it will sever all its former connections in Manhattan and confine its attention to Brooklyn. That Christ and His truth and trusting In Benjamin Leider, 22 years, 228 Bush- so that new the foundation la laid on which yeur new temple of the Lord is to be erected, a testimony of tbe love of Ged and His word on tbe part ef the Christians of this eootpregatloa. The world, of course, claims) that such Flque was unanimously chosen for another term. Mr. Flque, who is also His guidance and assistance.

The Lord bath founded Zlon; the Lord will grant wick avenue, and Elisabeth Mutnlek. the musical director ef the United 19 years. US Grand street It blessing and prosperity. has visibly grown and that He baa made your hearts willing to build unto Oermsa Singers ef Brooklyn, enters Oiuseppo Delist. 45 years.

Me Liberty May, then, Jesus Christ, tne iora Him a nsw temple. upon the tenth term ss musical direc avenue, and Marianne BasUe, 40 years, 228C Atlantto avenue. and Kng ef Zlon, bestow His choicest blessings on this whole congregation, who His name have undertaken this And. yon may rest ensured, my friends, He who has founded $Uoa will not fail to sustain It The history of Neia P. M.

Llnderoth, 15 years, 121 money haa been foolishly Invested. But true Christian knowa that the Word of God la the most precious thing in this world, snd therefore give willingly and freely of bis worldly pessessktns that this Werd may be proclaimed and Decatur street and Anna L. Chris tea-sen, 26 years, 1210 Decatur street the Christian Church Is eloquent proof blessed project May He bless all who with willing and Joyous hearts nave tor ef the Brooklyn Quartet Club. The society elected Alfred Buehler an honorary member, he having been affiliated with the Brooklyn Quartet Club for mere than thirty years consecutively. It wss the intention of tbe club to present Buehler with a Four months after resumption, eight months after resumption, twelve months after re-sumption, $1,661,334 65; sixteen months after resumption.

$1,995,881.76. "In considering the matter ef resumption, have taken Into account the history of the Mechanics' and Traders' Bank, the cause (or Its sua-pension and the liquidation Incident thereto, the value of Its good will, both In Manhattan and la Brooklyn, and the present condition ef Its assets. I have consulted with the former management! with the receivers, with the proposed directors and the proposed management, ea well aa with the managers of the different branches. I am convinced that the good will ef the Mechanics' snd Traders' Bank as such is not sufficient to Justify a continuance of its business In Manhattan. I.

however, And In Brooklyn a number of the branches of this bank have afforded banking facilities to communities otherwise without such accommodation. In the case ef each branch in Brooklyn, a larger percentage of depositors have assented to the deferred, payment sgreement then In Manhattan. Edward M. Grout, who. I am advised will accept the presidency of the bank Ludwig Johnson, 24 years, 1332 Sterl tbe church ef Christ crow and prosper, ing place, and Louise Crawford, lb years, 24 Rochester avenue.

freely given of their worldly goods and made this beginning possible. God bless your pastor snd God grant that In due time your new house of worship will stand completed to the honor of the and realises that a suitable place of worship a necessary means to such of thla At all times since the very inception the devil and bis allies have made strenuous efforts te destroy Zlon and hinder the progress ef the Werd, but In spite of this virions activity, In spits of bitter and bloody persecutions, the gospel ef Jesus baa always been Henry Bernhardt, 23 years, Ha Floyd embossed diploma of honorary mem an end. berehlp. This, presentation, however. street and Mary Oesslein, 20 years, 437 Herkimer street When, la tbe Old Testament times.

Lord and the salvation of many sinners. the Jews returned from Babylonian Clifford Jackman 'colored). 28 years. had to be dispensed with, as Mr. Buehler was absent from the meeting on account ef illness.

The club has Amen. victorious. And so also your gene into 162 Third avenue and Laura Reid (col The laying of the cornerstone took ored), S3 years, 107 Wyclcoff street 108 members, with a capital of $774. place Immediately -after the eddrees. captivity te Jerusalem their first thought was to build tip the temple which had been destroyed, and we read in tbe book ef Ears, that, "When the Henrv Blading.

