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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 7

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 7

Brooklyn, New York
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fflMM jfc fwfjp wwim BEUfilOtS NOTICES. iPIRAOB OHUROH. BRonlfT.vV aw RBE.IGIOV8 riOTIOES. A TTHB REFORMED OHUEOH ON THE HEIGHTS, Piempont at, near Henry, Her. Wee ley Held Davis, D.

pastor, will preaoa to morrow. Borvices at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M.

JO CET FOK BUSINESS PI7BPOSES ANTEU SITTJATION AS A COAOH ARD 1 93 CLINTON ST HA WASHINGTON ST METHODIST EPE? VR9FII' OUR0H PreaeblB 10 10 by Rev. Frederick Brown lURNISHED BOOMS FOR GENTrF man. by a young Swedish man. A. BABN.EKOFF, MJ some second floor front alcove room.

day, Ho rSSSSSKSSVa04, A PrVor na Holy Lammnnion, 11 A. M. Children's festival and oarols, i PJU.Bverdnge5rTioo and sermon. 8 JL men. S'lUarA frnnf rnnm la w.

iA.n. TO LET PART OF OFFICE OR DESK MONEY MAKKET. 1,738 1 uicon Bit secona noor. Sabbath P.M. Beits free.

All THE DAILY is fn If. Fiftieth It t. a. o. nui.

are invited, inn "vvHiriuMuji ifioasaut umoej rent jqw; BOARD PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH board, can bo obtained at 108 Dean at; references MTAMTED SITUATION TO WORK aaj a oi toe i iZ, ii uouroom. iKiv day st between Myrtle av and Johnson st Frttnst. Address F. P.E., BAPTIST OH UROH, JT corner Fourth nrl mffinnnti, it nrT7 vAuuangtiu. ATONEMENT OHUROH, SEVEN XjL teenth at.

Rev. Albert O. Bnnn, pastor Easter serviees at 7:30 (Oommunion); at 10:80 full servloos, witheermon and Oommunion; baptiam; at BohiU dren'e festival vested choir. All seats free. v.

atsnyining, Dya yonng man. Gall or a JOHNSON, 50 Thirty flfth at, South Brooklyn TBRMS OP SHRKnRIPTTfMJ TTESTMINISTER PRESS YTERIAN Clinton et. corner of First plaoe, Rev. rPt.LT LOFTS 0ORNER OFllACi? wpor Bo lor six months: 81 per month: single Rnnrfta nrlitln. KIhau BOARD CLINTON ST NI 0 furnished rooms, with first class board, at reason TXTANTED SITUATIONAS AOACB 4 BURNISHED ROOMS HANl)SOMELY "Tlf .5 raf two gentlemen; also largo hall water bath, gas and heat; M' A lStt', 1 a.

and 'i r. M. A hearty invitation to ail. ii. luument, u.a., pastor uommunlon at An Easter service at 7:45.

Sabbath school at 2:30. MMnitavl AarlI a 11 I Z. dnrtrYrl yvomjju inn r. "pyTOiu inira ions, in bn Id i5V0.I?n",o7o; ide; steam power, heat Bd elevator; automatfi lire extineniahers. fnan lu a private family, by a colored man, aged The General aoie rotoj; also table boarders accommodated.

i Mn any time. i HjiuiiK io nwKD Qiaroeir nsemi, or go so tne country. fl. If ntV Sit R.t........ Cir rTi.


Eronlng at 8, young men's meeting. Addresses for and by young men. 'aJ'PK A sbcomdmEor at4i5 DeK.ih tn. r.r n. if.

Per linn. JfJ lianciaomoly famished rooms, with board, on second av and St. Johne place, Bev. GharlesM. Giflin.

n.nt BURNISHED rooms6let7n1w" wv WKNVUUDVMUJ 111.1. I. 111IHU T. XV. WANTBD SlTUATION ASENTr man's valet or porter in store, by a respectable col i nimfij ur en snite; reierenoes.

lumtuLi Preaching by the pastor, Edward 43 tionof members ot 10:80 A. M. iJunday school EaBter iT. niuuve, aijuare sna nan rooms; oiosots, hot and cold water, every convenience, with home com Dnnhln nrioo or OninnnatrtIi nillV COutU ana Sabbath Bchool Ae pareniagw; oi rerotence given. BOARD ON THE HILL 105 DEKALB ar, opposite Fort Greene Park Nicely furnished WELCOME PRIMITIVE METHO x.

m. ntrangota ooraiauy Invited. nn nxt ai a r. m. rreaoning fif Ji2? BT Bundrs cordially ytou ,7., 11 ot, oruuKJu.

LET OFFICES DESIRABLE SUIT healthy location: fifteen minutes to hrirlirn DIST OHUROH, Olasson av, betweon Myrtle and Rev. John J. A rllftud. nafltorRsemninnt. nf fhn T0f place, wi of Place, riLLOUGHBY AVEKUE" CONGREGA front T.

iiuoie nuu li ai i rooms; aiao tanie poara reierenoes. IJ OARD 197 BALTIC STTNEAR CLIN Amusonients and 25 cents witn steam heat nn avenue. Icturnished rooms one large WAINTE1J SITUATION IN A WHOLE salo hardware hoa either domestic or export, by a young man of 21: so on jeare' eipeifenoe; best of references. Address R. 11., Eagle office.

Lord's Bnpper A. It Preaching at 7:80 by pastor followed by revival service. 10 cents 'Excursions. JL9 ton Select neighborhood; rooms for couples, $0 tlonai uuapel. corner Willoughby and Grand avs Worship, 10:30 and 7:30.

Snnday sohool, 2:30. Y. P. O.E..6:30. Rev.

Mr. Olark, of Pilsrlm Chanel, will preach in the morning, and Rev. Mr. Golden, of City Park SriJUtl O. PENTECOST WILL SPEAK Blne the EVERETT hS Sr.id5? corner of Willonghby.

Sl.Bi?.?da'i 8:30 P. M. Subject: "Tho Shams and mi ii niii rvi i rnnm nn f. nrri 1 i Morements of Cotton The Bank StatementImports for the Week Stock Generally Strong. Wall Stheet, April 5.

Beeardintr tho business situation tho Onronintu Advertisements AOCentS streot. uuiupany, iti i uiton tlvr. linns or less, nnnt. gjxv, o.iigio ruoina, ana ojo, lyOyLRD lSOUT OXFORD ST 17CTANTED SITUATION AS A COACH AT YORK ST M. E.

CHURCH, REV. O. P. Corner, pastor, preaching at 10:80 A. M.

by Rev. W. Ii. Smith. Communion at close of sermon.

Easter service by imhool. With annai.tnn BiBiung, oeais tree. suitable for one or two gentlemen goad locality; convenient to surface or cars; runuinz water, gas and P8t1 4 ro0m' rsIotene 8 Lafayette av, corner mp LUi'l OFF ICE HE THOMAS JErF euitofoflicarnte Jf oiosvengiDio situation on the Hill i table and amenities first class. jjana want. Fifteen cents per lino in excess of five I man or waiter by a young oolorod man thoroughly understands the business, or would work in a store can give go id city reference.

Please call at 188 Navy et, ANSON PLACE BAPTIST CHURCH ThOKev. Or Thnmia Atn4f. will UEIiIOIors SPECIAIv. wwoaw wuw wnwoi OH I iW J. ill.

UOffiB, nirand nrenincr Rnnriav mhnni tS ingai BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS 128 STATE St Twn I fir err VMmB 4 says: "Whilo tho damnso and iiitorrnptiona caused by last week's storm at Louisville nnH TO LET STORES. BROOKLYN PROGRESSIVE SPIRIT 1. U. M. OHAbK.Vone sf MV ANTED SITUATION TAKE i uw twuio iu ivv nmu uis.

vibob Safl And Friday at 7 21 are MtatioWwftnnrt rir "I1 lines or. was. av (Protestant Episcopal). Bev. elvillo Bovd m)ntnrRniviimi.

lrnl h.t. i er TO LET STORES FULTON ST, NEAR' Clinton nlen am. XT rnriDui) n. unu and Wiijonghby ata, this (Saturday) epeninat 8 o'oloek. Addresses.

Elnirlntf nnrl nnfififhW nnfi lfc rnrnmnnfniit'nn. care of horses and carriages, by ma is a mp LET OFFICES FLOORS a yon log; a young JJiT doriiif inn KTii emsj lomaics, 15 cents. rrte Yashin advance in all FOR good plain gardener; dbl Mornius prayer and Holy Oommunion. 10:30. Sunday or conn BOARD GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR tWO gentlemen nnn tllvn f.nrn rnnma nn e.nnnrf Ann.

Jill HANSON PLACE METHODIST EPISCOr PAL CHITRrilT a ti mimic sou iHjiiKiug Gliy AddresB 103 Flatbush willing and uy through mediumahip. Seats free. All are cordially in corner nuiougnoy and pBrl am nn top icjr; guou ruierence, floor. "sr t. wnyj, vesica cuoir.

strangers cordially invited. 3SL. pgYl Bultable for laivyVTr, doctor. uwu tueaa meetings. connecting best of reference given.

7 Monroo place. mO LET STORE A CORNER STORE The Bey. O. JB. of At 2:30 P.

anniveraary or the 8. alisslonary Society, with addresses by Rev. s. ana rooms: anv bnmmana Ainnnf. nnnr T.

CONSERVATORY HALL.BEDPORD ar and Fulton at. Dr. J. Flntrhnv. tunM 171 ASTER CAROLS WILL BE SUNG BY XU the children of the FIVE POINTS HOUSE OF TwniToirov i r.

.1. r. Willonhh. KAuii, corner VarASTEB PROFEitSIOWAtn. 13 OARD A SECOND" STORY FRONT JJroom, with connecting ball room; also, third story Iront sq.uaro room all improvements.

10 Lafayetto av. imi" my iu a trjt AT, speaker and teat medium, will ocoaoy tho rostmmof ENGAGEMENT A a t. jrr ANTED tne KmflklVIl Sni itTta liaru KrA.H.n mp LET FLOORS ONE OR TWO A floOH. 50x100. with nr usremii union lemperjnce meeting, with ad dress by Bey.

Geo. K. Keed, P.U. A. i.

IJ. 11 HI, llt)W .1 111. Mr. nard, snporintendent. on SUNDAY, at 3:30 P.

M. Pnb lic cordially invited. Worth st in five blocks north of the briOO fl tnrmlntlR nnrl thn jnnt.lf,,tlnn within h.lf tendant to an invalid or aged couple: best refi TO LET STORE BUTCHER STORE, with flxtnros in a good neighborhood. 32 Hicis t. Apply to A.

P. BA1LLY A BBO 171 Washington St. ence. Call or addroea Mrs. 3AOKETT, 55(J Clinton st! it AiiuaiuK, uoon oi aro; was nlntn, ll.V.'.i use oi DOARD ON THE HEIGHTS NO.

124 JLJliicks st Ploacant front rooms, larie and small table boarders accommodated; terras moderate. Huo lest Buanca aitor tne BerTioe. of Oenter st. ad nnVo i liVSii "'a9. possession at once: STEVENs CO offlE.f Court st, A.

WANTED ENGAGEMENT A TENOR dcslros a oosltion in a first olasa church LEE AV CONGREGATIONAL OHUROH, Lee av and Hoopar st Preaohine by the pastor, the Kev. Henry A. Powell, D. at 10:30 A. "His Res' Urreotinn nnrl nt.

'm nn. I A GOSPEL TEMPERANCE MEETING J3l will bo held in rooms of F. B. WOMAN'S OHRIS WAjf, TKMPEfiANUE UNION, io Smith st, Sabb" fj UEii. aiUJKrv A liAKUE STORB, with basomont.

70 Fnlton st. two blacks of ferry or bridge entrance. Apply to A. P. BAILLY A BRO 171 or as precentor.

Address W. J. Eagle office. 'JTEiTIl'EKAIVCE. OARD A PTI ONAITl pleasant home la offered to families in a first class noose.

