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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 21

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 21

Brooklyn, New York
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Moore Sets U.S. 440 Hurdles Mark fit -7 -7 New York A. C. Blankets Field For Team Title Chisox Jolt Bosox Out of Lead, 4-2 Chicago, June 14 U.R The Chicago White Sox knocked the Boston Red Sox out of first place in the American League Coming on with a powerful surge over the last two barriers and sprinting madly, Charley today, scoring twice in the eighth inning for a 4-to-2 decision Moore of the New York A. C.

set before 12,742 fans. The result left the Red Sox in second place, a half game a new American record of 52 behind the leading New Yorki seconds flat for the 440-yard Yankees, and ahead of the outs ShanU 3. Byrne 1. Bus Off Byrne 4 la Msheney 3 in (did wot retire hurdles at Randalls Island Cleveland Indians in percentage points, though equal in ,0 batter), Bearden la 1 Owanalr 0 ta I. Runa and earned runs Byrne 3-4, Mshecey 4-4, Bhanta 2-2, Bearden 0-0, Overmlre 0-0.

Hit by pitcher Byrne (ShanU). Winning sltGheT ShanU (11-1). Losing pitcher games behind. Chicago occu Whipping his New York A. C.

teammate, Ralph Taylor, by 12 vards in the Metropolitan (3-7). Umpires Stevens, Sum mon. Orteve. Tim. 2:14.

attendance 3,73. pied fourth place, three and one-half games off the pace. The box score: mmt I Chieag A. TT. championships, the 22- vear-old Cornell graduate erhpoa! aorhpoa 2 10 32 niUaiilo.el 3 0 1 1 i) 'Si (-w' U- o' T.

I 1 A ei 4 I 4 snipped two-tenths of a second off the Ifnited States record, 2 11(0 3 0 0 10 Pleraall.rl Eyera.lf 3 0 0 0 0 Kali. 3b 4 0 0 13 Detroit, June 14 (U.PJ Pinch-hitter Vic Wertz exploded a two-run eighth-inning homer to give Detroit a 7-to-6 victory over Washington today and snap a seven-game Tiger losing set 10 years ago by Roy Coch Mele.rf 4 0 1 3 0 Robinson, lk 4 2 2 3 2 Lollar.a 3 0 0 10 Cdaman.ef 3 0 0 3 0 3 0 1 0 2 Steohena.ia 4 0 0 14 ran. 1948 Olympic champion, flood' an. lb 4 1 1 la 1 Lepelo.Zk 3 13 3 9 Moore, favored to inherit Coch OQ 0 po 3 0 0 4 0' Judson.p Whlte.e 3 0 0 II Pamell.a ran's crown in Helsinki next month, was only one-tenth back streak. Doriah.p 0 0 0 0 0 Csrraeq'is 3 0 0 13 Brown.

3 0 0 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 Hudaon.p 00 0 0 0 aMaiwell 10 0 0 0 CUT DOWN "Yer out!" signals umpire Hank Soar as Gene Woodling, Yankees, tries in vain to slide around Indians' shortstop Merrill Combs, waiting for him at second base in the fifth inning in Cleveland yesterday. The out didn't hurt the Yanks as they went on to win, 1 10, behind four-hit pitching of Vic Raschi. Tom Ferrick had gotten into of the world record registered two years ago by Italy's Annan Total! 31 3 3 14 13 Total! IT 4 9 37 13 aorounded out for Budaon In Bth. trouble with two out in the eighth. Jerry Priddy doubled do Filiput.

Boaton 00001010 03 Chlcato 01000011 4 Erron Coleman, DIMatiio. Runa batted In Roblnaon, Lepclo, White, Rodrliuei, and scored as Joe Ginsberg Moore, Jim Fuchs, Fred Wilt, Horace Ashenfelter and Bedford YMCA Mel (Mlnoao acored on DiMatno error in Bin). Two-baee Hiu uepcio. nooinion. Curt Stone, all expected to make the Olymlc team, helped Home runs Robinson.

Lepclo. Stolen singled to center. Wertz came up to bat for White and his 10th homer of the year. He had been benched for failure to hit. Pos.

Sacrifice hit Ivan. Double plsya the New York A. C. over Parnell-Lopcio-Ooodman, Lepdo Stephens- Ooodmsn. Brown-Roblnjon.