27 rears. as Kosci Its musical property, etc, is value at The ceremony was performed by the the future may be unolnuded by any doubts and misgivings. Ton are doing the Lord's work and that atone Insures success. The Lord's Zlon not even the gates of bell ahall overwhelm. Chriot Is Rev.

John H. C. Frits, pastor of the usko street, and Elizabeth Magee, af years, 394 dates avenue. church, the congregation reciting the $1,200. With an Ice cream festival, the mem' here of the Concordia Women's, Sing It will be Identified with the interests of this borough alone la nude evident In the fact that Mr.

Grout is to be its president, while a strong and represen Thomas woollen, zs years, ist Tenia builders laid the foundation ef the temple ef the Lord they set the priests In their apparel and trumpets, and the Levltea, the sens ef AsapK, with Apostles Creed while It was In progress. Then followed the Lord's the cornerstone upon which yen buna, street, and Teresa Berthold, It years. and work dona for Christ's sake, fn His 253 Covert street tative Beard of Directors has bee Prayer and the Benediction. The ser Arthur B. Murray.

24 years, 1022 Dee chosen. cymbals to praise the Lord after the ordinance of David, King ef Israel. And vices closed with the singing of the Doxology. Before placing the tin box All the former branches and mala atreet, and Ella M. Rubin, 24 years.

S0 Gates avenue. ing Society ef East New York closed their season ef rehearsals and meetings Thursday. It was held at headquarters, Wohlrab's Hall, at Ashford street and Olenmore avenue. Musical Director Adalbert Fuhge conducted the In ease of resumption, and a number of name, for His Doner and glory, makes all the efforts of Christ's enemies to naught IM. your hearts therefore be Joyful fn the Lord, fer the Lord hath founded Zlon and He whe hath founded Office of the reorganised bank, which In Ke place within the cornerstone.

they sang together by eouree In praising and giving thanks unto the Lard. the proposed directors who are closely Thomas J. Nash, 25years, 33 Ltodeav were maintained under its regime as associated with the several branches of street, and Marie Stedeflder, 1371 Greene because He is good, for His mercy will surely establish It and make it last rehearsal. Miss Rose Schubert, endureth tor ever toward IsrseL And avenue. Pastor Frits announced Its contents as follows: Brief history of the English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior, with list of members, names of pastor; officers, Board of Trustees Anthony A.

Klein, 26 years, 33 Beaver prosper. president ef tne club, thanked the mem bere for their Interest displayed In be the Institution, and claim Intimate knowledge of the attitude of Its patrons snd of the senttiwent of the general public, are strongly of the opinion that the success of the bank will be assured If its busineea ie confined to the Bor But there Is another reason why you may be Joyful to-day and proceed In your undertaking with Joyous am) con street, Jamaica, Queens Borough, and Mary A. Johlnnlng, 21 years, tit Raid, avenue. ef tbe society during the past sll the people shouted great about, when they praised the Lord, because the foundation of the House of the Lord was laid." Eagerly tbe Jewa began the work ef building unto Jahovdh a new and other officials of the church; pro year. fident hearts; and that is because the Julius O.

Rlchter, 29 years, 221 Bar gramme of the first missionary synod at which the church was organised seven years ago, pictures of the Ladles' ough of Brooklyn, under a new man- Members of Charles T. Bchmltt Lodge Lord Intends to lavish upon you His man street, and Geslne M. Harms, If choicest gifts Is this pew place of wor years, 19H Sixth avenue. place ef wees hip; Joyously they celebrated tbe cornerstone laying, and In spite of their poverty, In spite ef tbe Aid Society, Martha Society, the Junior ship also. agtment and a new name.

Depositors representing 13.0 per cent of the total deposit liability have evidenced their good will by assenting to League and the Prlsellta Society; pro In an places where I received my enemies wbo tried to hinder ths project name I will corns unto thee and I will gramme of the cornerstone laying, copies of the "Lutheran Witness," No. $48, I. O. O. the Zoellner Maen-nerchor and the Women's Association of the Oerman St.