At SO Hanson nlace. enrnnr PnrtUnrl LET FLOORS WITHT PniVKpT TO Fii qpeoial musio. WADi XHU UPlLis CENTS A LBS eon for innr.rnnt.trm nn fhn nlinn nf flin ....11 irf service, ateam he.t anri I "J1" TEMPERANCE MEETING AT RIDGE Wood Hall. nnrl "Rjlnh nr. tya nrrntr jet1.

Trrwuiugtou FTiO LET STORE WITH THRF1R RACK" OARD SECOR HOITSR flT.TlVTnTJ i i auuuuauce: also, smaller, lloors. Apply on nremisss. 230 Plymouth st meeting, iea ny air. u. rearco.

Sia''" Monday, P. M. All cor Jially invited. EWIS AV CONGREGATIONAL XJ OHUEOH, corner of Madison st Rev. Robert J.

pastor, will preaoh morning and evening. Young and Warren Htm Kmnlrlunri.Df..Vt. i. rOOmS. Smith nt.

nnnv TTnlnn. .1.. atn.n or pn nils, by an cxiorljnojd teacher; beginners a specialty. Addrcas 8. H.

Eagle office. o'clock Rev. John H. Hoctor.the noted Prohibition colored orator, will nnnnlr nnrl hl,, nf innilnA mna.M other points and the overflow and generally threatening stato of tho Mississippi lliverara hindrances to trade the prevailing tone in. business circles continues quite confident.

Tho margin of profit of course is small, but part compensation is obtained in a very lartte volumo of business. The iron and Btcol trade, however, remains in an unsatis. factory condition, though in somo quarters signs of an early improvement are believed to bo visible. There have boon ono or two mora com paratively largo failures in tho woolen goods and allied trades. With roforonce to failures in general tho exhibit for the first quarter of the year shows both a smaller number of insolvencies and less liabilities than in tho corresponding poriod in 1880." Earnings of twenty six roads for tho fourth woek of March show a gain of 9.00 per cent.

For the third week eighty 3eveu roads gained 13.25 per cent. The Chronicle reports tho cotton movementjas follows Week ending April 4 Since Sept. 1. IsoT 18S9. 1888? Tirnnf 8 AK STEVENSON, No.

1U0 Fulton Tit Class board, for nmllin. AUAJUEMY OF MUSIC, BROOK Vi Vr, nuuon at. A. BA11.L.Y. BKO 171 Washington st.

rates, ivuiwukh, loncuuauiu "lANTEp BASSO FOR QUARTET jLA IVIl, r.aater Rnrrinn. Dr Tnlmuiin urilt nMiih Vn will sing. At 7:30 P. M. he will speak at' Day's Hall, comer Third av and Fitty lparth at, South Brooklyn.

mO LET BUILDINGS Vfv nrrri fessor urrnvno, Profesror All and Professor Innew, of tho people are cordially invited to attend the evening aert ico. Prayer lnaeting Tneaday and Friday evenings. I AFAYETTE AV CHURCH REV. DR. A T.

L. Cuvlnr will rlnlivav mnvHlni. lia BOARD llfj i HENRY ST LARGE AND nlCfllV fnrnlnhnrl uannH .1 att Awri NINTH ST. ATLANTIC AV. NEAR EAST NEW YORK AV.

IN NEW YORK OITY. agenoios for the sale of the Eaolb Styas follows 1rinclIH" Cosiness polnta in Now York Astor House oteps. Jifth Avenue Hotel (SUNDAY EAGLE only). Bajlt Number Budd, 1.280 Broadway Brand street Ferry. 5 Clinch, 174 South street.

Fnlton street and Broadway, Knox Building. dames Mead. Barclay street and Broadway, Stations of the Manhattan News Company, on the Els vatod Railroad. news stands, at Roosevolt, Grand and Twenty bird street ferries. Arnat nil tho North Rivor Forrios and the Jersey Oily THE EAGLE IN WASHINGTON AND ALBANY THE EAGLE can bp found on salo in Washington "at the nows stands in tho Arlington Hotel and Willard's, 615 fct Kon, D.

O. The EAOLEcan be obtained at the American Exohange, Kxobauge, OStraid: the Club, or Brooklyn, consisting Of all tho floors above thn ntnrnn 1 IU Tiiu 7 mo LET STORE VERY NICE STORE, A. lo7 BrldKO st, suiUblo for tailor or millinery and Apply to A. P. have strong voice and a previous exDerienee ajair salapy.

Address 1.070 Bedford av. iTIEETINfiS. der mnslc from Beethoven, Handel, Kossini, Gounod, Smart, Wagnerand Elveyat 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P.

M. gJJ board; terms very moderate: near bridge and fer av, near Clinton nt; 70iti0: billiard and social hili heater, with RnAtim. closing Bernion of his thiity yearn' pantorate. Rev. Dr.

i a. "vj 1 1 1 nasninaiou st. THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 1890, THE OONTRAOTiiRK' ARrrnnr atioiv of twr nrrv WANTED EN Or A GEM ASS enmnnninn tf lnrlo nnrl llffl. I "VT.T ni.wuuu DUU UOW1 iriArvin a. Vincent, or mow Yorit, will preaon in the evening.

Easter musio at both services. mo LET TORE AN OLD KSTTkN AX irutVi irijAVK JU. Js. CHUKCH, REV. W.

D. ThomntUln. tl4HtP nnmmniit.ii nrlmini.1... itHrXtA' y'ianiieavc in auo bo lessod OF BROOKLYN, at their hull. H.Vl Vnltnn nt.

nMnl. I llshd lAtind.n nn l.l. tonst vu ani a nijivrjASUfl, 1UU rul ed at J.nnu EBANON PRIMITIVE METHODIST PiriripnlPpDEo'nl1 Pulars aoply to GrSOKUE. A1? 78 Myrtlo av; Nostra nd station. CHAPEL, 118 Myrtlo av, Mrs.

M. D. Gardner, ister of Ihe conference. Sunday sohool af Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7:45. Gospel temperence BOAB THE HILL 10 CAM bridge placo Pleasantliirgo and small rooms; torms takon references exchanged; table boarders BOARDSaOTSOMTb SECOND STORY alcove room; also, other large and Bmnll roorus: all modern ImDrovementM rafarnnnn.

oin tjv. would caro for an invalid lady, by a young Amo. ican woman: best character roferenbes. Address for one week, B. Manhasset.

L. I. WANTED ENGAGEMENT GAN" 1st; a young man holding position desires to make a chanao on Afav If hnn hin fnn vAra i. mously elected the following offlcers for the ensuing S'ear: John I. O'Brien, President, 59 Cedar st.

Richard Whalen, First Vioo Presidont. Fortieth at and Fifth ay. 8. B. TO LET FLOOU UPPER FLOOR, 64X alSO half of fhn thlrrt flnn.

In tn. evangelist, in charge At 2, Sabbath school 3. laymen's meeting, oonduoted by Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. J.

E. Read mp LET STORE 922 ATLANTIC AV corner St. Marks and Underhill avs, Brooklyn: light on and Miss RoHie M. Williams, singing evangelist's, will be A RRnrnviTi lmiTAPiAW finiTnir ving rooms; suitable for tailor, shoe maXOr. UDholstnrr n.

1. 1 John Loetler. Second Vioe Prosident, 147 Grovo St. Thottinn Snn nr.1. Rinrat.rff MROi.Kln.f.

present. Service of song at. 7:15, led by John Straub; iLClinton and Conreis sts, to morrow morning at li window: rout 'Xppi? to oinerT 281K St! "71'T viiuii, o.evnior, sioara neat and natciiman furnished; abundant power. Apply 0.1 prsm. SHIEBLER, 8 Libony place.

Now John Vnn fW.rnnrl 11 Unlllnntnn jvov. ji. numpnries win preacn. urana temper anco rally every Saturday evening. rciocic koi.

jonn w. unaowiok will preach. Subject, considorad an excellent sight reader and can furnish best of references; salary not so much an object as n'osi. tionin Christian ohuroh. Address HARMONY.

Eagle office. zr lor Awntio av. Washington. Buikloy, BorgeantatArma, OSSohenck et street. SOARD ol PIERREPONT ST FRONT parlor and bedroom; also, a single room; all richly lshedj superior table and attendance; roferouoos required.

inif leotnro at 8 o'clock. Subject. "Tho Ethics of Shaks riO LET STORE 259 BRIDGE ST LET FACTORY MOST TiESlW. iiavuiurs' iieauing itooms. 4 MARCY AV BAPTIST CHURCH, MAR cy av, corner Madison st, Rev.

W. O. P. Rhoades, I) Iiastor Pri.nj.iii, i hv fltr. nt A To hlrt iof tr nmnawf trr.

..1. ble WANTED HEIP HS.5IH) 5,273,337 Uti.bUo 4,472.708 4.070.3GU rent. 7 rnnt 1 22. two show windows; possession now; firsf Aoor.for business purposes; THOMAS TVA1VXEO SI3WIIVG. ZION'b TEMPLE, 2il FULTON bT, "WANTED AN IMPROVER AT DRESS and 7:30 P.M.

Habb. school at 2 :30 P. M. Baptism at close of evening serrico. Seats free.

son and Dograwsts; two floors, 40x00 each power can be obtained; will rent separately or together, further information at mv nffinmt 0 ilnnrt. at Phoi.i, Stocks on hand this week, bales. earner ijiinrnn nr. vtnin. iiiifinrr rno nna.

bniirr aiujs, A iiemsea st, near EDWARDS, 177 Remaea stVnoar ISt. will H'JOAlf Snnrtnv nt. atinrn anhinnt. ''rhn making. 50 Dnffleld st, Brooklyn.

Snefllwnr20nn0o 7. Sorile' and Anglo Amor M.iS?. neOompany'a Chaussee d'Antln and Hue uS5 Bste 0o Geneva, Switzdr Exohange. 78 Fried. 1OARD304 CLINTON ST LARGE: JJpleasant square and hall rooms to lot, with board: excellent location; convenient to bridge and ferries; terms moderate.

against 548,107 bales at the sams time last year. TMTANTED SEWING A YOUNGNOR Plain sewing by the day. 71 Woodhull st, South Brooklyn. and 70 Flatbush av, cornor Praspeet (ilace. Star of Btithleinem: When Dce.i it Next Appear What D03S it lat thaea wha nrn in'nrpetnd nnmfl METHODIST EPISCOPAL HOME FOR THE AGED.

Pnrt nlirn rnrnm Nam, VrtrV nw VVANTED APPRENTICES AT DRESS Iho bank return is as follows: mO LET STORES THE FOLLOWING Jr. YOUNG, Myrtle and Washington avs 1 making parlors, 042 Fulton et, over French tailor iJijUAiaiiLi iUviujj Ileal Estate. PrOSnhirttr nnd nrlminiot.ratinn nt ha Q.rnmnninf 41. anu uear; evening service store. Lord's: Supper by the Rev.

Thomas Stenhonson Sunday. April 5. WANTED WASHING. C. DitToroncos.

Franklin i av; one no iBO on "Jt AT REFORMED CATHOLIC CHDRCH Sorvicoa Everett, Hall. 'A7H Briiiiro at. corner BOARD AT 43G MCDONOUGH ST Roome i furnished or unfurnished, with or without table board: nice location: convenient to cars and Kings County Elevated moderato terms APART.UEST HOISHS. W'ANTEIJ IMPROVERS, SKIRT DRA per and apprentice. to M.

A. JACKSON, n2 Lmngston sr. Loans Specie Local Deposits II Uasmmeatliat contributions wiacoompanteG Wfth ttamped envelopes Co guarantee thtir return unusea, are not rarorded by tlteir writers as auicnay rtnnaay rnornins ana evcnins fa8 tor Walsh, convertod TmnniHt. Monk, will nraanh. Infnr LET APARTMENTS TABLE board iu liou of rent.

Inquiro at 2til Carroll st. April at 3P. M. MORAVIAN CHURCH, JAY ST75T EAR Myrtle av, Rev. 0.

E. Ebernun pastor Easter and sermon 10:45 A. M. Easier carols by tho Bun dny school 2:30 P. no evening service; missionary lOVe least Mondnr At AnhlP If It lnrlnfa Itv thn 13 108,0.17,70:) K1.8.

