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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 7

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 7

Brooklyn, New York
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TUB ISIIOOKIA.N DAILY MiW YOIIK, I I1IDAY, NUVDMIIKIt, li, HITS PATERNALISM OF RELIGIOUS BODIES PleacJ for Better Understanding Bttween Jaw and Gentile. f'trlarlng that inriimn Chrlsti'n-'lom hs nsed pi more Information American Jwjaism, which In to tuott of them a sealed book, John W. Herring, chairman of tbe (jnoil-w'll Committee of the Federal Council of C'burrhfa of Christ In America, inuda a plea for better understanding betBeen Jew and liciullo, at the supper celeUratlng the sixth anniversary "I tbf Jewish Telegraphic Agency hi'M ut the I'lfili Avenue ltrstnurant. lust night. Herring salii: "There has been too much pater-nullsin betweeu religlouq groupa toward one another." We have now reached the alage where ue are on the threshold uf thinking In terms of comparative' religion.

The council of which I am a member u'urking uilh tlila aim in I Jr. K. Frankel, who as touslmaster. Introduced I.ouls Husky. prtfHideiu of the Zionist Organization of America, wliq added: A sens of relationship has been er'ated iu the Jtnisli world since the war, which makes the Jews pf New York, taka an International Interest In the Welfare of their brethren throughout the world-" Mr.

Upsky In referring' tp the work of the telegraph agency, which he siild makes possible news of Jewry to reach all over the globe, declared that all member of the Hebrew fiii til ure vitally iiid ri'cted in news IJiat Is gathered by lb OKiiuy JeruMHlom. bpcauso Ih the' pivot around which the Jews of the world revolve, and from Jcrutuileii tmuts the heartbeat that seu Hit Jewry of the world In motion." Rabbi Samuel Sliulniun plrmlr-d for a bettef underutandlng between church mid syiiagogua 'us the only means by which tolerance may be promoted." 1 Professor Timothy A. Smlddy. Irish Free Btale Minister to this country, paid tribute to Jacob landau, head of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Predicting that Jerusalem will he the railroad center of the world.

I'hilllp V. Wilson, president of the Foreign Correspondents Association, told the assembly, which numbered more than 400, that Jerusalem's strategical position, made it a natu- lenier f.i' fmm A 1 Africn and Kurupe. Attpiiiue hid Htateinent. Oilier spimIsim who tninnl praising; the Telegraphic Ageney were Jacob Landau. Mf Alejander Kohul.

J.iuu Kishinun Frank J. J. Merck, lr. oialnlU Merman Bnrnslvin, lr. Jaroiinitu Novak.

I'sechoslovaklsn Consul tien-eral; Hholam Ascli and Jacob tin-burg. ADDIKh) i HbllHIIV I HU'Tr ll. Kedron Chapter, (). K. 8.

nut 1s iveuing ccleUratiou of Master Mason's night at Kedron Hull, sK 18th ave. Sirs. Annls U. rond, grand; secretary O. K.

spoke briefly about the subject of Individual obllKullons Incurred through membership 111 the Order of the Eastern Star. HEINSHEIMER GIVES HOSPITAL $1,250,000 il ehaii inau uf Ibo Fed. rail. iitin.iinu i jinpiiigii, was elc. ieil pi.

-Lieut the b.isiutal. Till' I lellishellller gift Includes a -li i ii nit at llree.y Ftilui, i. kaniiv. Inherited by Mr. lleins-h.

liner th. death uf lamh I li-inslletnif t- ell Jan. U. IHlKI. The ei-tatc, wbi.h has It nerea of waler-i rent nrniMii'lv and in valued at Si.

lion, will be used by the Hospital us .1 cunvalcst cut fur i i ippli il children. HiiHpliiil fur Diseases Is mi Mj.liM.n ate. beltvocn I and Uilh tit Manhattan. Hea- Brahms at Acadamy Recital by Boro Quartet The lirahms Quartet K'lve a rerlml before it Iiiiec auilieme in the lei tme hall of 1 ho Hrookln Academy uf Muilc last niKht, under the aimph es of the lirooklyn Instltutq pf Arts and Soiiitioes, Tlig pieiuin, ttiiu.h fiin-slsicd of the Mtetlons with Intermissions, featured quaint melodies In wistful or eiiprk lulls mood. Three r.rahiiiu niiiiilii'is were Kiven.