Paul's Church attended the funeral services Thursday afternoon over ths remains of Mrs. Mary Schneider, wife of Henry Schneider, who Is prominently affl-flated with the Zoellner Maennerchor. a postponement of the payment of their bless thee," the Lord In tbe CHd Testa their ardor did not cool and they were not satisfied until the new temple stood ready and they oeuld celebrate the 0 BOLD BOY BURGLARS. Rifled Klmmermsn's Fist While Latter Was Looking On, snd Best Him When He Gave Alarm. Two youthful burglars made a bold claims.

Lutheran Guild," "Crumbs" and the 'Hew York hymn books ment had promised His people. This had reference especially to the taber The stockholders desire a return ef their property te their possession and need in the church and Sunday School dedication. Greet should also be your joy and many should be the prayers ef nacle and to the temple at Jerusalem. and copy of catechism used In the the Mechanics and Traders' Bank, will be abandoned, as well as two of the uptown branch In this borough, as Superintendent Williams suggested in bis careful report At the office of Mr. Grout the following statement waa gives out Tuesday morning) "On the report ef the Superintendent ef Banks, the Mechanics and Traders' Bank will reopen as 'the Union Bank of Brooklyn, with a capital of l.oM.oOO and nearly as much surplus.

It will have cash resources at opening of nearly 10 per cent of Its deposits. Immediate steps will be taken to comply with all of the superintendent's recommendations, which were made by him efter most painstaking Investigation. Edwsrd M. Omit will be president, Edwin J. Stalker, for many years cashier of Chase National Bank, will be vice president, and a etrong and representative Board ef Directors Will be announced in a few days.

The new management will be' conservative, end the Institution will seek to deserve In every respect the confidence of the people of Brooklyn. "The date of opening cannot be fixed to-day, but the bank will nndoubtedly pen next week." control. I am informed that more than From these holy places the blessings attempt, Monday morning, to rob the thanks and praise ascending to the throne ef Ged that He has permitted The services were held at the late residence of Mrs. Schneider, MA Monroe street Lutheran Church; coins of the period, names of the President of the United poured out upon the children of Israel, the Old Testament Zlon. But this three story flat building at .67 win lams avenue.

They were Frank Die- you to make such aa auspicious begin States, the Governor of New Tork State blessed promise of the Lord holds good ning. But may your joy net diminish. and the Mayor of New Tork City; one copy of tbe "Brooklyn Times" and one son. 13 years old, and Nathan Reenek, It years old, both of 196 Osborn street yeur ardor not cool, your enthusiasm Following an Invitation of L. Marx, corresponding secretary of the Beeth-even Llederkrsns of Oreenpolnt sev to-day or every House et 00a wnicn Zlon erects.

Every true bouse of God Is to be a veritable fount of blessing for copy of the "weekly unat issue A more daring attempt at robbery waa In this good eauee net relax until the work is completed. Hindrances and disappointments there will probably be. August 1. eral members of the dub went te Broad all Inhabitants of Zlon, a source of The cornerstone ef the new home or Channel, Jamaica Bay. Thursday.

great spiritual benefits. And whyf Be a majority of the stork has been lodged with Morgan J. O'Brien, Edward M. Grout end William II. English ss voting trustees under a trust agreement securing te the trustees the voting power oa the stock for the period of five years.

On the reduction of capital the solvency ef the Institution would seem to be beyond question, and Its surplus would afford substantial protection to its depositors. Efficient Management Celled Fer. Under efficient, conservative and trustworthy management, and with the en-operation ef the people ef Brooklyn (clients ef the Institution) I see no rea but do net permit them te cloud yeur the English Evangelical Lutheran where they erere guests ef Mr. and cause there tbe word ef Ged is pro happiness. As a mall means of Church of Our Savior was laid on the claimed and the sacraments are ad couragement permit me on this, your seventh anniversary of Its organisation.

Mrs. Marx. Tne excursionists were royally welcomed. The singers who were accompanied by Musical Director ministered- There the Lord Himself festival, day te answer yse the ques comes to His psople, holds sacred cen tion: It waa on August 1901, that the congregation, then composed of seven voting and fourteen communicant mem Otte Buess, gave an Informal concert verse with them and refreshes their souls. There, after the clouds of the Why shall the building of this new Before taking- leave.