41,. 1,44 175 3,7 100 Tne $3,480,100 1,144.300 1.859.300 457,700 I 05,800 esttn and tbrilling testimouiea of converts from Koine WANTED WAIST HANDS, IMPROV ers And fltinrnntitH (fr rlrnumnlrinir af. OIQ aiier BveoingKorinon. uospoi nymns. Surplus Circulation BOARD 108 MONTA(iUE ST WILL have, April 4, two large connecting rooms on socond floor; southern exposure, etc parlor dihingroom; best reference exchanged; also, table hoarders taken.

ton ii'S niT HAV1LAND SONS. 082 Ful rilO LET APARTMENTS RENT'S 7 IN 1 COmnletO Orflnr. Annl, tn iifn. UO worth recovering. The Eaolb cannot undei tato WANTED ASHING TO TAKE home.

Please call at lr)8 Willoughby st. WANTED WASHING AND IROiNGT by a respectable young colored girl. Please an' awer by postal to 117 Snmpter st, near Ralph ay. WANTED WASHING AND IRONINGT at her home, by a respectable woman; is a rood laundress. Can be seen for two days at 458 Berffeh street.

AT CHURCH OF THE BLESSED HOPE, Gaml orland st. between Iafavette and DeKalb avh. to send back such manuscrtDts. Imports, oielusivo of snecio. for tho inaruy av, nunr uiion St.

ANTEiO A FIRST CLASS WAIST fitter, at Mrs. ARNOLD'S, 102 Stito st; no othor rpo LET STORES ANY PERSOlTcX nnhln nf nnnntn a .1 st, notr Flatbush av. mo" LET APART MENTS HXNDSOjIe atlArtmnnt il, thn tf.nalntAn t. 1 Bervices to tnorrow at 10: J0; tho pastor. Rev.

Robert Key. Mr. Walsh Friday at S. M. NORTH REFORMED" mont av, near Myrtle Rev.

A. MoElroy Wylie will nrcacll In thO lUOrnlntr At 10.Mn. Rnn.inl Kmfr onruina OARD 270 CLINTON ST A FIRST floor, unfurnished, with rjirnnfa nn nh.A1.. r.nn. Prv rnn nnnT.ri I Rri an(1 COnrOCtton $12,000,300.

making $130,522,700 sinor January 1, against 142,009,040 to the sam time last vim preacn on Mjarisfs jrropnecy oi ms nrreotion." In the evening at 7:110 an intorestin dis courss of Bible teaching on "Tho Emoty Oravo." A cor aH nt IT.n 'i, 'asson av; renson SONsenL.lf&..8i.Pr,e.i on. ES HAVXLAND room alcove), with board; also a largo and small room, fum on third floor. hall, heatod, S.aud 0 rooms; ono from two 'elevated 'ful ot Janitor; 339 Lafayetto av, orat office, of musio. recitations, etc, at 7:45 P.M.: a cordial invitation to all. WANTED LADIES FOR LIGHT EM ploymont ladies making less than 82 per day call year.

aioi invitation to ail. beats irotj. Wearies ovonmg, iuikju at, iiuu uiasaon av. mO LET STORE V.Ofirf erp jyuiura ana coniororce meezing ciock. uo.

Qui11 ou uiion sr. itoom Itaih oatl eai iiiiiffs: i WANTED WASHING BY A WOMAN; will go out the first two days of the week and take in gentlemen's, ladlos'. or families' washing. 170 Clifton place, near Franklin av, first floor. TVTEW YORK AV METHODIST EPISCO 1 ITAi, Tio ir.inn TJ OARD AND ROOMS IN SELECTED Ji at the Home Boarding Agency and Fur nuhod Room Directory; lists furnishod free.

410 Fulton st, corner Pearl, Room 1. mp LET APARTM ENT IN TITe floorSfV.St.T'A" cell ar and two OEDFORD HEIGHTS BAPTIST WANTED TO WORK IN A DRY AND fancy goods store a young lady: one that. has had 9 OHlTRtJH. pornnr Rarfrnn st. jinrt tlorlforil nv Knn Jobruary.

not .847,478 St. Pain, 8 months to February 28. Tut ojt.ars leasa given to suit APPly to FRANK ft. TYLER, 1,18.1 Fulton uorsciey, iia MOHtMrite leaving town would rent furnishoil tosjitabl) party, or make conoes STmon McOhesuey, D.p&stor of Trinity Church, Now Havfin. will nrnnnh nf A Ki day, 10:30, Easter sorvico "llefuuinj? Salvation." eoiue experience, apply 10 UU UOlumllia sr, UrooKlyn, WANTED WASHING AND IRON INGT by a first class laundress; oan give the first part of Jion in rem to October 1: 10 rooms.

Apply' between 10 Lzr "i er piace open eyenlnga. 'J? Sermons by tho pastor, itev. W. W. Pratt.

Strangers BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS HAND' SOmely furnished room sout.hnrn nv, n.iiM. Drfl.nhlA day school Easrer aorvico'addresso'd by Henry W. Knight, and Rev. W. A.

Richard. 'i Hh wk March. 5,000 riW L.X51 STOliR 441 STTMATRR A 17" Mf ANTED TO MIND A CHILD 6 welcome. tho week out or take it home; gentlemen's waebing and mendmir done. Cull nn Mm 1.T.V lemei NN i est, March 31,812 J.

northeast corner MoDonough et; very i uni. sua vtostern. 4th woek old, to Call at old, to Call at mpntns old, a girl about 17 years sleep homo; must come well recommended. 620 mo" LET APARTMENTS LAFAYETTE atSrtmentl.SiSift?'"0..0': streot. lor gentleman and wife or two gentlemen references exchanged.

124 Montague St. BOARD AT 470 STATE ST, Some. larffD. SUnnr. snlllirp innm with firi nlAooie.

n. 10.110 tmooy Bi. jf inn io uii io nciii, parly OX' ammo locatioii and thoh sen us; suita'do for any busi. ness. jlOTALINC; A HE WARD, 441 Sum VSTANTED WORK BY A COLORED WW renm.n nai A .1..

1 ii" li wnmr, ii rooms; all light rooms: handsome decorated halla Kouh. and 4th week WANTED. OSTRAND AV METHODIST EPISCOPAL church, Rev. Dr. T.

L. Poulson, paetor At lO.vtl) A. M. sermon by Rev. Joseph Pnllman.

D. and singing, by Sunday sohool and Mrs. Genevieve W. at Church of Heavenly Rost, New York City. At 7.30 P.

M. an address by Rev. J. Boyd BradV. Of Jersey Cit.V.

An luIWnnrnr. it Einin. AN EXPERIENCED GLOVE neaten. THOMAS H. BRUSH; IHllLafayoKo av.

iuarclt ,7 Refill nml Pilfn M.w.'h Call ator aaaress 1 3 Chapel st, top tloor. a very convenient location, botweeu Kevins st and Third avenoo; torms very reasonable. J.rl?JLemM''' ono accustomed to fitting gloves. STOVKR'S Hniifni'il nnrl Knntli 17lnhl, of C.l.l, 84,743 i IO LET STORES ON PROSPECT JL Heights, near Park entrances. t'latbush av, near Prospect ptaco, 20x75 7 '0 rlnthnnhntr

Kt. nit Pitts, and 4th 'week I iu lkt APARTMENTS NEW APART WANTED WORK BY A SWEDISH Wnmnn: Wnnhfnc nnrl fmnfnnr. an hanannla.nli.. ARDHEIGHTSHAN SOME tinn 1 1 i 1 1 I i wustrmiiu Sift 037 11.134 rnished room nn seennri finnf cofa dnnn the prayer meeting choir and Mrs. Uoyt.

Youi peoples' mooting at 0:30 P. M. Everybody invited to ail WANTED JANITRESS LADY WILL ing to take charge of a. house in exohange for a Ubrary. tmXS March and Western, Can.

Pacific, 4th week Pacific, March 154,0110 Famine, 4th woek March 32.842 changed, (jtf Livingston st, between Court and Call at 207 Atlantic av. Brooklyn. ANTED WORK BYAlO.MERICASr WOman. tO rO Onfc fhn rlny. ftrnf.

fhran BEDFORD REFORMED CHUROH.COR norOrmond place and Jefferson av Preaching by he pantor. Kev. Herman Borg. at 10:30 A. M.

and 7 :30 P. M. Mo.ning subject, "Tho Resurrection of tho Body." Evening Huuject, "Heaven." BEDFORD AV BAPTIST OHUROH7 Bjdford av, north of Willoughby, Rev. Hiram Hutchin. I.

1) pastor Tho pastor will preaoh his fiftieth anniversary sor non at A. M. and at 7:30 P. M. his son.

Rev. Herbert B. Hut jhins, will preach. Special EaBter service by the Sabbath school at 2 :30 P. M.

A cordial inritation is extended to all these services. i LINTON AVONGR EGA IONAL CHURCH, Clinton and Lafayette avs. Rev. Thomas B. McLeod, pastor Services at 10:30 A.

M. and 7:30 P. M. Stranger are welcome. ZTENTRAlTO ONlJ A IO AL OHUROH.

on Hancock St. FrAnklin av TIia AMUSEMENTS THIS EVEXIXG. BBOOKLYN. Ajiphios The Henrietta. Bbooklts Theater Peck's Bad Boy.

Obitebioh THEATEn Iolantho. Gaiexx Theateb Varieties. Hyde Bbhman's Theateh Lee Avekue Theateh Humpty Dumpty. Pake Theateb Erminio. Pboctor'5 THEATEB Dr.

Jokyll and Sir. Hyde, Zipp's Oabiko Music NEW YORK. Academy or Music The Old Homojtead. Buotj Theater The City Dirootory. Bboadwat Theateb Tho Mikado.

Casino Grand Dochoss. Daly's Theater Haroon al RaHohid. Eras McSX WaxWorks and Mo ik. Fifth Avenue Theateb Heir at Lnw. Fourteesth Stbeet Theateb A Long Lane.

GBAND OPEBA HOUSE Pog WolBntou. Hablem Opeba House Thomas Oonaert Lyceum Theateb The Charity Bail. adisox Squabe Theateb Aunt Jack. Niblo'h Gabden Kajanka. Palueb's Theateb The Pabk Theateb Little Pock.

Pboctob's Theater Shenandoah. STANDABD Theateb The Stepping Stone. Stab Theateb The Senator. Union Square Theateb The Oonnty Fair. on 811 'ocluuod; ownor Hevonth av, near Garfield plaoe, liixOo .1011 gKlfn av.

corner St Marls, 22x50 ii()0 ilfjh av, near Prospect place, 20x50 3110 ifth av, ncarLmcoln placo. 15xH5 auo hull part oulartomce. 280 Flatbush av. corner of Prospect p'ace. WILLIAM J.

TATE. Real Esta.o. uyuio con near oi an onuorcunity, oy aaaressing uualrJ, Station S. Brook'yn, N. Y.


Clark, pastor Service? 11 A. and P. M. Habrath school P. Hniv rinrnmnninn in'lliii V.

anu Atlanta, 4lft woek week disengaged striotly temperate and honest. Call or rBIO LET APARTME TT IT n. 10.030 address Muss 30 Marion st. in Kcniington and Saratoga. Throoo av.

be WANTED TO SEW AND WAIT IN a furniture Btore and make herself generally uso rol, an intelligent girl. Apply alter 0 o'clock to LOAD BR'S, 070 Fultoa st, nearXSrand av. veii cf flb anil IrfiT.nirr.nn fl WANTED WORK BY A RESPECTA" bio Swedish wnmnn fn rrn fha n.u a. rnnmn nn.h.fiV. 'i 7 i.

1 HR ST EORGE, 51, 53 JLJ and oo Olark st, American and Europsan plan 40U 1 00 batnropms: hindsomely furniihod: alnglyorensnite; eleotrlo lights thrunghoui. BOARD 122 FIRST PLACE TWOOR three rooms to lot, with good board, in house with owner; walking diatanco from Hamilton ferry; fifteen mintitAa' tfita fnlii. TO liKT PAKTS OF HOUSES. morning. The pastor will product the services for the day.