In honor uf (Iraliflis who was the orittlnal writer uf 'women's foiir-patt MoiiKH, the Quartet always Includes several Urahnis numbers: In Its, pi'u-kiains. The three Mrahms sleelions Jesti'iday were jft'lisl till," Miiiiiellt.l' hii.1 "Hie Borne sir: I In tile same st'Cllull St "Wldniuna" sua (riven. enlli" iiroKraiu was warmly and a tiiiinljer of encur ere The lotisintins; of filn.lvi llalsteii.l. suiniiiu; Zilla si.prunn: Nancy II iteli, runtralto, a nd F.llnur Markey.

eonlraltu, wore old-fashluncil evenuiR eustumes. Umo.i Hughes, plnnist, was the I'eiey Ivector Stephein is the nuurtct's coai h. The llotpttal for Joint 1 Wanes, one tl; bin, u( Ibo lie the I'lnlin. StHitiiK, has received a -i'lfli'll nft a roiintiy home an.l an jUnd fium Allien II. Inlii iiner, nuiiiN'r of the tiuxpltiil Imim ril.

Thii mi Hiin. mnt ed at iei il nvetina the lmrd recenllv. at whli Kieden. lt Hinwn, phllanlhin.t I'M l.i; HU N'S I'lULOSOl'MV. "I'e kind of optimism." said I'ne't; "dat aln' hitched up to hard work can't Inst." H' Tuf I Vr lo knon- llinl smnil mil tt'l'iMlS i.f I'J, Hn.l Tim Kiisnt i Mm del lly.

'''ssssssssssssssssssssssssassssssssssssssssjsssjsssssssjswssss At Loeser's for Men These Saturday Features; 2 1 I I BROOKLYN i.rox HO Ml SIKI.M I IVINOSTON mki r.r KI.U I I 11 Overcoats- Well to Look Over At a Price It Will Be 3 RadioRecordsStill Stand No wonder that selling in other sets stands still Iwhile this matchless Uio is here Well Not to Overlook $45 I): easy 1 1 ll FIRST! This Superbly Cabineted Atwater Kent Receiving Outfit for $172-50 Installed Complete With All Accessorial NO MAN with mind set on finding the Coat he wants fqr $45 will end by falling back on our $50 or $55 groups for a Coat it takes to please hjm. This $45 price js not simply to get mpn in. It's a price at which we're prepared to send men away satisfied. Tomorrow's choice at $45 is unusually broad. There are Overcoats suited to the rugged life of every-day, season-through wear.

Single breasters, double breasters, loose and boxy, or a trifle form fitting. There is the other extreme more dressy coats, many equal to topping off a dinner outfit. Fancy fabrics in splendid range. Plain blues and plain Oxfords. v- AVnUillK can you match it? A latest model Atwater Rent 5-tube reiver in an exquisitely cabineted console of the triple-deck type, installed, complete with the very highest grade batteries, tubes, all for $172.50.

will pay well over $200 before you meet with anything to compare with it. Thcic ensembles are exact duplicates of those which about two wi-i'ks ago created such a sensation here at this same extraordinarily low price. This time, howefpr, there is but about half the number, Of outstanding excellence among all the Radio Receivers produced today, we need go into no detail to convince you what an incompar-able'buy an Atwater Kent is, so superbly housed and equipped, at and with the payment terms of practically your" own making The Accessories thai Go with WH.LARD STORAGE BATTERY uf liigh power. BRIGHT STAR "8" BATTERIES rated by U. S.

Hurciitt of Stuml. as second to noni'. VACVVM TUBES. tmiko our own tests have proved its ftni1, :t.t any. KELLOGG SPEAKER VNlT ihm is none brttcr.