Left on bases- whelm the field for team hoi Runner-Up in Boston 7, Chicago 4. Bases on balls Off Brown 2, Parnell 4, Judson 1, Doriih 1. Struck out By Parnell 3. Dorian. 3.

Hits Off Brown 4 In 7. Judson 1 in 0 (pitched or. The Winged Foot outfit scored 127Vj points to SVi for it closfHt rival, the Pioneer The box score: Washington Detroit ab po ab po a to two Dorlsh 0 in 2. Parnell 4 In Track Meet 7 1-3, Hudson 1 in 2-3. Hit by pitcher ft Aml II III Club.

tijOilar). Runs ana earned runs Brown 2 Yost, 3b 1 0 2 0 Hstfleld.Ib 611 10 Rapp.rf 9 1 2 0 0 Peskyjs 2 0 1 1 i Jensen.c! 4 0 1 3 4 0 1 10 Vernon, lb 20 1 7 400 2 0 and 2, Parnell 4 and 3, Judson 0 and 0. Fuchs, holder of the world Winning pitcher Dorlsh (3-0). Losing Coming up with six points in pitcher Parnell (4-4). Umpires alcQowan, shot put record of 58 feet lO'A Runnelsas 42 1 1 2 Mapes.rf 000 OS the final event of the day, the rapareua, Mciumey ana uonocmca.

Tlmi 2:48. Attendant 12.742. inches, won his favorite event Wood.lf 423 2 4 2 2 IS 0 3 0 0 0 4 11 3 0 er- West Side Y. M. (J.

A. won the with a toss of 5611. Second This Is Weirdest Year In Era of a Crazy Game St. Louis, June 14 (U.R Little Brooklyn-Queens track and Kluttt.e 40 1 3 212 3 2 Slester.p 300 0 1 Swlft.c 2 00 II Perrick.p 0 0 0 0 Olnsberg.e 2 11 0 0 cBusby 10 0 0 0 Houtteman.p 2 0 0 0 0 with a good 559 was Bernie Bobby Shantz whipped the St. field championship yesLevday at Mayer, followed by his N.

cninson.p pus i Van Cortlandt Park by six Pioneer Club mate, Stan Lam- Louis Browns today for his 11th victory of the season as the points over the Bedford pert, liampert, former Lincoln Newhouser.p on aHopp 1 0 0 0 0 White, 0 0 0 0 0 bWcrta 111 00 Hoeft.p 0 0 0 0 1 Philadelphia Athletics pounded Both teams were knotted at High ace, did 513 for the COPS GOLF CLASSIC Julius Boros, Mid Pines, N. pro, who come from behind to win U. S. Open golf championship yesterday at Dallas, Texas, with 281 out a 92 victory. 40-all going into the running show place.

It was Shantz tenth straight broadjump event in the ll-to- Fuchs also won the discus with a toss of 160 44, with victory and his 11th complete game. He has been beaten only 13-year class. Doug McCartney of Flatbush, weaving the colors of the West Side jumped Lampert third in this event once this seasonand including the two runs today, his earned 16 feet 6 inches to give his team DODGERS WIN, 6-2 LEAD IN SECOND the title. run average is 1.72. The box score: Roy Bertoldo of Bishop Philadelphia St.

Louis Loiighlin High, running for the TotaU 35 6 9 24 Total 3 7 12 27 16 aOrounded out lor Newhouaer In seventh. bHtt homo run for White in ifhth. oOrounded out lor Ferrick In ninth. Wuhlntton 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 8 Detroit 0 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 7 Error Hatfield. Runs batted In Hoder-leln 2, Wood 2, Jensen, Vernon, Dropo, Oroth, Souchock 2, ainiberf, Werts 2.

Two-bue hits Rapp 2, Priddy 2, Dropo. Three -out hit Wood. Borne runs Wood. Dropo, Souchock, Werts. Sacrifice Hoder-leln.

Double plays Klutti and Hoderleln; Runnels, Hoderleln and Vernon; Vernon (unassisted). Left on bases Washington 5, Detroit 6. Bases on balls Off Sleater 4, Houttemaa 1, Hutchinson 1 Struck out -By Sleater 1, Ferrick 2, Houtteman 1, Hits Off Blester 7 In 5f Ferrick 8 In 23l Houtteman In 8. utchlnson 1 In I Newhouxer 0 In White 0 In 1, Hoeft 0 in 1, Runs and earned runs Off Sleater 4 and Ferrick 3 and 3, Houtenmaa 6 and 4. Wlnnlni pitcher White (1-2).