PROSPECT HEIGHTS PRESBYTERIAN and Tenth et, Rov, William A. Holltirlnv II n.sln. la .111 1 "VI .1 I jauiior; unnasomeiy ajcorat ed must bo sjon to bo appreciated. Apply to janitor 01 promises, o. PAUL O.

GRKNISG, 420 Uavesav. cooking, washing and ironing, or housooleaning; will take woBbung home. Call at 231 Pacifio st, top floor. TO( LET PART OF HOUSES ADULTS only lower riart of 35. Douglass st; separate bath P.

Sunday school 2:30 P. M. Prayer meotings 'on Tuesday and I'ndav evenings. mo LET APARTMENTS 40 CLINTON WANTED GIRLS IN A LIGHT MANU factoring butincss; must be more than ordinarily quick and intelligent; salary per week; state last occupation and length of time employed. Bor 2, Eagle Bedford branoh.

34,084 342 48.9lii 13,417 31,017 8.YIK2 23,205 WANTED WOiiK AS KING OR dav's work, bv A mWirl vam.n nlfti Gastnr, Dr. Behrends, will preach Sunday morning, April at 10.HO. In tho evening, 7:30, there will he an BOARD 217 SOHERMERHORN ST A lsrt7a rhlMrftll nn 1 ennnv rnnn. ntuumrl U. TO LET PARTS OF HOUSES GOOD location; all improvements: Hood ardor: nnnnnnninn 10.281 13,730 02.365' 2,317 "502 gpod reference.

Address Mrs. JONES, 58 Fleet PARK CONGREGATIONAL OHURCJrC HnvenrJi nt nnrl ftlvtl, Mobile and Ohio, Chos. and Ohio, 1th wk March Ohes. and Ohio, March Ohio and 4lh wk Matoh N. Contral, 4th wk March.

N. Y. Central. March Central Now Jorsey, Fohrnary, not. St.

Ark. 4th wk ftinrch. St Arlt. aud March Ohio River, 4th wk March fo and (). Central, 4lh wk and O.

Central, March nn I Inilionapoim, 4th wk March and Indianapolis, March liv. and T. Haute, 4th wk hv. and T. Haute.

March Deo. and 4th wk March. Poo Dec. and March. inclnd'ini heat and innltnX xuister servico or song.

(tWO rOf.mii in BAPTIST CHURCH. builGBan nn ll nf tffTANTED WORK BY A RESPEOTA V7 A del DDI st. near Mvrtlo nv SamuI McBn'do. mm. YSTANTED TO MIND A BABY 4 YEARS old, a smart little girl of about 14: ono who has livod out before preferred; also, apprentice at dressmaking.

Apply for three days at 1,173 Fulton st, below Bedford av; first flat. I vie woman washing, to ont by the day, or any kind of houseuloanine: best of city references. Call on tor, will urea oil to morrow at qn "Tho RoBurrec and at 7:30, by request. "Why I Bocamo a B.ip and cold water Targe closets also, a large room on third flosr; no moving in May; table board: reference ex changed. BOARD ON THl5 ITlLL 1 6 6 ferts place Pleasant second Btory front room, with connecting hall room if desired also, hall room on third tioor; desirable location; terms reasonable; references mO LET APARTM EN TS IN THE at onoe.

COOPER it SON, 493 Fulton st. TTp LET PART OF HOUSE PART OF JL handsome housofor. table board for two. Address, with particulars, REFERENCES, Box 10, Eagle dfHce. TO LET PART OF HOUSE SEOOND 1.000 Bedford av, containing 5 large rooms; por month'" possession immediately.

Owner, uu reus mm, VAQJCiX VS OOnUSOTl St. 1.383 7,445 iini. An DTun uuuv weicomo. WANTED WORK BY AFIRST CLASS lanndreiui. family wkithinv tn rln if.hi.awi ha.

CHURCH OF CHRIST mTSnTPT.F.Sv "oaningion uno oi ino nest locations on tho Hill Washington av, near Greene: large, all light rooms, all Apply to RALPH L. COOK, 8101 niton st. oorner G'erinnnt i oifir. Sterl CliuiiiDBrmnldH and WnitreBaes. WANTED AS ACHAMBERMAID AND waitress, a girl.

Apply, with reference, at 722 Maroyav, opposite Tompkins or to go out by the day houaeoleaninir from to seven M.IU1UI1U. 1CJ wiiiB isianu, 3iarch urtiuuK ijiuriiujjf ana evening oy tne pastor, me icey. at 10:30 And 70. Sunday school at 2 :30 P. M.

All wolcome. PURITAN OONGREATinoTAL oRHURpH, Lafayette and Marcy avs Services at' 10 :30 and 7 :30. The pastor. Rev. Edward P.

lngersoll, V. u.t will preach. Easter services both morning and evening. You are cordially invited. PLYMOUTH CHURCH, REVTLYMAN Abbott, paster Morning service at 10:80 and children's taster serviee it 3:30 P.

M. Preaohiug by the pastorat both services, the second to be addresaod' especially to the children, EaBterpraise service at 7:30. PROSPECT HEIGHTS UNIVERSALIST years' relercnee if address or call at 105 evemnfrs. PARK THEATER. Stocks oponea Eenerallv pastorSpecial service at 10 :30 A.

M. baptism at serv' ice 7:30 P.M.; Endeavor Society, 0:40 P. Sunday ftnhnnl. mo LET PART OF HOUSE IN HOUSE navy st. nrst lloor.

WANTED WORK BY A RESPECTA ble woman, ni her tn im nnr. htr thn rlnv w.htn BOARD 14 WILLOW ST, BROOKLYN Heights Fust, clasi board and fine large rooms; home comforts; corner house, detached location good and very desirable throe minutes' walk of bridge or Ful ton Ferry, five of Wall st. TO. LET APARTMENTS PLEASANT Suiiimor homos on most desirable part of Brooklyn Heights: fiftoen minntns frnm n. u.n.

fTIHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR (FIRST Althongh "Erminie "is by no means a novelty to Brooklyn theater goers, it retains ite popularity, as was pro ved by the fnct that there vraB Coolis. tvmiiern nnn' rone re. WANTED A GOOD COOK AND IAUN drees; references required. Call at 272 Clinton avenue. and ironinir nr In tnkn hnmn nr wnntrl nn imrbinilaf Vators; nil outdldo windows.

iApply on premises 53 Pineapple st, or S. F. RANDOIiVh, 9 Murray st, Now xierrepon( hi, kby. n. rnco (Jollier, tnimster Morning Bervico at 11, followed by Oommunion.

festival of Suuday and mission schools at housooleaning: (Jailor address Mrs. "standing room only at the Park Theater last mumfin.xri, AJongiass sr. jr. u. jiii are welcome.

AND evening, when tho Casino company sans its rjim owner, secona and part of third floors can be Hnnn.hrwi7i 10. la nd 2 to reforence required. 38 TO LET PART OF HOUSE CONSIST' 0 a or.i rooms; all improvements: separate gas meter use of laundry; remainder occupied by owner reference required Apply at 113 Washington ov. TP LET PART OF HOUSE UPPER 4.41 4 rooms; hot and cold water; owner improvements; in house with WANTED TO COOK, WASH iron, a young woman. Apply to 1 30 Hen ANTED WORK WAS HING AND IrnnintT.

hv A Vnnno Amnrlftin la LET AjyARTMBNTS FOTTR nt? flnoncoofa bullish foelintr amone the traders, and one feature was a riso in Chicago gas on ne wb of the injunction proceedings before tho court iu Chicago. Then came a fractional decline, due to realizations, followed by a recovory, and tho market was steady to strone for tho next hour, although less activo oftor 11. Toward 11:30 tho market fell off fractionally, and it was a little irregular at the close. The following snows transactions in bonds tiU morning: TO the iu. enry st.

catchy airs for the flrst time dnriuir the week HOU8B, BROOlC directly opposite WallitN. 4 inin. from Fulton or Wall t. Ferrr4nd the brfdM trrninus; saperior accommodations AtX" nlect family and transient 200 rooms! BOARD 184 AMITY ST, BETWEEN Court and ClintAn Hnnrlanmnlv fnMt.Ua moil sniper, I yaaiur cervices J.J. a.

SJUject. inojUOSUr rection." Sunday school at 12:15 P. M. Evening 7 A subjeut, "Sowing and Reaning." Friday evening at 7 :45, CENTENNIAL CHAPEL, WYCKOFF ST, near Third av Sunday school at 2:30 P. M.

An Easter sarvica of the Sabbath, school in the evening at 7:30. Singing, infant class exercises and an address by good housec leaner and sweeper, or any kind of, bouse The ensemble was up to the nsual standard of ouujuui', iuh rr iuow oi ixain. i UUI' reierences. jease aaaress xa. lyn; steam hooted; open gtatSs: cabinet mantels; five eloctrio bolls, with annunciator, each aoartmunt; bIbo.

eoal furnished for ranges: will bo rcnlod only to re sponBiblouarties giving first class reference; rents $43 to SoO. Owner will reside on premises, 88 to 04 Do the Aronson companies, and the east included many people who have alroudy won their way to v.w j.vHv. ausiir jr. oiocuweil. ROSS ST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; between Bedford nml Tin iva Pra.nin.

I.u fl.A TANTED TO COOK, WASH AND TV iron, a girl; must have reference. Call at 30 Hansom place. WANTED TO DO THE DOWNWAIRS work of a small family, a young woman city refer required of not 1 636 than a year; wages $14. Call WANTED WORK ASHIN AND ironing, to go oat the first two dsys of tho week or tO tSkO Cam. nr ho nn.n tne lavor of comic opera patrons.

Paulino Hall. pastor. Rev. Arohibald McCulIagh, D. at 10:80 A.

Easter ssr ice. Evening service, 7:30 C1HUROH OF OUlt FATHER, GRAND av, Kev. J. Ganfield.D. pastor Easter Sunday service and communion at 10:30 A.M.

Easter ox eniiecr. of the Sunday school at P.M. Vespers at who is still in the title parts, looks as well as ever, is ui bi. ciass munaress; na3 goon city relerence. uau fortwo days at S4 Dean st, near Grand ov.

Lh S3o 1 1 Oh 4s tivwi. aanoabn scnooi, jii. rriuay evening, lecture in chapel at o'cloak, 04Ma015. sings as feebly and acts as carelessly, but tho I r. ax.

u. STANTED A GOOD COOK TO ASSIST singing of Georgio Denniti as Javotte evoked the "DEFORMED EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF 1 .1 'in Ws OLASSON AY PRE'SJB YTERIAN ing only ton minutes from Wall st; ronts moderato 'aud ailfi email rooms, with largo closets, en suite or separately whole houso newly papered and painted all modern improvements; first olass table; also, back parlor, suit able as a doctor's office. BOARD A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFER good board and a large ohoeryroom, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen; convenient to rldee nd ferries', all homo comforts; Address G. Boxll, Eagle office. BOARD HEIGHTS SUPERIOR ACT commodatfons cn second floor; furnished or unfurnished; also a large room on third floor; references glvn AM.u lunuian oan heartiest applause.

Eva Davenport as the Prin. M.V Tills ItEUOfiCIliIATlON, Nost and and JeSer Nor Pao 1st 110 Nor Pao 1st reg 115 Nor Pae 2d lllallU. Elo 1st y.v, in wnBmng; reference required. Call between (i and this evening and any time Monday, at 170 New York av, near Prospect place. 4a s'lUiH "KJ (JHUKOH, corner of Monroo st, Rev.

L. T. Cham TO LET PART OF HOUSE SEOOND floor, of brown stone house 413 Quincy st. near and bathroom; in first class order: rent 81S.Applyon premises; TOT LET PART OF HOUSEECOND rf 31i Jay st, to three or ot ,1 onpant, two adults (ownor) eight easy walkfrom bridge; netto be seen Snnday TOi "LET PART OF HOUSE THREE flcorii, suitable for families, offloos or light business. Wanie 0" P'0'nIae 8 Sands st, near bridge cn mr ANTED WORK A RESPECTABLE young colored woman wishes to got laundry work and housecleaning to go out by the day, and would be willing to take home ladles' or gentiemon'B washing by the week or by tho dozon; can come well recommonded by employers.