AERIAL Klfitrad sytpnt. HYDROMETER AND VOLT-METER of KUHratitrcd uiriirii; y. INSTALLATION AND SERVICE the best possiblu. mm They're all here! They're all $45! And Skinner satin lined, every one! Suits at $45, too Fancy Patterns and Plain Bines, Both Double breasteds, if you chooRe. Single breasteds, if you prefer.

IJut in any case, splendid Suits for this price. Suits whose tailor-work is as worthy of praise as are the fabrics and the choice range of patterns and colorings they come in. Cheviots, worsteds and unfinished worsteds. Plain blue Suits among the number. The 1 value in these Suits cannot be to show in the newspaper.

"Vou must see the Suits SECOND! More of Those Latest Model David Grimes Receivers rl(iHii tern rT-lf Jf Mi' mtiv 4,800 Union Suits Special Prices 2,400, Suits of the $2.75 Grade at $2.38 a Suit 2,400 Suits of the $3.75 Grade $2.98 a Suit Notice the stretch to it when you take it up and give it a pull. Note with what a spring it goes back into ihape. Note the quality Medium' weight gray tolton-and-wool mixture. Regular and stout lengths in both groups; 31 to 46. Underwear that has all been made to oeser's special order.

Every suit pf it right. Every suit of it made to be warm, to wear, to fit. And does! It comes to hp under our owrr label from a maker famed the country over as a maker who makes the best. 1 i i vJ' 1 THIRD! Livingston Radio Complete 85 1,800 Pairs Warm Sports Socks at 79c Grades Regularly Sold by Us at $1 to $1.75 A multitude of pleasing new things in men's Sports Socks. Some are all wool.

Some. are a very serviceable mixture of wool and cotton. Patterns are just those men are seeking. The colorings are those mpst demand. $1 and up to $1.75 grades, choice 79c.

A Powerful, Wonderfully Fine Working Receiver Operating with 5 fAirge Tubes This ow price covers everything, including installation the Livingston all ready for use! The Livingston employs a tuned radio frequency circuit. The materials are high grade radio parts of recognized efficiency. Everything about it is of splendid quality. From first to it is a Receiver masterfully built and us admirably finished. Fven the dials, are handsomely gold plated! The numerous severe try-outs we have given the Livingston in the past few weeks have shown us that no matter how many tubes, quality of construction determines the results to be had with any radio and makes exceptionally good results, certain with this one.

$9 Buys a Fine Oxford Here You will find a splendid, high class model here tomorrow at that price. In a smart looking tan calfskin, with full, squarish toe. The same, also, in black. Value of Total Outfit $97.20 $69-50 Complete rnilKSK Keicivers are tfi" famuiu lurcine-Dup1 Hui'fivcrs invented by one of radio's most famous engineers, Pavid (irinns, and brought to their very highest point of efficiency in this season's model. It is one of the nuist clet tive and best toned receivers among all the makes ami models which the 10135 season has seen brought out.

There is every reason why it should be! It is a new (irimen. The remarkable srlrctirittj of this Grimes Receiver is nowhere butter demonstrated than in thu completeness with which it cuts out one local station in favor of another. And nowhere in all the country does this admirable point of efficiency count for si) much as right hero in New York! You get a wonderful buy in this Grimes Outfit at $69.50 installed complete with high grade accessories. Men's Gloves Buckskin and Mocha $2.95 For daytime and evening wear, as well 8 other times, here are he Gloves! Values at $2.95 that merit more than a passing glance. Mochas in gray; buckskins in several shades.

Meria Banister Oxfords at $12 and $12.30 The latter price' for choice Scotch leathers in Oxfords such as few know how to design and make. Banister's latest models at both prices. Men's Tan Oxfords for $6.50 a Pair Built of good, well mellowed calfskin, in a fashionable light tan made over popular roomy last with lots of style; soles of extra good weight. Also in black. On Any Receiver Make Your Own Payment Terms, in Reason Th Beat There in Clothing The Best There in Clothing The Loeser Radio Showing Is Pared Down to the Few Finest Make No Questionable Qualities I i I.TON HTKt.r.T iiiinu mitt.

I i i sim.KT I.I. 1-l At BROOKLYN Set Pages 6 and 13 for Other Loeser News if SSS.

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