Losing pitcher -Ferrick (2-2). Umpire Duffy, Rommel and Berry. Time 2:14. Attendance 0,907, ab po a 2 11 2 4 Pain. lb 40 1 SO Long Island City M.

C. A too. Wilt Impresses Wilt, who trains at Prospect Park, looked much better in winning the three miles in 14 minutes 50.5, than he did last week, when he ran third in a double-mile handicap. The FBI agent got away to a big lead at the mile and one-quarter mark, then really opened up over the ab po a Toung.2b 3 11 4 2 4 0 0 0 3 4 13 4 0 Nleman.rf 4 0 2 4 0 Moss.c 3 0 0 1 0 Continued from Preceding Page.Snider then singled Jack home upset Max Phillips, piiDiic 4 0 0 4 1 Tn 4 11 2 0 and Furillo followed with an school champion, in the 75-yara Valo.rf 3 2 0 1 01 4 00 8 1 other single. Hodges walked, dash for 14-year-olds.

Roy also Kell.2b 421 4 3 3 12 0 1 filling the bases, and Duke placed third in the 75-yard dash, 2 11 11 Rlvera.ct 4 0 2 4 0 3 0 1 14 Byrne, 2 0 0 0 0 WASN'T ALL IN BROOKLYN, EITHER This has been the weirdest of baseball seasons with which the standing of the clubs has had veiy little to do. Odd things have happened off the field as well as on itand the campaign isn't half over yet. Two managers and one umpire have lost their jobs. Tommy Holmes was fired by the Braves and Rogers Hornsby by the Browns, both in midstream and it was Scotty Robb who felt the heavy hand of President Warren Giles of the National League. Yankee Stadium fans one afternoon saw-how umpires look in their street clothes when the limps' uniforms were mislaid in transit from Boston.

"Put 'em on, we know you!" yelled the bleachers in derision, variation of the old burlesque cry. PICTURES ON THE WALL- Owner Fred Saigh of the Cardinals didn't like to have his fans see the pictures of the Brownies hung on the walls of Sportsman's Park and had 'em covered up by muslin shrouds when the Cards were at home. This was a real invasion of territorial rights, considering the fact that the Browns own the ball park. Owner Bill Veeck is never far behind. Bill had his road ecretary buy him a plaque and present it to him for what was loosely called the Play of the Week in discharging the Great Rajah.

When Marty Sfarion, the new pilot of the Browns, was indefinitely suspended by President Will Har-ridge, Veeck promptly protested a game with the Red Sox on the flimsy grounds that the ball club was deprived of its manager. Hitch's. 3b Astroth.o 30 1 40 2 10 13 third in the high jump and scored when Church walked Pafko. Phil Haugstad, former started for the victorious 440 Mahcney.p 0 0 0 0 0 Bearden. 0 0 0 0 0 aDemaestrl 1 0 0 0 0 Overmtre.p 0 0 0 1 0 bL.

Thomas 1 0 0 0 0 final lap. Dodger, came in and got the yard relay crew. Ashenfelter. another of final two outs. Brooklyn, is 34 years old, and will be used primarily as a left-handed pinch-hitter and outfield reserve.

Holmes, who was replaced by Charley Grimm at the Braves' helm two weeks ago, will not he able to play until the Dodgers rnt a player from their roster. The lefthanded Van Cuyk allowed the Reds only eight scat The summaries: 50-yard dash, a-to-8-year oup 1, Ron Robinson scored this third Totals 33 9 I 37 13 TotaH 35 2 27 10 Edgar Hoover's G-men, took the mile in 4:14.8, outkicking Frank Prince, the Panamanian Olym fcForoed runrur for Bearden In 7th. bUned out lor Overmlra In 9th. ald lliriw, central inu; 2. Tom Lambert.