President C. Hebeler expressed the thanks of the House ef God 'be to you a gladsome and Joyous werkf 1) Because you bers, met at the home or tne ksv. jonn H. c. Frits.

Putnam avenue, and never made in East New Tork than that made by the two boys. In the presence of a doxen persona who were seated outside on the several doorways, Dlsson and Resnek Hiked up to the house at 867 Williams avenue at 10 o'clock Mondesi morning and with a set of falsa keys began trying the doors along the halt On ths first floor lives Max Klmmer-man and his son. Klmmerman was standing outside when the beys entered the hallway and after a moment or two be turned around to aea what they might be doing. When ha saw one of them take a key from hie pocket and open the door of his apartment Klmmerman was simply stunned by the audacity of the thing and eat memners. week's care have rolled away, they are permitted to see the tower of tbe heavenly Jerusalem and are filled with are the Zlon of the Lord; (2) Because voted the church Into existence, rre vlous to this meeting the Rev.

John the Lord Intends to lavish upon yon Bank Superintendent Williams, In his report to Justice Pound, of the Supreme Court, went into a close history of the bank's business in Brooklyn and Man At Baurenfeind's Hall, Gates new strength to withstand the tempta H. C. Frits bad been holding services his choicest gifts in th)s new place of avenue, the Attenhofer Ltedertafcl tions at life and bear Its burdens. Zion's houses of worship are as the oasis In worsnip aiso. held a short rehearsal Thursday even In Hart's Hall, at Gates avenue ana Broadway, he having been installed missionary In Brooklyn en June I by Our beautiful text reads: "The Lord the desert where tbe weary wanderer may lie down and rest "The poor of hath founded Zlon and the poor of His people shall trust In It." Realising te the English Mission Board of the Ger son why the bank should not enjoy a successful future in that borough.

It on the facts ss presented In this report and by the other papers before the court, it shall seem that the bank should be allowed to resume business. In such event I make the following suggestions: First That the main office and the branches located In Manhattan be closed. That the Fulton street and the Hancock branches, located In Brooklyn be closed. Ing, after which the birthday anniversary of Secretary Anton Sefrin was celebrated by the members. The club rendered several songs, nnder direction of Anton Hollriegel, snd addresses of His people," our text says, "shall trust man Synod.

Missionary Frits began the full and taking to heart the blessed bis Brooklyn labors on June I at Hart a meaning of these words, you will never In It" A blessed truth. 'The poor of His people." Poor, miserable, blind and helpless all ars by nature, although in Hall, and a week later organisea congratulation were delivered by Presl Sunday School with fifteen members. dent Adam Brunner and the former their spiritual blindness and self- Lees than a month later the congrega regret having undertaken tbe building of this House of God. "The Lord bath founded Zlon." Let us first ef all direct our attention to these words. What does Scripture mean by the term presidents, jonn Beler and Philip Ban-gert A collation closed the tlon of the English evangelical Luth hattan, and in advising its resumption made several suggestions, all of which Will he carried out.

The report of the examination made by the Bank Superintendent shewe the following conditions: ASSISTS, Bond Investments Bonds end mortgages Loans and discounts Real estate 757,303.18 "Furniture snd fixtures Due from banks 11.41S.10 Overdrafts Cash Items 8,266.57 Cash In offices 8,013.50 Cash In receivers' 2,697,503.13 Accrued Interest 114,907,00 Impairment of capital 81,178,90 as one petrified untlt after the boys had entered his rooms. Then he followed them to the door and watched them pulling beds to pieces in a search for hidden valuables. When he beheld some of his household goods In possesion of the strangers Klmmerman aet up a shout that brought Out the neighborhood. righteousness many do not realise their miserable position and their need of help. Such people are satisfied with themselves sod such naturally will not eran Churca 01 uur esvior was r- Second.