Please call at 279 Myrtle av. a Mi ii you want, a nrsi class auatt raent don't fail to examine. Permits with J. N. KAL B'klvn Elo 1st.

I ill' cess do Grampoueur supplied mirth only ex uuriain, pasior uormng, communion, withTho baptism vh caster aanaay eorvico at lUuiu A. ftl. sermon by the pasior, Rov. George W. Huntington; Eaiter celebration of tho Snnday school at 3 P.

M. All are welcome. No evening service. vl .1. 4 i 11 "ontaguo st.

or lo0 Broadway, Now oi emmren una tne reception oi members Jivemng, Oregon Short 4 cceuca by tho comicalities of the two thioves. i.unurat lloasiworK. os 1 Cairo Ful 1st lOlKi Ceu 1111s1 ContNJSsrog 110 Ches Ohio 4 Adiv Cadcauiaud Rivenno, who were porsonated by Omaha con 121 HRISTADELPHIANS, CERliS HALL. vi annjlu t.L mo letartmenYsin he cor Ja ona Most dosirable apartments ou the Hill: 9 large. WJT ANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, a girl.

17 Btewart st. near Broadway. EV. MR. WALSH.

EX TRAPPIST UHV YT eSt OS 1 1st 71atlU n.aT ii WAiVrEO HOUSES. T. powers and Edwin G. Stevens. Kate Hart made a pleasing nersonarre of ftontain dnltvpr frpn lnntiirn in fhn MflTi.AVTnM Brooklyn.

11)7 082 Vrulton st and Troy av 10:30 A. subject: "The Spirits in Prison." I Poter iii: 18 23. The popular notion that Jesus visited the papal purgatory betwoen his iciiuucu. KiiiHgiiMJu at, etwee iimion ana Court. CheS Ohio A A div iReadinglstino 0 "uin.uu rouiiio, mcam neat, janicnraua nan boy; livnt class neighborhood and in good condition; rent $50 flKlnflfUi: iir.iy.u LET PART OF iTOITSF AliTHTtrt: Delaune, and the rest of the cant, including John Che ioswii.

n.H; OiiMsn.i An; Vim aI uuiLtlt, on promisea; Vile snennd flonf with nn nnn. nno JLblt iSrand, c. J. Campbell and N. B.

Bnrnham, did LiHUROH, st, uear Myrtle av, next Friday evening, April 11, at 8 o'eloulc, on monastery life and his conversion. All are oordiatly invited to attend this popular locture. Collection for the benefit of mission work. fcfcir VMtrnrtv'n'pifW ru tup nipn a vii.n.uuiu an 1 WANTED HOUSE BY A FAMILY OF three adnlts. an unfurnished house of 3 stories and basement in good location on Prospect Heights or the Hill, west of Bedford ar; with oil improvements; rent not to exceed $550 answers to receive attention must give fn 1 particulars.

Address ORANGE, Box 0, Eagle otfice. A 'fix 1 ,1 Uliv 1 uuill UII illiru UUUr, ttL 40 Vanderbilt av: all imnrovfimflnfa fn hm.0O 470 BOARD AT 340 SOHERMERHORN ST, between Nevins st and Third av A large, cheerful and sunny room on second floor, hot and cold water two large closets; party owning house; convenient to all m3Jrel0n' iiAatfHEAR HIlHiRocklsland 5s 1051 l''' Kich Alleg 2d 3D1 Rio (i Wcst 4s 72' ownor. 'VAa. owner. uni is it Chi Bto Noh ff ENTRA BAPTIST CHURC BRIDGE st Myrtle av.

Halsey W. Knnpp, V. pastor Preaching 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P.

M. Baptism after the evening service. Sunday school 2:30 P. M. Prayer meetings Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:30.

All aro Chifioslst An i Ar'pass'o'f diannUrRAllV thnTtnv Tl P.vmnlnn i fllin.An yoi uoal lis 104 1 885 80 I IU LIST APARTMENTS IN THE JL JIamora, tho new artistic brick and stone building on Marcy av, between Fnlton and Macon sts, just completed and open for inspection ovory day; suits of 8 light llnliTGates av. near Reid. ti inoriow evnnlnir nt Den A Rio ti 4 711U WAJVrrED HOUSES FUKiVISBIED. uaiuesuy inviiiu. East Te 1111 5s 105W St 1, Ark AT 1st.

Sav A Weal lBt n4'4 Shenandoah 54 BOARD ON THE HILL TWO LARGE square rooms on the second floor, well furnished; all conveniences, singly or en suite; suitable forgont'e nien or gentleman and wife. Address AGATE, Box IB. Eagle office. mo LET PART OF HOUSE IN A PRI vat house; 0 rooms and alcove; use of bath and tubs; two blocks from elcvatjd station; rent 817. 05 Lojisj near Willoughby.

TO LET PART OFOUOTTHlSLOW7 er part of first class 3 story brick house, 220 Bergon et, consisting of 0 rooms rent $30 per month. Apply cmpremisos. to olli morning sjrvioe at 10:30. in the CHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM (Swedenbor gtan), Monroe place and Clark st, Rev, J. Ager, pastor soats free.

Erie ml con llllw Elii LAB 8 WANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, a German girl; one fond of children and can come well reconimendod. Apply at 04 Berkeley place. WANT ED TO DOGE ER" AL HOUSET work in family of throe, a girl; good cook, washer andironer; wjs $12 per month, (j.24 Macon st. WANTED TO DO GENERAL work in A email family, a neat, competent Gorman girl; references required. Call at 335 Madison Bt.

WANTED TOlJO'GENERAiTHOUSE work, a first class German or Swedish girl; must be a good cook, washer and ironor. Call at 302 Clermont avenue, vir antedodo gWeral house work, a girl must be a good plain cook, washer and irouer. Call at 524 Madison st. betwoen Sumner and Lewis avs. WANTED HOUSE FURNISHED BY a nrivata family nf fnnr nrlnltn.

ntifn CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH, CORNER fircone and Clermont avs. Rov. flhiw. R. Hnkflr.rpn..

(uiniiiiiiu, nun an monorn convcu residont janitor; passenger elevator; steam heat nt anl is Ft VV'thA IstlO lOTIst Chi A 5slOijjal07 terms, lease, eto. BROOKLYNITE, Box 2, Eagle office! MJiuiiwuuo lur use 01 tunaurs; rents from S4 to. immediate occupancy; rent to GaPac2d 8 1 IStPaulIM stlivu torEarly communion in chapel 8. Morning service 10:30. Sunday school festival 3:30.

service G'riria Pan lf. subject. rne Keasonauicncss of iselier in the Gal HA San Geo gold excellent wors. BROOKLYN CONTItACTOKS AI'POIST 0FFICEIIS. A crowded meeting of the Brooklyn Contractors' Association was held at 353 Fulton street on Thursday evening and the following officers were elected to Berve during the ensuing year: President, John J.

O'Brien; 6rst vice president, Richard Whaleu; second vice president, John Leflen; secretary, Thomas Seward; treasurer, John Van Ostrand; sergeant at arms, Washington Buikloy; Finance Committce.Owen O'Keeffe, J. J. Farrell, Henry Nolan, Daniel McCarthy, Richard Bracken; directors, Nicholas Ryan. John S. Bogart, John Hickey, John A.

McEveny, Thomas Lawless. James F. Gillen, T. Tim 11 3M Tex APoo 2d 3hSa38V5 imo Tex APac 1()0, TcnnCAI IstB .100 nu'Tni .1 1 1 1 ni'ii BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS HXND some largo and small room also singlo room for gentlemen superior accommodations at reasonable rates table boarders accommodated; references. 00 Oiinton st, oorner Romsen.

WANTED HOUSE FURNISHED TO take charge of for tho Summer, a furnished flat or house, by a small family of adults. FLAT, Box 10, ofnoe. "OEFORMED PRESBYTERIAN JL CHURCH, corner Willoughby and Tompkins avs. Rev. J.

F. Carson, pastor Preaching by Mr. James tno. Allogheny Theological Seminary, at 10:30 A. the Rev.

J. H. Andrews at 7:30 M. Sabbath school at 2:30 P.M. The nastor will rcstimo Jin sermons on "Womon of the Old Tettaiuent" on the TO LET PART OF HOUSE MONROE st; in house with owner; desirable lower part: 5 F.

W. CARRUTHERS, Fulton st, or on tho promises. For Other To Sec Pajjc Five. ARROLL PARK M. E.

CHURCH, CAR Internat'l Iowa Cent 1st SUi'Tol Anu Arbor A "Cad rooms; newly decorated; adults only. Inquire at 230 run uujr r.iiinr mnnnnii h. imrnr Lake ft 1st. 1st 103al04 BOARD ON THE HILL TO A GEN tlemana front hall hniironm. with nlnnf.

ni.n Preaching 10:30, by Rev. S. "Williams. Sunday school, ST.3U. Young poople's prayer meetimr.

0:30. Come out. Itov. J. JJorberrv will nroAh nf.

7 Laciedo (ias Union Ele 1st SfibJjatApjulKSangorcor WAIVTBP PAttXS OF lg ICSES. ANTED PART OF HOUSEPPER Louis A 4 Chicntro MOUSES. CARRIAGES. ETC. Un Pao 1st of '08 illSfi Western A Penn con IlKaitlRb: iree.

aji welcome. WANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE nmlr In mnll r.rBaln famllv. xl vtJ A FINE BAY HORSE 1 a.i" A TJivT Louisia ia 4s 05ilf Tv part, 4 rooms, for three adults; Bedford section, IJEFORMED CHURCH ON HEIGHTS, VPiorrepont st, near Henry Rev. Wesley Reid Davis, It nS itnr. Will ItrPlrh C.atn..

u.rtri... Xfn 1st HtlaOlrW West Shore 05jjt LakoSh 'rl AL: 7 vearn nlrl bnnnliftil fn ALVARY BAPTIST OHURG W. F. Eaglo Bed square room on fourth floor; table and appointments first class table board for a gent leman references given andreqnired. 108 Gates av, near Cambridge place.

TO OARD A PRIVTEAMILY LIVING JL on Prospect HeightB, near park entrance, have a large second floor front room, with board: all conven mum IV UAbtrTJU pJ.Ui fotd branoh. Long Island 5s 11 (j ng girl: must he a good cook and laundress. Apply 1m mediatcly at 08 Clifton place, near Grand av. nuniiinr av tinti iincuriir rir, krv a (inn nmiinr L1" haruess; also, handsomo seal brown pony, 14J hands 7 yearB, with easy ridinv tiIIm enrr. hv rtrn.vutn.

Will nreaeh fin Eaqtflf nHiinti thn mm iiiniF. fnll.moff jug subject: "J'he Crown of Miracles A Risen Man." Eveninc; "Tha Itfinirrnnfinn nf Tnit In fhn Ifniin. TP LET PART OF HOUSE Lf ingston st, near Hanover plaoo Second floor of 3 connecting rooms, with use of bath, to two adults, with owner; can be soon after April 0. mp LET PART OV HWSEslfMD A lloor of rooms in brown stone honso; within easy walking distance of bridge and ferries rent $18 immo diatapossesslon. 200 CMroHst, near Smith TO LET PARTS OF HfOUSE i6: 640 80cond floor and half of third 'floor; water On third tlnnr' nnir Mnomo.

i rr 7tT ANTED TO DO GENERAL vannsn ril3 Wabash deb 47) Western Un 5s 100i oy commumon ana reception oi new momberfi. atanttobas HO Mo Kan A 75M Mo Kan A 4s 7ti YCont 5s 104W1 the choir of uuartot and chorus will render the anthem. harness; also, pair stylish strawberry roan horses' 15M hands, 8 years six seat rockaway, by Flsndrau, and mony, i'. and John JIcGuirc. sermon.