Plitbmh; 3, Peter Sortsno, Prospect. rim the 600th of his National league career in the eighth when he walked, stole second Philidelphia 1 0 0 0 0 4 4 0 09 St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 02 pian running for the Pioneers. Tim, 7:05. 30-yald dash.

roup 1. Al Oalanek, Oieenpolnt: 2, Jim Vincent, Bedford; 3, Barry Sylvester, Bedford. Time, IhrorJr Byrn. Hltchoock. Runt batted in The Central American star EBBETS FIELD TODAY P.M.

CINCINNATI vs. and third and dashed home on PhUley, Shuiti, Joost 2, Filn 2, Dyctt, passed Ashenfelter going around Nlemui, HttchcoGk 2, Astrotft. Two-bas Mia Campanella's topped single to third. Dydc, Tirom. iTiree-HM rm xoung.

the last turn, but Horace col 60-yard dash. 12-to-rj-yeer troup i. James Davis, Bedford: 2, Don McCartney, West Side; 3, Clifford Taylor, Bedford; 4, usrald Haiierty, Prospect. Time. 7:03.

Stolen b4e Rlvra. Sacrifice KU, Shmta. Doubl playi Jooat-Dell-Fain; Mlehelc-Young-Kryhoskl. Left on bue Philadelphia tered hits in recording his second complete game this week. Big Chris struck out eight and onlv- walked one to bring his lared him again in the fina 20 yards to win by five.

Rocky brought up from Montreal for left-handed 75-yard dash, 14-to-ls-year iijup itoy Bertoldo, Iif Ieland Olty; 2, Max Phillips, West side; 3, Lawrence Redman. Bedford: 9, St. IjOUIi 8. wues on baaii Byrne Sh-tvn it 2, Maivmey 1, Bearden. 2.

Strlk- Later, Ashenfelter ran the 4, Al Brown, Bedford. Time, 8:01. pinch-hit duty, reported before the doubleheader. Cal record lo five wins against 100-yard daah. l-to-17-year group 1.

steeplechase, in which he's Na John Harrla. Carlton: 1. John Brown, Carl three defeats. Abrams, was back in Ebbets tional tilllsl. He held back at ton: 3, Eddie Holden, Bedford; 4, Georfe Toten.

Weat Side. Tune. 10:06 Kield but in a Cincinnati uni tempting to run dead heat 1 20 Runners on Base 200-yard relay, 30-9-year group 1, Cen tral Queena (Bin Bonnerman. Raton loo den, Aonald Morke and William Beck); 3. Eastern Dietrict; 3, Proapect; 4, New WHIZ KIDS TRY NEW ONE The All-Star Game is to be decided at Shibe Park next month, the Phillies acting as hosts.

Owner Bob Carpenter thought he saw a golden chance Utrecht, lime, 33:03. 200-rard relay. 10-to-ll-year group 1 Bedford tJamee Vincent, Rudy md, Clarence Harrla and Sylvester Harrial; 2. central In the first game the iea ruuszewsia, i put 20 runners-eight hits and I f't 'baseman, was still out of 12 walks-on base and couldithe lineup with a bad right leg onlv score in one and two-run and Joe Adcock, normally an bursts. Following Andv Sem- outfielder, replaced him.

Ad-inick's solo sf.clllld-innitig'L'ock also has a gimy right leg. homer lhat put the Reds ahead, Charley Dressen shook up Duke Snider opened the second his batting order moving Andy Qiieena; 3, Greenpolnt; 4, Weat Wde. Tune, 31:09. to increase his dwindling attendance by making the fans buy their Dream Game tickets inside Shibe Park. Out in Pittsburgh Branch Rickey punished Gus Bell, one of the few Pirate standouts, for alleged indifferent play 440-yard relay, lii-to-13-year riouu-1, (Ollft Taylor.

Willie simple. William with his brother, Bill, two years his junior at 27. The unsentimental judges frustrated the brother act, however, giving first place lo Bill, who's I'nited cross-couotry champion. Bill was credited with a new meet mark of 10:02.9 for the two-mile steeplechase. The former standard of 10:04.7 was set 15 years ago by Joe McCluskey, who finished fourth today.