That the necessary steps aanised. the charter meeting Being at "Zlon." Zlon was a mount and upon be immediately taken to change the name of the corporation te "Union tended by twenty-one members. The members of the Schwaeblseher which the boly city of Ged, Jerusalem, in 1M1 the English uvengeucai Bank of Brooklyn." ount. in tne new Testament tns derive much spiritual benefit from the Lord's Zlon. In fact such do belong to the Lord's Zlon, but still stand apart Saengerbnnd spent a very enjoyable time at Rockaway Beach Thursday.

The Third. That the bank should re term Zlon Is frequently used in a Lutheran Church moved from Hart's Hall te 1S7 Covert street, where the The two boys, finding Klmmerman figurative sense to denote the holy occasion was (he annual beach outing. and outside of the fold. sume business under aa entirely new management. present Impel and grounds were, pur.

bent on raising a rumpus, fell upon hlnj and beat him severely. They also beat At Schilling's Atlas Pavilion, the en tertalnment committee of the society. Christian Church, bhe community ef true believers, who have accepted the chssyfd. Fourth. Assurances should be glvtn Dedication service was neia eoruary headed by Anthony Newburger, had es- true God their Lord and Redeemer Our text sneaks of the peer of the Lord's people.

Who Is meant? Only such as ftava become thoroughly frightened because of their sins, such that the presidency of Mr. Grout Is not merely temporary. and serve Ulm in faith with prayers. tabiisned Headquarters. Dancing, bowl Fifth.

The directors should be sat. praises and thanks. And everyone. Klmmerman's young son, who, hearing his father's cries, had run into tbe room. After beating the father and eon Dlsson and Resnek ran out of the building and across a vacant lot near Belmont avenue.

Here they were caught by Hyman Atlas, of 875 Will- aa know and feel that they are poor, IS and It, 1903, and was the occasion of much rejoicing and congratulation. Until l0f the church was partially supported by the English Mission Board of the German Synod, but in that year lsfaetory te each ef the voting ing and singing were enjoyed. In the evening. President Carl Alchmann distributed the prizes which were awarded he either poor, of high or lew station, learned er unlearned, may he dwell without any merit or worthiness; lost and condemned creatures and who hope Sixth. That in case the credit of wherein be will, wbo has faith In Christ Jesus as his Savior is an inhabitant of for eternal salvation only because it became entirely aeir-aupporting.

in in the bowling contest MAKING ARRANGEMENTS. $1,000,000, referred to In this report. Is availed of, the collateral hypothecated the grace ef God and the redemption Total LIABILITIES. Capital stock Due depositors CertlBed cherks Cashier's checks Unpaid dividends Accrued interest Unpaid bills, estimated 110,205,350.3: $2,000,000.00 1,300.00 S0.862.O0 February, 1807. the church contracted lac avenue.

The crowd wnicn rouowea Atlas In his chase after the burglars Zlon, or in other words a member ef the Christian Church, a subject of the King through Christ Jesus, finch, our tent shall not be In excess ef twice the for two lots in uovert sir set, a soon distance from the present chapel and came up at ttris point and helped him A meeting of tte presidents ef the of Grace, Christ Jeaus. and therefore a hnr kif.ut v.r.f. Lrd. ahall see end experience now happy and blessed creature. People amount ef such advance, and that right of substitution be granted to the bank.

within a few steps of Broadway. So Women's Relief Corps of Brooklyn was loving and merciful the Lord is, shall That an option of renewal be secured drag the two Boys to a tiearoy groe'y store, where they were locked un'K the arrival of Policeman StelgeiwaW, of the Liberty avenue station. consider it a great honor and with neid Monday evening In Hart's Hell receive blessing after blessing and shall be strengthened with living and eternal under the auspices of Abel Smith Corps for a further period of at least sis months from the expiration ef the loan. lor tne purpose or making arrange ooneolation. Of course, the mere build Total $10,208,350.32 The above statement shows an impairment of capital of $81,178.90, leav The boys were immediately taxeu to) the New Jersev Avenue Felloe Court Seventh.