1jb.w ot IjOvq in Bauttsm dnrintr work, bd oxperionced girl: must be a good, plain cook and laundress and hare good referonco; wages $10 a month. Call at 344 Putnam av. iences: hot and cold running water; large wardrobo closets; grate fire. Address Box 20, Eagle office. "An it began to dawn." by Dudley Buck and Mozart's Gloria.

NO. 12. In tlln nvoninir ITntrnWa "Aohincarf i. eVesine service. Sunday school at 2:30 P.

M. Strangers The following tablo sliowj tho cunrm of tliA ik i unrneiw: aiso pair orown cobs, lii.l hsnds.Sand Oyeara; boautiful surreywngon nnn hlrn.M. 1. turuiauy ihvuqj. oeaie iree.

WOX A TB1P TO EUROPE. the glorious work," will be Bung. Looturo this Satnrday OATtn an wn.r.nw sTAT.AT7xi3r CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD. sloclc market from tuo openin until noon: years old also, sorrel horse, 15? hands. (I years: a'so'.

handHonie room on second floor; also, room on third WANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a family nf three, a resnnAtiihlA napmin evening in the chapel by the pastor. Subject: SealeJ bepulcher." ANTED PART OF HOUSE BY A family three adults, upper or lower part of a bouse, containing 0 rooms; rent moderate; uptown dis trict.Addres HOUSE, Box J7, Jagle office. ANTED PART OF HOUSE UPPER part of house by two adults; 5 rooms; must be between lulton and Lafayette avs. and Bedford and Olin toni nono but first clasi need apply. Address AMERI OAN, Eagle Bedford branoh.

WANTED PART OF HOUSE BY" A gentleman and wife, preforing private house to flat: an Unfurnished tlnnr. nr ft rnnmu fn. hnnaalrsan. Macdnriniiuh St. hRtwnnn And Ktiivr natrnt.

nvu Open High Low Closing, aoctor Day horse, loH hands; doctor's phaeton and harness; also, 20 other good driving horses, cheap, and i.hv. tionrv li LinrnwR i. i rni rnr iw rtinrrnur i na. mO "LET PART OF HOUSETO'SMALL girl. Call Saturday and Monday at 57 Jofforson av, between Bedford and Franklin.

American Cotton Oil. 20U wr nanuaj) M.oiy uommunion at A. a. Alorning service and Holy Communion at 10:30. Sunday school Easter service at 3.

Evening service nfc Vriorl STUYVESANT AV CONGREGATIONAL OHUROH, corner of Hancock at, Rov. James S. Ostrander, D. pastor Preaching by the pastor at A.M. nd K.hh.H, nf carfiago broker.ilS hiiin ur 1 Utlf A B.

CnnadaSouthorn WANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work and assist in the washing, a erood stronir 01 iuu stato st all improvements, Inquire on premises after 2 P. or addross OWNER, jjox baffle o.Tice, cuoir. oirangerd coraiauy woicomea. 11JA1K BLOCKY BUILT BAY GELD woman of 25 or over; good wages. Call at 092 Wil longhby av.

iHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM unesapeake A Ohio. 28 Ches. A O. 1st (il Chos. A O.

2nd prfd. 411 Ohlc. Bur. A Oniucv 107 uoor; BuitaDio lor gentleman and wife or two singlo gentlemen; also, two nioely furnished rooms at 47 Willow st; references exchanged. BOARD 108 MONTAGUE ST HAVING just completed now apartment, will have two very largo roomB for party of gentlemen; 3 minutes to Wall St orry and bridge; parlor dimngroom; also 2 rooms on second floor; references exchanged.

BOARD 104 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS a. Handsome large, light and sunny, third story room witu board, to gentleman and wifo, cr singlo gentlemen; delightful Summer location and within five minutes' P. M. ST. MARK'S CHURCH, near DeKalb av.

Rev. Spencer S. Rochq, rector Sor jl. ings ror sale, L.y$ bauds, 0 years old, prompt ge. Address, with full particulars, terms, J.

F. HOUSE ON THE roo ml'iTitenFLr DKb: 7 Kf (hwoaeuDorgian), Monroo place and Clark et, Kev. J. U. Acer, nastor Mornirjrz service at 10:30.

aftarnnnn ANTED TO ASSIST WITH LIGHT 'housework and inind twn rhildmn m. tnuno nl Chicago Gob 4li! Since March 10 there has been on exhibition in tho windows of John S. McKeou's clothing establishment, at Broadway and Bedford avenue, a glass jar lilled with pins. To tho patron who was lucky enough to guess the nearest to the oxact number of pins in the jar, Mr. McKeon offered a free trip to Europe and return, with all oxpeuse's paid.

Last night the pins were counted and there were found to bo exactly 4,275 pins in tho jar There were several hundred gnessers.bnt the lucky one was Frank Bausboclc, of 401 South Fifth street, whose guess was 4,300 or twenty live from the right number. The Bev. J. V. Kurtz, of 84 "Weiriield street, was next with 4,245.

cvjivauii miro nuiiifii; pare anu reiia ble team for broimham or cart: arrautcd sound, kind and trno: rnnn nirn ft vanra rA ti V1UU rilHlHri 1V1L Ill .111 Inn "ha vanfn 72Jf aiuui.m kii meter, uos. yjiJiouse withowner; references. Hervice ar universaust nail, eighth st ana Seventh av; evening service at 7:30 in Clinton Hall, Gates av, ANTED PART OF HOUSE LOWER T. part of brick or stone house, with one or two rooms u. st.

Colorado Coal Consoliiatoil tlas prcachos at morning service. The Sunday school festival in tho evening. Full vested ohoir. umi iwni itB.tit) utu io aili TIIO LET PART OF HOUSE LOWER built, Ptyiish.Kood knee action; safe and reliable horse; notafraidof anything; warranted sound, kind and en tle; ssal brown gelding, IfiM hands, (J years old, prompt 111 HUM 1359s 33M uuuuiouai, uy a i.miiy or aquits, consisting oi mother, daughter aud two.soos: rentmnst bomolerato, Partic 1,240 Bushwick av, second flat, WANTED TODOGENERAli HOUSE work in a email family, an obliging and competent woman: must be a good plain cook and furnish reference. Apply Saturday and Monday only at 1,473 Herki CUMBERLAND ST PRESBYTERIAN Del.JUaok.

A Tux. A Ft. nan in unuKo anu lorries. uiaro to r.rtra fl nr.rf box iagie otnee. VyonuKCII, near Myrtlo av Easter services to uui atiaiuoi auj tmng; oiuCKy UUIU, Utile, reltablo East Tennessee row mornmr? mid Gvenini A I.

A. ihn nnntr WAS TED PART OF HOUSE BY A gentleman and wifo, a floor of 3 or 4 rooms in a nno .1 Lake Shore iiiut oil wi iter aianiunii. xvuv. rvufuBLuH i3. xTicnara, win preauii at uni tr McGOVERN'S STABLE, 50 Lovo lano.

jl uuti. ui uoubb Kilt, l.tvingBton st, Lotwoen Bond and Nqvins, coasisting of baBoment Hoar, parlor floor and oxtenBion and two rooms 011. third floor, with owner family consisting of twoadults; all improvements. ri LET PART OF HOUSE HENRYST, JL east side, betweon Harrison and Dograw; privato liouso. with ownor; second lloor, 5 room! and bathfi third floor, 4 rooms.

Address OWNER. B61 13. Eaglo office. BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS 15 WH low at To let, one largo front hall room on second lloor, also large square room on third floor, furnished or partly furnished a good homo for families; no objection to children terms moderate tablo boarders. a service unaer tne auspices or tuo sabbatb.

school ad Louisville A Nashville Hfi! vt eunesuay evening at All aro cordially invited. nresses ny pastor ana supenntenaent. i wllula niinuios waitt or oouin rerry arid City Hall Tent not to exceed $15. Addross, with WANTED AS A WORKING HOUSE keenor in a plain family, a middle agod American woman. Call.

Sunday, at 1,234 Bedford av, second bell. WORD TO THE PUBLIC. Alanuattan i 101174 Miniiiht A tift A STRONG PLACE BAPTIST CHURCH: Rev. Natlian E. Wood, u.

nastor Tho naator iuii particulars, roi ivngto omce. CHURCH OF THE REFORMATION, (Protestant Episcopal), Gates av, betwenn Olasson fl) THIS in fhn nnt ni.n. It 1,1 vni ost. noon. iu 01 tn 40 40 40 107 10li 4ti 4liS 4lii4 4i'i 40' 40J" iiH iWH HUM 8W 814 25 "4,5 4S7 108 107M l5r Sfih Hili 108 10(J 1 )8 iT HO If Wi 51153 JJlS 1MH 311M 1 1 74? 74 74)1 20 20 20 33 3S.M mx, iHf 81 HIH 81W 42 415ii 41 22W 21M 2lS JI28 liSf? KSW (isS 20M 02J 2(iM SISH S2K 82 4 t2tl iii uroacn nx, a.

anu Vr iUH. m. Hnndnv Missouri Pacific 7jW Nat. Lea'i Trust N. Y.

A Now England 4'SK N.Y.. Sue. A W. WANTED PART OF HOUSE 4 OR 5 rooms, upper part, near Central Sohool, by family nf le.

ana urAiiitnn, itov. d. l. rector Morn Bchool heavy phaetons specially adapted for builders, browors, Who Uananon iiu ...11 I il M. Youhr neonle's nreetintr Toesdnv ng.

at 7:45 P.M. General prayer meeting Friday It 7:40 at schoolEaster anniversary, 4 P. M. Even song and ser A BROOKLYN INVESTOR, Lansing D. Lyon, of Brooklyn, is one of the shareholders of tho East and West Railway Company of New York, incorporated at Albany yestor i i.

uuiiu uruinnriiy com iiois buyerto hove it ma. In; hero you cau buy one for less than oust; also have full Hue of other phaetons. miiinovii'iiii ifffiimea. WANTED SKli ajN i'S THE Brooklyn Employment Bureau. 210 Washington st, near Concord (formerly 20 Concord et).

Situation, ready in city and country. Many girls come who have never been at an office. Managed by ladies. TO LET PART OF HOUSE UPPER nnPi1' of 0 rooms, ith all tho improve. rent low; or if desirol the whole house will be rented low to good tenant.

Apply at 182 v. nuu iiiu.u luiuiburo iudu iiiey need, would Ilka to share same as part of rent: must not exceed 815. Address W. Jl. Eagle Fifth av branoh.

rforinwosiorn 11 104 Noil horn Paoiiic ufd. 74r luauuiunuiB luuriiia an evening. iniimioft" of theovenantcon SAINT PETER'S, STATE ST, REV. LIND Rav Parker rector Rnstnt rlnv enrtrinno. Kfirtv fnln.

BOARD A NIOELY FURNISHEDAL cove end largo sriuaro connecting room.witb the second Btory; ample closet room, hot' and cold water: central location one blook from two elevated railroads and surface roads; references exchanged, 06 Hanson place. BOARD BROOKlVYNTlEIGHTS 89 Pierropont st A large room, with communicating bedroom, one of tho most pleesant locations in tho city, will be let with board for the Summor on reasonable terms; hall room for gentleman; table boarders Ohio Omaha t. a number of second hand surreys belonging to private parties, good as now, MUST BE SOLD, bargain light octagon front brouKlwm, will seatfonr 15Iaos' WANTED LATS FIIRN ISIEED. day, with a capital of $300,000. FX.O LET PART gregational), Classon av, near Park place, Samuel V.

King, pator MorninR service at Kermon and celebration of the lord's Supper. service of 33 38 311 23 OF HOUSE SECONlJ iviimtiLiiiif 01 loop ironts anu oilier styles, 1,1 tn JRII nff Thann hn Orciron lrans Pacific Mail Peoria bration choral service, with carols, 8 o'clock full morn intc service; festival music; sermon by the rector and Holy Communiou, 11 o'clock; Sunday school festival, with carols, class offerings, at 7 M. JL floor front WAiriliD HELP MALES, you can 337 and on third floor: all imWnVnVt. VSTANTED FLAT FURNISHED MAY 1, for family of three adults terms must be Address EQUITABLE. Eagle office.