Medleg and Brneet wood); 2, wnt side; 3, Prospect. Tim, 56:07. u-yara Teiay. la-to-ja-year group i Pafko down to the eighth slot whh a triple into the left-field ing by sending his outfielder lo his Hollywood farm club in the Pacific Coast League and then brought him back Long laland Ctty 4Roy Bertoldo, Ronnie Moras, Warren B.enta and Robert Pettlt); 1, Bedford: 3, West Bide; 4, Eastern District. Time, a.nd Inserting Snider into the; number five spot.

corner and scored when Herman Wehmeier, the starter and after a couple of weeks of penance in the minors. yard relay, 18-to-17-year group 1, More recently, the magnates gave their first sign that Canton (Thomas Jonntfon, HaiTls, John Brown and carl Haymesl); 3, Bedford, 'lime, loser, wild pitcher, the first of' i. two such bad tosses. Martinez, Giuliani The Brooks picked lip two! they are giving up on Saturday afternoon as a gate attrac 1:14. Aunnvnr ea-oad jump, lo-to-n-year group tij ir! i tion, 'the entering wedge was when they didn't schedule 1.

Bruoa oraaiarm New lluuit: 2. ayl- 111 nam vaster Harris, Bedford: 3. Al Oaluier, either the Dodgers or the Giants two weeks ago for Satur Stan had a romp in the in th.e f.ifth Yhe1Vewee Paired 111 PlfST Oreenpoint; 4, Peter Brbei-, New Utreoht. Distance, 11 feel, Inches. mife IKeese waiKea, nomnson.

day matinee games. Running broad lump. 12-to-13-yesr group -1, Doug McCartney. West side: 2. Oerald don McKenip.

who harl hoaian Singieo, Koy uampaneiid Garden Headliner Reese and, Wilt last wepk. Stone's timp sioi nig Hagerty, Prospect; 3, William Omistee, West Side; 4, Clifford Taylor, Bedford. Distance, Carl after Snider bounced out VIRTUE ISN'T OWN REWARD Don Leuhaidt won game in the ninth inning for the Red Sox to keep 'em up a good 30:46.2. to feet inches. Running broad lump, M-to-IS-year group Kurillo filed deep to bring home Hugo Maiocco and Reggie i in first place and was traded the next day.

Walter Master- 1, Ray Oorllng, West Side; 2. Max Phillips, West Side; 3, Robert Petttt, Long Island city; 4. Warren Renta, Long Island City. son won a game for the Senators and met a like fate, again Pearman, both former Newtown and N. Y.

IT. stars, took The Reds got their last run the 440 and 880, respectively, byoff Van Cuyk with two away in ilia uauarilh VrtrAia UQvalr Viat. inches. Within 24 hours. Distance, 19 feet 2 Inches.

Running feroesf Jump, group 1. Jim Brown. Carlton; 2, John Major, West Bide; 3, Itonald TUtrone, New Utrecht: And behold the ancient Satchel Paige, having a great Vince Martinez, the "bobby sox" soi-king sensation of the welterweight division from Pat-erson. N. .1., faces Sammy Gtiil-ani, a tough younster from Stamford, in 10 rounds in their first Garden main event Friday night.

This is an Important clash for both, since the winner can 4, Oeorge Toten, West Side. Distance, 10 year in relief with the Browns, getting three hits in a 17 Arnold Webb, former Brook lyn College ace, deadlocked inning fray, the last of which drove in the winning run long feet 7 incites. Running high lump, 14-to-l5-yar group 1, Craig Cooling, West Side; 2. Warren Pittman, Bedford; 3. Roy Bertoldo, Long Island Ctty; 4, Tom Ciunminga, Iong Island City.

Distance. 6 feet. 1 Inch. ting for Wehmeier, tripled off the left-field wall and scored when Bob Borkowski smashed a single off Van right knee. Chris hobbled around for Frank Gaffney, High past the old gatfers bed hour.

What price the Chicago Cubs, picked almost unanimous' star, for first in the high jump. Webb, competing for the Pio Running bread Jump, group Tom ctrrry. Weat side; 2, Robert right into the welter- a minute but continued and nrot. zoom neers, and Gaffnev, for the N. Y.

A. both did 6 feet 3V4. 3. ly for last place in the National League, coming up from nowhere and making it a three-cornered race just when the Dodgers and Giants thought they had it all to thfinselves? Kipling could have had them in mind when he wrote of the the Reds one-two-three in theiweight or middleweight picture, last two innings. It is probable, since they scale Lounere, west side, instance, 4 'feet, 5 Inches.