It is Important to the suc ments for the reception to he tendered Ing can afford bo spiritual benefit This to the Department Senior Vice-Presi cess of the bank that the expenses of administration be kept at the minimum. ing, however, a value the stock of reason of pride to be a cl Users of a powerful kingdom of this world the subject of a great and noble king. But Infinitely greater ie the honor and glory of being an Inhabitant and a subject In Zlon, for that means nothing less than to have the King of Heaven and Earth as our kind of grace and to be under His special care and protection. Is dons by tbe means of sjraee there In use, the proclamation of the Word and where Magistrate Hylan held them In $1,600 bail each for examination as August 7. dent snd ths Department Inspector, to il.sis.ovo.

The corporation has flleU Klghth. That the expense of commit be neld early In October. As yet no tbe administration of ths Sacraments. an application with this department for consent to reduce Us capital to place for the reception hawsjfeen se tees en resumption and counsel fees, if any, be stated to the court. And as In the past, your old place of worship has been and for several months to come will be the place where too, and I am Informed that it has tected, but it Is to be on an elaborate scale.

The following officers were enthusiastically did the congregation enter into the plan for a new and more pretentious church home that In December of the sams year title was acquired to tbe Covert street lots and the building fund started. Ground for the new church was broken in June. The plot upon which the new church of the English Lutheran Church of Our Savior Is being erected is 60x100. The building will occupy a space of 87x80. The seating capacity will be nearly 500.

Aa planned, the basement of the new church is laid out for Sunday School purposes. While the church will not be one of the largest In the neighborhood, it will be one of the handsomest Contracts for the furnishing of the church will soon bs awarded by the Building Committee and there are whispers of some handsome donations taken other proceedings for such re Respectfully submitted, CLARK WILLIAMS, Superintendent of Banks. elected: Mrs. Ada C. Mohr, chairman ductlon which when accomplished will these spiritual gifts havs been die pensed, so In the future the spiritually give the bank a capital tot $1,000,000 and Mary L.

Brown, secretary, and Miss Liszle Nuwall, treasurer. The several committees will be appointed by Mrs. poor and miserable are to find in your a surplus or the basis pi TO-NIGHT, new house ef wroshlp the same bless The Qulney Social Club Will Hold ine.aoove report. Small Contingent Liability. Mohr In the near future.

PLEASANT OCCASION. ings and benefits dispensed Tou will have new furnishings, a etw organ and everything that belongs to a well Sway at the Alhsmbra, Bergen Beach. The Qulney Social Club, which Is A contingent liability of the bank In the amount of $180,060. Should this Item prove to he properly charge equipped church, but there la' one thing not going to be that tithe. The celebration of the 67th birthday one of the most popular social organizations In the 6tuyveant Heights old, saving gospel of Jesus Christ, the or irrea Koch was celebrated on Sun able against the bank the foregoing ssurplus would be reduced to that amount In ease of the discharge of the This Zlon, this divine kingdom, has been founded by the Lord.

'History tells of mighty and great kings and princes who have founded mighty kingdoms and empires by subjecting other peoples to their rule and by conquest over other lands. But most wonderful to a Christian heart Is the king who hr.s fornded Zlon; most astounding and praiseworthy Is the kingdom He has established. Exalted above all names Is His name, for He la not a temporal lord or king, not one -gifted by merely evanescent human power, but Is the Lord of Lords, the King of all Kings, the Ruler of the Universe; He through whose might all things are made and sustained. The establishment and founding of such a spiritual kingdom of grace, such a spiritual Zlon, was to any human day, August 2, at his home, 121 Smith Savior. In your new house of worship in this Una bection, will noia Its grand annua, shirt waist dance at ths Alhambra, CHAT.

Mrs, 3. Crawford, of Conway street, gave a card party July 29. Miss Dora Vertn of. Ozone Perk carried off two first prises: one a piece of Japanese bric-a-brac; the other a picture entitled, "The Cake Walk, or the Darkles Jubilee." Mr. Augustus Lockwood ef England took men's first prise, a very handsome tobacco jar and pipe.

The Misses Rose G. Coll, Florence Larkln and Mary E. O'Brien, while touring through Canada, were the first Brooklynltes to shake hands with tbe Prince of Wales when be was In Quebec, "i Mrs. A. M.