Pino Line Cnrtificntn. seciirea COMPLETE TURNOUT on'Tl 338 Atlantic av, JAMES DOWNEY. 813 41 Sso' diilts; shades, stairs ana hall WANTED IN LAW OFFICE, A goodwritor; 82. Address LAWYER, Eaglo office. "One Easteb Announcement" positively verified by an inspection of the now and boautiful designs in gentlcmcn'a neckwear, undorwear, hosiery, gloves, shown by tho Harding Mancfactijivino 407 CHRYSOSTOM'S CHURCH.

TOMP Heading Richmond Torminal. Keck Island 1 k5kin VClebrfi rkins Blebration av. corner McDonniiirl St Fnutnr nnririnnu niu nuuiiav in. nymns ana ap nropriaie recitations. Address by Rev.

W. W. Pratt, paslor Bcdiord Heights Church, No evening teivice. YHURCffOFTHE PI of Henry and Kemsen sts The services of div ine worship in this church on Sunday, the 0th inht.wiUho WArJTED ROOMS, A. M.

rtnonnrl nnlnhrnf fnn nnrl aarn.nn St. Paul BOARD WANTED. pulton st. Our goods aro carefully selected by compo TO LETjPARTWoWEESiR lloor' 'ooms, in perfect order; alcova, rear and hall room for kitchen: oxtra meter; good noiti Si y' iM av, near Nos TJ OYAL HORSE ASSOCIATION, 11 LIMITED. WYOMING HOitSES.

SALhS STABLKr5, 534 and 5311 Atlantic av, Brooklyn NEW YOitK OFFICE, 1 3(j Front npi. ii'i 10:30 A. M. Sunday school festival 3 P. M.

Evening servico and sermon ri :30. Special musical programmo. beats free. All cordially welcome. tienti, buyers from tho leading houses of London and Ii23 20 03 2t S2 Sucar Trust Texas A Pari He Union Pacific Wabash pfd Western Union.

FarftTbOtiideour own manufacturers. Every variety of BOARD WANTED FOR THREE adults, two rooms; state prlco and particulars. Address BOARD, Box 0, Eagle ollice. BOARD WANTED BY A LADYT A unfurnished alcove room or at oik nnrl ammTI nno. CJECOND UNITED PRESRYTMRIA oonuuciea in uie morning Dy tun pastor.

Dr. btorrs. In tho aiter noon a school service in the ohurch, with Easter offerings, the presentation of a banner by the Rankin G. A. Postaud addresses.

Hours of sorvice, WANTED ROOMS BY A MAN AND wife, 1 large aloove or 3 connecting rooms, unfurnished, on second floor, in private family board for wile good neighborhood. Address Box 12, Eaglo office. WANTED ROOMS ONTHEHiLL A large front room and a small one, either a front or back room house first class; would board in hnrnif convenient. O. J.

N. Eaglo offloe. JOHN ARBUOKLE. President. coior in scarfs, from the rich dark tints to tho most delicate and artistio.

With our largo assortment of men's and boys' fine dress shirts tho citizens of Brooklyn are TO LET PART OFHOUSE THELOW: "I or two rooms, in third S. 53 Joralemon st. with all improvements and within flvp minutes' walk to South or Wall st W.U. H. FORCE, Vice President.

WANTED FIRST CLASS SIGN PAINT OIr, Apply to NEW YORK ADVERTISING IMGNjlOjipANY. 0 Park place, Mew York. WANTED A FIRST CLASS Bl tender; one that can come well recommended; Germajijireforre. Call at 273 TompkinB av. WANTED TO DRIVE A TRUCK AND doliver goods fn Now York and Brooklyn, a young man wages SO a week.

Call on W. P. BARKER, 1,510 Fulton st. WANTED GERMAN SPEAKING COL lectors; a liberal advance paid every week to spo nial canVassers for tho John Hancock Mutual Life Insur ance Company. Apply daily from 8 to 12 A.

at k7 CHURCH, corner Atlantic av and Bond st Young People's prayer meoting. Sabbath, at 10 A.M. Preaching by tho nastor, Rov. D. J.

Pattorsou, at 10:30 and 3:00. Sabbath sohool 2:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday even 1.1.11.. inuimuit, irensuror. southern exposure vicinity of Franklin av station preferred.

Address E. Box IS, Eagle office. BK00KI.V.V SIX't'RUIKS r.ATEST qi'OTATIOXS. jl v. tJ sr.


D. D. nastor OAS. n. dAKVlli, Socrotory.

A f. MirAnt. laminar. ve neea only Bay our designs this Spring are more varied, more durable and more moderate than ever ing ai. i q'ciock.

coruiqiiy invited. Telcnhone calls: 532 RrontiK Corrected daily by C. E. Staples A 215 Montagnoat. Preachincr to morrow A.

RnnriAv hnnl I before. Our cardinal principle is and has always been to WANTED ROO.TIS FURNISHED. APBIL 6. SOARD WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN, board and room, between Bay Ridge and Fort Ham 1, near (ho shore. Address, with full particulars, Eagle office.

Ha vo just received a lot of draught horses, weighing from 1,400 to 1.050 pounds. present to our customers only goods of the best anatitv ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, MARCY AV, corner of Gates, Rev. H. Richard Harris, rector HolV Communion At 7 A mnrninw nr nunr.

r. young people's prayer meeting JM) r. w. Eastor berFica by the Sabbath school 7:30 P. class meetings 1 0ir HOUSETO adults only, a dosirablo third floor, or part of it.

in bouse with ownor; auip closet room: ront inodorato! Premises, 43 Bond st, weS Bui. at prices ruoro moderate than aro aitainablo elsewhere. A.t.nflr tf If rtn WANTED ROOMS FURNISHED BY two ladies; 12 rooms in a quiet family on the Heights or in South Brooklyn; references exchanged Holv CDinmiininn with BArmnn At. inD A TU ueauH anu rriaay erenintfs ana aunaay morning at o'clock. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening.

Askod. Ill 101) 107 Wxan show kid gloves of all tho best makers in every 13 OARD WANTED FAMILY OF FOUR 4 festival ol Sunday sohool at 7 P. Professor E. Van Olinda, choirmaster strangers are welcome. JLaduits having furniture would hire part of houso and sbaOTTir oiHee colors.

The Jaaies of Brooklyn aro po ii.ix urunun ny, uiuuaiJU, n. iiuavuijll. BUPerintOn dent. Atlantic av. R.

Co. 7 p.o. Iionds Atlantio av. R. R.

Co 5 p. o. bonds. BrooklynOity It. R.

Oo. stock Brooklyn Oity R. R. Oo. 5 p.

o. bonds Busbwickav. R. R. Co.

II n. o. bonds. EMBURY M. E.


OURLEY, otato st, corner of Boernm place, Brooklyn. litely requested to examine our faster novelties. UUA AVB IU Olll CO. TANTEDROOMS FURNISHEDBY MARY'S CHURCH, CORNER CLAS board (from May 1) with small plain family owning or renting same. AddresB PERMANENT, Box 2, Eagle office.

T't? LgT PARTS OF HOUSES ON THE improvements: good order Hnll. frm 8UDi Sdft 1 Oity faV t0 K00u faints. Apply to janitor. 30.i to JluHlckat; soon Sundayj. 1 QT, MA son a D.

recto Kev. C. B. Ford and at P. Al Iiv Row Mv.

and Willoughby avs, Kov. D. V. M. Johnson.

RV. W. TlnlllntFin UTisJi WANTED AGENTS $7 5 TO '250 A month can be made working for us. Persons preferred who can furniBh a horsa and give their whole time to the business. Spare moments may be profitably Loss of hair, which often mars the prettiest Broadway R.

R. Co. stock Broadway R. R. Co.

5 p. c. bonds Mlllin. Raster musli hv rhnir Kiindnv nnhnnl nt. luiKa mum nuu luuudiuiuk Hill room, nicely furnished; folding bods preferred; vicinity of Wall st or FultonJCerry; terms must bo reasonuble.

Easter davsorrines: ft A. M.T?:tn A Rnrt Af nni. HOARD WANTED BY TWO YOUNG til on ninnlv fnrn.nhn'l niinnnfttinn rnnnni niih n. rv I i'l. fce, prevented by Pahkeii'b HAin Balsam.

Paiikeu's Gihokb Tonic alleviates suffering. UiNDEnooitss, the LET PART OF 150 101 203 iiuifiiui j.u:otj i irning prayer and sermon: 7 :30 P. even song and mormni withont bosrdr within ten mtnnt.q' wjltr nf thn hrlrlo A uroauway n. it. uo.

p. o. nonus B. O. Newtown H.

R. (Jo. 7ji. o. C.

I. and 1). (Smith st.) It. R. Co.

O.I. and 11. 11. It. Co.

5 ti. bonds Aaaress nrteiArf lim uox omce. YANTEEROOM FW mo JL thTtdil B. F. JOHNSON 4 1,000 Main st, Rlilunond EAST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Tom ti kin a av.

near DaKalb Prpftrhintr hv Knv r. children's service sermon. best cure tor corns, lr cent 3. Hill A desirablo socond floor, with two rooms on I tlOOr: bav windnw. hnnim hill, Hi and five minutes of Kings County Elevated Railroad: Hnlirhts nrnfnrrnd: rafnrnnnnH oinhnmirnii oml J.

C.Emory. Morninii at Bnbieot: "Powtir of thn dry: house and nniirhhnrhnnrl nUa. .1. tVtV dry; 1 A BLACK HORSE FOR SALE 1G hands: 15 years old; fine mane and tail; vervliand Btrxno and stylish; ologant driver and not afraid of Anything, can bo dnvon in single or double harness; also, a brown horse, almost 10 hands high tine worker and thoroughly reliable; thoso horses aro sound and wo uld family toam. Call at BISCHOl'F'S Stable, 944 Bodford av.

Crosstown It. R. Co. 5 p. c.

Knuttt Braoklvn Omit. It. ItL n. Ivl. PnfilnrTuircT, Thn mm t.1 nnn ...11..

VST" ANTED AT THE MASSACHUSETTS Box 14, Eagle offloe. S1RABLE, Eagle Bedford branch" SIRA ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S CHURCH, PA cine st and Bodfof av. Rev. Turner B.

Oliver. M. A single gentleman in small, quiet family, with or without breakfast: must be west of Court et, between Atlantio av and Clark st: location ami accommodations first disss. Address with full particulars, E. P.

Eagle 1 i.o.i.,i.jiiii uuuiuiL. i it uo ill imij UH 105 11)2 102 102 145 1(10 100 iim 1(12 107 10 104 90 101 111 102 123 105 102 120 KesnrrectTon." Kvening at 7:30. Subject: "Resurrection Assurances." Habbath school P. M. Come to the Easter service.

Rablished. linost imperials, $3 per dozen; regular OARD WANTED IN BEDFORD SEC tion. near Bedford av. pnrnnr FiiH nn nf. lu nmui.

IO LET PART OF HOUSEMME diate nossenflton. tmnnTifi ilnr iT it i nim 1..11. 1 rector naater aunaay celebration of tho Holy Commun tnil Jit. A flnH fit Via inirlrl.n cnrrlno 4 tll "Snco So. DuaVEA, 2ol and 253 Fulton st.

ueneral Hospital, iloston, a man to take charge of an appliance shop connected with tho above institution must understand tho construction of splints for deformities, such as are used for club foot ana hip disease, and do some repairing of surgical instruments; a le nreferrcd. bv slmrlo frnnMpnian: tnhln hnarif tiHri dry. nicely nunired in nnnA 5.t.",v"" i Balch, Price Hattero, 37C Fulton st oiuuiniu anu preacn tne morning at isaster festival of the Sunday Bchool in the evening at 7:30. All cordially welcome. WANTED UEAEi ESTATE.

AST NEW YORK REFORMED, NEW Id Jersey av, near Alabama station Special Eastor music morning and evening. At 10:30 the pastor, Rev. Dr. Je. wo W.