TRAM ICOBB West Side 41. Bedford 40. Carlton 13. Long Island City 16, Centra! Queens 13, Prospect 10, Oreenpoint 9, New Utrecht 9, eastern District 4, Platbusll 3. over 1 50.

that neither will be fighting as welterweights much 'We've come lo the righi place, Mabel. Everybody here sbaves with a Feather "Weight (iem BaMr." 1 Bear That Walks Like a Man. Then we have our own Preacher Roe. He has been Red Sox Sign Three For California Farm San Jose, June 14 U.R) Cubs Edge Out knocked from the peak six times, but still hasn't been charged with his first defeat. OLD GAME CHANGED What has haDDened in the longer.

Marline, a draftsman, has been the most spectacular of the younger fighters this year. He made his greatest impression when he went in against Tony Pellone at the St. In the bottom of the seventh, the Dodgers scored two more runs in a model of inefficiency as two singles, three walks, a wild pitch and an error added up to only two runs. Robinson walked, took second on Biibba Church's wild pitch and went to third when Semi-nick's throw bounced away from shortstop Roy McMillan. The Boston Red Sox announced Braves in 15th the signing of three players to day and assigned their contracts Continued from Preceding Page to the San Jose Red Sox of the Class California League.

Nicholas Arena May 2 and scored a thrilling one-round knockout. He weighed 149 for losing streak and won their fourth victory in 14 games as they defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, 42, today on Russ that one. He has won his last five by knockouts and nine of his last 10 via the kayo route. He has won 23 of 24 pro fights. Meyer's five-hit pitching.

MET AAU TRACK SUMMARY Mx-mllo run 1. Curtis Stone New York, Inches: 3. Robert Baokus, Kw York A. minor leagues isn't as readily accessable to the searcher after the bizarre. But the little leagues have never yielded to the i big fellers in this respect.

The old game isn't what it used to be by several kilo-; meters. It's got so the fans don't read the box scores any more except that wild 15-run inning the Dodgers staged I against the Reds at Ebbets Field the agate type is too prosaic. The sensation is up in the story's opening sentence. What will come next defies prediction. We still have in store for us Connie Mack coming up as a pinch hitter for the i Athletics or Dressen retiring as manager of the Dodgers and becoming an umpire, or yet again Roy Campanella batting with one of his big black cigars defiantly protruding from a corner of his mouth.

Meyer gained his third victory against seven defeats, al A. 2, Gordon McKensle. Pioneer Club; 36 feet 2J Indies; 4. Henry Dreyei, New Giuliani. 20, is one of the most 3, Victor DyraJl, MUlroae A.

4, Bob York A. S3 leet SVe Inches. Llppmeler, New York A. O. Time, 30:46.2.

Hlrh Jump 1, tie between Hamold 'Webb. improved fighters in the ring, His five-round knockout of vet though he needed help from Jim Konstanty in the ninth. The box score: Mile run 1, Horace Ashenfolior, New Pioneer Club, and Frank aaflney. New York A. 6 feet 34 Inches: 3, tie between.

eran Johnny Williams May 9 Charles Fields, Pioneer club, and John Vls- rittaftursh Philadelphia locky, New York A. 8 feet IVa Inohes. proved he was ready. He is un Dlsous throw 1, Jsmes Fuchs, New York ab a 40 1111 3 0 0 2 0 A. 160 feet 4 inchee: 2, Ssm Felton, New York 151 feet Inches; 3, ab pe a 4 00 10 4 11 10' 2 10 3 0 Klner.U 4 0 1 10 Bell.rf 3 0 0 10 defeated in six fights this year, with a draw with Joe Giardello marrine the record.

He has 4 11 0 4 Stanley iAmpert, Pioneer Club, 146 feet 5s inches; 4, Robert Backus, New York Ennls.lf 4 11 10 Burseas.e 3 11 5 2 140 ieot a a tnenea. Wrrostek.rf 4 0 1 10 Oaraelola.o 3 0 3 9 0 Shot-put James Fuchs, New York won 24 of HO fights. York 2, Frank Prince, Pioneer olub; 3, Bill Ashenfelter, New York A. 4, Oeorsw Thosnpson, New York O. Tim, Two-mil.

walk 1. Henry Laskait, 92A St. Y. M. U.