Slrey, of 673 Halsey' ttelft is stopping with her daughter', Mrs, Swenson, at Rockaway Beach for the month of August. Andrew Frank, of 812 atreet, starts this week on a two week trip up the Hudson. An unknown man was run over and Instantly killed In front of 3 Locust street at 6 o'clock Monday evening. Ha the old message Is to be proclaimed street. Evergreen.1 Those present were I At present the English Evangelical temporary receivers, the amount of their compensation and counsel fees Bergen Beach, to-night.

The club "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koch, George Koch, Fred Koch. Carrie Koch. John Koch, wnicn is composed mainly of young would also be charged against the sur men living in tne nnignborhbod of rest.

God so loved the world," ete. Lutheran Church ofOur Savior has a membership of 179, besides SO voting members. In the Sunday School there are 13 pupils and 13 teachera The members of the congregation support plus fund. The department Is In qulney street and Reid avenue, has "Him that cometh unto Me I will in Mrs, Carle, Bertha Carle, William Carle, Mrs. Foster and son.

William Koch and wife. Frank At well, Mr. and held other summer soola's in times formed by the receivers that since the examination the Hm of cash Has been no wise cast out." "Every one that thlretetb, come ye to the waters and past, put It Is no exaggeration to say Mrs, Ryan and daughter. Mr. and Mrs, the church by the weekly envelope Increased from $2,700,000 to $3,012,000.

Gross and daughter, Charles fcattler he that hath no money; come ye, buy "Edward M. Creut a member of the system, the money for all church purposes being raised by free-will offer and eat! vaa. r.oma. fcnv wine and milk. Turk, Anna Knlellng, Mr, and Mrs.

Ke- committee of directors on resumption. without money and without price." In ings. So far the English Evangelical greee and son, Richard Garrow, Mr. has advised the department that and Mrs. Youngamlrcns, George Satt credit of tltVOO.OOO has been secured power entirely out of the question.

It was a work, the fulfillment -of which ler and lady Wm, from banking Interests en the hypothe- was possible to the Lord of Hosts alone. Pearl Nickels, Harry Marks, John Litt Lutheran Church of Our Savior has ben abundantly blessed. Its progress asm its prosperity being due largely to the earnest and fruitful labors of the pastor, the Rev. John II. C.

Frits, and cation of certain assets of the bank for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism the children are to be taken up into the covenant of His grace. And as often as you become spiritually weary and tired on your pilgrimage yon are to be refreshed and your faith strengthened the Sacrament of the Altar. Here And an eternally fruitful subject for one veai at per cent, wit host com ler. Refreshments were served end singing end dancing were kept up till that this year the committee hopes to surpass all these previous The club has many friends In its own neighborhood and these will gladly welcome the announcement of the dance. It is likely that many who have never been able to avail themselves ef the privilege of attending the Qulney outings will do so this time.

Handsome souvenir coin purses will be presented to the ladies which Is one custom of the Qulncyitse that has always proven -popular. The music will be furnished, by Prof, George Haef- praise and devotion is the manner in which He founded His Zlon. An ever late. Mr. Koch received many pres mission to the lenders.

Cash available at resumption therefore would amount tbe loyal support of bis people. ents and lovely flowers- The new church will be ready for to amroxlraately $4,000,000. occupancy November 1. you are to be assisted when your footsteps falter; here you are to be con ''Depositors who. have not assented te Bbiieuiyuiis viuid mi aLrcet when struck and run over by a three-horse truck driven by William Welgel, of 28S Stagg etreet Tbe body was removed to the Hamburg avenue station and later taken to the morgue.

Wetgel was locked up charged with recklesa rivinj Mr. end Mrs, Swoneon. of 48 Qiiln lasting object of wonder and glorification even to the angels of hcjepen Is the love and mercy which prompted Him to this glorious work for the benefit of those who were by nature His such postponement ana who may witn soled when sorrow oppresses you; bere Mr. Blumenthal, of It Bleecker street. cy street, have opened their bungalow at Rockaway Beach and will remain you are to be cheered when your sins draw their dapesiu, upon the resume-tien of business araricredltta has just returned Crom a pleasant vacation spent at Deer Park, i enemies.

For their Sake God spared threaten; here you are to bear again there for the rest the season. i.

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