2, Rudolph Kalusa. Pioneer Club; 3, Marshall Fox, Now York A. 4, Don Adams, New York A. C. Time, 14:06 7.

(New Met record: old record, 14:10.4, set by Uskau In 1948.) 120-rerd high hurdles 1. Charles Curran, New York A. 2. Foster Oreen, Pioneer Club; 3, Morris Wilson, Pioneer Club; 4, Leon Moss, Pioneer Club. Time, 0:15.

100-yard dash- -1, Robert Keegaii, New York A. 2, Bd Oonwell, Pioneer Olub: 3, Jim Conaway, Pioneer Olub; 4, Clayton Olark, Pioneer Club, Tune, 0:00.9. Three-mile run 1, Fred Wilt, New York A. 2. George Thompson, New York A.

0 00 0 3 0 0 0 3 A. c. 56 Test lire Inches: 2. Bernie Mayer. Lohrke.3b 0 0 0 0 0 1 00 00 dDusak Pioneer Club.

55 feet 9 Inches; 3, Stanley YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE! to READ 4 11 0 1 Lampert, Pioneer Club, 51 feet 53 Inches Hereon, 2b 2 0 0 1 1 bMetkoeleh 1 0 0 0 01 Merer.p 4 0 10 Albert Thompson, Pioneer Club. 49 feet, ERS' EXCHANGE, col- of kess.aold Konstantr, 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 inones. ties ni (avent recipes efry prior to today. He pitched a three-hitter in that one. out high is 13 against the St.

American Triumph In Kent Tennis Final 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 4 rnend.p 2 0 0 0 0 Hop. step. Jump Frsnk Castro. Plo neer Clue, 44 feet av Inches; 2 Sliley I day tie tafia Wossee ra. Esko, Police Ports Association 43 feet Yanks Romp, 11-0, Regain First Place Continued from Preceding Page shape although It was a hot, humid day, the kind on which it is said he wilts.

He had a no-hitter until one cPltsceraU 0 0 0 0 0 Wllka.p 0 0 0 0 0 Inohes: 3, Bernard Klraner, Brooklyn Colletre, 40 feet 10s inches; 4, Thomas Bplllane, New York A. 40 feet 2 Inchee. Totals 33 4 3 27 11 Totals 2S 1 9 24 1 William Lucas, pioneer Club; 4, James 400-yard dsh-1, Hugo Maiocco, Pioneer Daly. New York A. o.

Tune, 14:50 S. Beckenham, England, June Club; 2, Fred Bcivlereth, New York A. 880-yard run 1, Reginald pearman, m- 3, Peter Slmlffan, New York A. 4. 14 (U.PJ Hamilton Richardson oneer Club; 2, Rosooe Browne, Pioneer Club: CITY SALESROOM 0VES 104 YEAS) Charles Davis, Pioneer oil.

Time, 0 48 4. Phil Thlipan. Qrand Boys: 4. Mike of Baton Rogue, displayed Stanley. New York A.

C. Tune, 1:54.3. aRan for Qaraglola In seventh. bHIt Into double plar for Itersoa In serenth. eWalkad for Friend In elrhth.

dOrounded out for Smith In ninth. ritlsbuTeJi 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 -2 Pbiladsliftila 0 101010 Krrors Friend, Oastldlone. Runs batted In Merer, Waltkus. (Xnnls scored on wild Two-mue stepieohase-l, Bill New York 2, Horaoe Ashenfelter, his second splurge of fine ten nut in the sixth, when Al Broad Jump 1, leonara Moore, rioneer Gem shave is Ny always cleaner, smoother I "''vV The built-in shoving angle of fwfj3 this wonder razor gets every I I TWfIm whisker at the base. Try it I I I PIATHH WIIOHT OEM RAZOR, I l.llADf OEM PUSH-PAK, JF PEIMANENT CASf Club, 23 feet inches; 2, Thomas SptUsuie, New York A.

23 feet Inch; 3, Leon Rosen bonnced a double over New York 3, Stewart Ray, U. S. 1 Army; 4, Joe McCluskey, unattached. Time, 23-25 Boerum Place l.lvingelon 5t 14:06 4. (New meeu reoord: old mark.

25 Boe-rum Place Livingston nis in as many days to win the men's singles title at the Kent championships today with a 14161 (v. ion I lUIASllSSH (HTASLISHED pltoh), Burs-ess, Klner. Castlillone. Two-base 220-yard low hurdles- -1. Bill Dwrer Moss, Pioneer club, 22 feet 3 inches; 4, Bdward Terranova, Pioneer Club, 21 feet 9 'a Inohes.

Pol vault 1, tl between Dirk Lynn, New York A. and Vlrioent Vinci, Pioneer Wm. Pollak Wm. Pollak Jr. the right field fence behind a walk to Bob Avila.

Avila scratched a hit through McDongald in the eighth and Club New York A. 2. Mort Diamond 82, 68, 62 victory over de nns fiamner. Klner, Three-base hit Bnnla. Home run Castlillone.

Stolen base Hamner. Double piers Buriess-Mamner Rran-Kam-ner Waltkus Smith Strickland Bartrlrome. Left on Bases Plttsbursh 4. Philadelphia I. Club, 13 feet 3 inohes; 3, tie amonf Charles fending champion Don Rosen followed with another of Australia.

Stevenson, New York A. and Ray Deoosta and Anthony Pavone, Pioneer Club, 12 feet 6 tiuthee. Pioneer Olub; 3. Warren Hallburlon. Pioneer Chib; 4.

Royal Chemook, Pioneer Club, 226-yard' dash 1, Robert Keswui, Newi Sell on June 18th York A. 2, Jim Conaway, Pioneer Club; 1 3, Joe Belianton, New York A. 4, nab urand piano, liar- ringlon upri.h, W.ber upright, Basca on balla Friend 3, Meyer 4. struck out By Friend Meyer 3, Konatantr 1. doable.

Hammer throar 1, Sam Felton, New York Dick Savitt of Orange, N. and Gardnar Mulloy of Coral mis mend in 7, Wilks 0 in I Meyer In Konstanty 0 In 1. Runs and A. 181 rest iota inones; Tom sane, Nw York A. c.

180 feet 83.k Inches: 3, same runs mena 4 an Wllks 0 and 0. fins furniture nrl furniihings br'w In both emergencies, Raschi disposed of dangerous Larry Doby. Luke Easter got the last Cleveland hit, another infield Gables, won the men's doubles crown by defeating Candy Henry Dreyer, New York A 170 feet inches: 4, Robert Backus, New York Meyer 1 and 2, Konstanty 0 and 0. Wild pitch Friend. Winning pitcher Meyer a-hrar.

rhina. domestic nd some A c. 171 feet 8" Inches. Oriental rugs, bedroom, living room! Javelin throw 1, Isaac Covlno, New York ij-ij. ijosinf oiicrter mend (3-8).

Urn-plrea Daacoll, Sacory, Warneke and Coats. Time 2:14. Attendance 5,353. and Eric Sturgess of South Africa, 64, 63. scratch.

A. 1B2 feet Its inones: money York A. 2, Ralph Taylor, New York A 3, Bill PHunmer, Pioneer club; 4, Bob Oullfre, Pkweer Club. Time, 0:32. (New American and meet record; old American reoord, 0:52.2, by Roy Cochran, 1942.

Old meet reoord, 0:53.2, by Enni Gray. 1948 I POINT 1COB1 N. Y. A. imij Pioneer Olub, 92d St.

Y. M. H. Police Sports. 3: I' Kisrltt.

Pioneer Club. 101 feet lnchee; Hazel Reddick-Smith of South 3, Jerry Ortetln, New York A. 184 feet Vic struck out eight to give him a total Of 21 for his last Africa took the women's sin unites, mantles, modern tnrrhierca and lamps. Also two loads Irons Mot-age. 1R- 5( 181.1 Tin Hniul taackl sf ll tiel chackbi, YH lib wktt ONE MAN SAYS, iT k.krt M.

Grwam, Ik. 2 Inches; 4, Herbert cantor, pioneer ciud, 170 feet 8'i M-oound welst fthrow 1. Frsnk Bent, two games. His season's strike- gles title by defeating Vera Hew York A.

37 feet 3'e inches; 1 orand Street Bove. Brookrni Coll, BROOKLYN EAGLE, JUNE 15, 1952 2i Louis Browns in his last start Thomas of Britain, 62, 62. Br.ekleja Etfk. Steve EUioa, New York A. 17 feet Army, Mlkros s.


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