Brooks will extend "An Easter Greeting to Converts." Subject afc 7:30, "Riseu With Christ" room having closet and running water; unexceptional references given stato lowest terms. BEDFOBD, Box Kagle Bedford branch. 08 103,uBui, yuaibiuu sriven irooa man. Aouroiis, stating terms, JOHN W. PRATT, resident physician South Brooklyn Cont.

R. Co. tip. c. bll Grantlst.

and Newtown R. Co.itok Grand st. and Newtown R. R. Co.

5 p.o. bonds BrooklynGas Oo. stock Citizens' Gas Oo. stock Citizens' Gbb Co 5p.c. bonds rulton Municipal Gas Co.

stock Fnlton Mnnioi pal Gns Co. (1 p. c.boud Metropolitan Gas Co. stook Metropolitan Gas Uo. 5 p.

u. first Nassau Gas Co. stook Nossau Gas Jo. 5 p. o.

certificates fofainHy of adults; rent $14. 1,379 Atlantio av.noar iO LET plLRTljFF6TTSE JL now 20 feet brown stone, 5 rooms, 827 nor month; April free; with second story if dealrod 4.n A RELIABLE BAY FAMILY HORSE, Liar, hands, Hambletonian stock; not afraid of steam carB long flowing mane and tall an there is no use Mute11 ho sf lriod at Mr MOWBRAY'8 stable. 233 Schormorhoru st, or see owner, Mr. BATES, 374 Washington av. unucim iiuapiiai, uuiiiin, mass.

WANTED REAL ESTATE NT.IRE oharge taken of pronerty4 rents collocted and nromnt returns: nnnrl fnr fefnrnnces: mfitlnc nnrl rtnlllnn JT. PAUL'S CHURCH, CLINTON ST, 7 corner Carroll Rftv RlronA,Rr,nn;. Dent's kid gloves, canes and umbrellas. DIED. BALDWIN On Friday.

4th lnf Srm Rithiitii everybody welcomed. 100 WAWTED SITPATIOWS FEMAIiES. mon EAST NEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL, Sheffield av. hetween Fulton st and At th all ologant. Owner on promises, 827 Putnam T71URNISHED ROQM A LARGE FRONT i bbivikm; i')mir coieuraijion naiy uommumon 5 A.

M. Second celebration Holy Communion, 8 :00 A. M. Third nnlRhratfnn TTnltr nnniMimlnn rinv.i thn. ...1,1....

A r.t 1.1.. I 1 1,280 Bedford av; QlBco open cveryovenlng untll O. avenue. Aui seH nnil wcninstreanea. room, nicely xurnisnea, to let, in a private family.

m) Jr. 1,008 Dean st, Brooklyn, Monday, April 7, a lantic av Itev. Augustus Ii. Frichard, pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, will ureach an Enptnr mrinnn 3 1 :00 A. M.

Sunday sohoof services 3 :30 P. M. Eveu j.u JTVI1A so. AUTED SITUATION AS A SEAM. WA1VTED JPIANOS.

StrntUt. IlV vftniiir Inrliri etnn it aiiinli. 1 mO LET PART OF HOUSE SECOND JL floor and one room on third floor, to without children; house private; all conveniences; use of laun tlry; furnituro may bo bought vory low. Inuuire of owner, 00 Cii.ton p'aco. to morrow at 3:30 P.

M. Sunday school and Bible class at 2:30 P.M. Young people's prayer meeting at 7:30 P. M. Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 8 o'clock.

FURNISHED ROOMS A CHOICE OF three rooms, 182 South Elliott place; houso with till Please call a't st. FINE PAIR OF YOUNG ROAD HORSES, hands high; warranted sound and kind: can trot in taroe minutes; also piano boxbuggy. O'TOOLES, 729, 731 Prospect place. GENTLEM AN WILL SELiTbTuiugH AM, T. oart.

dog cart and buggy: all mado by Brewster A Co. and in Bret class order; also, two horses and arte harnoss and stable equipment; regardless of cost. Address OWNER, Box 21. Eagle ofiiee. SOUTH CONGREGATIONAL OHURCH.

oorner Court and President sts Special Easter sarr ices morning and evening, 10:30 and 7:30. with nrenoh. improvements. XXI ANTED SITUATION WANTED PIANO A FIRST CLASS PI ano, in good condition, upright or square, olther Stoinway's, Weber's, Cbickering's or FiBoher's; state number, kind and how long in use; no fancy price and no dealers. JONES, Box 10, Eagle offlooS AS MAID TO BROOK On Friday, April 4, Fans Ei.izaueth, beloved wife of William Brooks.

Funeral wllltake place from her late resilience, 217 st, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Interment in Greenwood. BURKITT Friday, April 4, James Bubkitt, acod 04 years. Funeral from his late residence 445 Seventh av. Now elderly lady, by a coranetent.

oxnerionrpri nnmnn' nnr ir noor. nnmnn T71URNISHED ROOMS 142 LAWRENCE AJI arewelcomev EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH, LA favette av and St. James nlace. John Hnmtmtnnf. ine by the pastor.

Rev. Albert J. Lyman. Sabbath 103 100. TO LET PART and third floors, 5 rc JL Bt Alcoro, large aud small rooms to let; terms rea is a very good sewer and willing and obliging.

Call on or address Mrs. NELSON, 158 Lnqneor Bt, Torooklyn. sonable; reierences. tuiiiuui ni, easier service at ino noma congregational Mission, on Fourth placo, at 2:30. Preaching at fhn atimn nlann in annnfn .11 .....11.

11. I CtaniuDfirinnKIM nnn Vttitrcsseo. ami oiairs lurnisnoa oatu hot and cold water; eeoaraio meter; use of tubs; to small families of adults. Apply to owner, 24 Ormoud place.;.

mi wriliniiy 1QV1I.CU. TABLE WAVrKIi 'LISCEIliANEOUS. FURNISHED ROOMS TWO LARGE square furnished rooms, second floor; terras $12 and pastor Morning, worship at evening worship at 7:30, in connection with which thoro will be a servico of congregational praise. In tho morning ushers will welcome and seat strangers; in tho evenine the seats are free. Sunday school at P.

Af. the c1rk fnr thn nr. on oufluij vue ovu at ii o'clock. WraAUTED SITUATION AS A flTTAHT. 1115 135 COHSA On Thursday.

Anril 3. 1890. of nnmimnni. SUMNER AV METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, corner Van Buren st The Rev. O.

C. Lasby. Dastor Sunday mnrnlno ctnR fm. WANTED SHOES AND CAST OFF alothinir at NEWSBOYS' HOME, ft! a pvr nvutL itij it niuugnuy av, corner vasnington. and waitress, or as nurse and ohamber TO LET.

.20 DOUGHTY ST, Oneblock from Fulton Ferry. miUTiXTrmr tun ft i uuuic a iTot KJ1I. BlOOK People's Gas Co. 5 p. e.

bonds People's Gas Oo. 0 p. o. bonds Williamsburgh Gas Oo stook Willlsinsburgli Gas Co. (i p.

o. bonrtu t'uion GasLight Co. of E. N. Y.

0 P.o. biU Union Gas Co. 5 percent, Brooklyn Bank stock Broadway Bank stock Bedford Bank stook c. Commeroia! Bankstock Fifth AvonuoBank stook First National Bank stock Fulton Bank stock KingsUountv Hangstook Hamilton Bank stock Long island Hank stoon Manufacturers1 National Bank stocK Mechanics' and Traders' Bank Block Aiochantcs' Uaok stock Nossau National Bank stock National City Uauk stook North Side Hank stook Tiienty Rixtli Ward Bank after a short Illness, James O. CoitsA, father of Andrew BUHNISHED ROOM TO LET.

A NICE TO LET PART OF HOUSE WITH IM modiate possession, a suit of 4 rooms, in good ordor; aecond sfc iry, halls furnished, dumb waiter, "aterond BasiS14 per month. Apply on Dreminen Vi ii i gin; nos ino iresi oi relerence. Call at 110 Hoyt st. pogltidii ot" the Sunday school lesson Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the chapel. A cordial welcome is ex for our poor boys and girls.

Please advise as that we may send for same. A DI AIjIj.I. IvfurnlnfloH hall mnn. nnnlilnolr VlyriH Tt IA t). uorsa, in tne i ui year oi ins age.

Friends and relatives are invite to sttnid the funeral servloos At his late residence, (110 Monroo st. Brooklvn. 'at 10 30 A. M. by Rev.

David G. Sunday sohool at 2:30 P. M. Young people's prayer meeting at 0:30 V. M.

Preaching 7:30 P. M. by Rev. K. L.

Thorpe. SeatB tcnaea to an. eight minutes to Oity Hall, New York, Apply at 44 135 152 pn Sunday, April i. at 2 P. M.

Interment at Greenwood. WANTED SIT ATION AS A CHAM berniaid. waitress, orjnurso, by a colored girl, just iim. i Ti'h wjuJn and obliging. Ploaso addreBa or freo.

UEOKUELOWDEN.471JJlermootav. mo LET PART OF HOUSEOiSfis: WANTED LEFT OFF CLOTHING Ladies' and gentlomcn's; 1 will pay 300 per cent, more than any dealer in the city. Call on or addross J. PHILLIPS. Smith at.

between Schormnrhnm nnrl HAYEK On Saturday morninc, April 5, Salome A hnlored wife of Potor W. Hnvor. niforf team of Tainilv rjtrrinn hnrcsj Tit 1. IfiURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, 3 NEAT 1 lv furnished rooms, second floor: hot ami m.d wntiirt QANDS ST M. E.

CHURCH, REV. van VlJ Aiafj OL, llLBIy'UWjr. isr servm Pc Ct a desirable second floor and part of E. h. Thoroe.

Ph. of the New York East CnnfnrAnnn. ueorge Aaams pastor Bervices Brooklyn Instituto, corner Washington anrl rtnnrnrrl ntn nt. in.itn State. uiunu amuo, witn owner; use of bath and laundry; house decorated and near Sevnn nn.

imair mwj kwu viusvv anu use oi gas; Relatives and friends aro rcsnectf ullv invited to attend the eervicos at her late residence, tiOl DeKalb av, on Monday oveniug at 8 o'clock. Interment private on wrmii mvm.taw, iut arreu near iimon. WAJN TEU SITUATION AS A CHAM u. ermaid rad waitress or would bo willing to do i.B bif rospeotablo young girl, lately "family of adults only. Inquiro at 807 President st.

Special Easter missionary services, consisting of singing, addresses and presentation of missionary certificates' at 3:15 P. M. in conneotion with tho regular session of tho K.hti.lh .1 O.I T. U.

101) 80 102 101 124 108 100 98 1(15 117 125 1110 132 600 185 130 132 150 105 210 201 200 420 100 lot) 135 210 170 185 155 172 175 I7(i 50 ,80 140 140 155 140 150 140 132 125 T71URNISHED ROOMS ONE HALL W. H. Lawrence; singing by Miss May Whitney and Miss Oarmelia; at 7:30 gospel temperance meeting; addross by Colonel R. S. Cheves, of Kentucky; Sunday P.1M.11i'teu5k30ni.Af.OPl'8 mMn 0:36 Tnesaay morning.

HUGHES On April 4, at tho residence of his brother in law, William I. Gross, 533 Gates av, James D. TO LET PART OF HOUSE SECOND floor.wlth alcove: houn. in rrnnrl h.ll., JB. room, lurnisheaiorsinglecrentlemantalso.onelarce 350 FOR CIGAR STORE: Efii.AH 135 170 423 U.l V1CUD V.UIII mencing at i :30 P.

M. will consist of a platform meeting in the interests of the Brooklvn Sabbath Ohsnrvancn As. room. Call for two days at lol Wyckoffst; ring second 3P Iished twenty years in city of 50,000: bos, plaoe for screens lurnished; heaterB; hot and col'd water; nice' bathroom: coodnntchborhnnrl. Hf.nnn jauuiiH.

son oi mi ii nugnes, agea years. Funeral form his late residonco on Sunday at 2 P. M. Erie, papers ploasa copy. WANTE TO DO UP stairs work in a private family, by a young girl: good city reference.

Call for two days at 171 Saoketi vuuan ur cpnuiiiru; none in city; tiiree oval snow cases, any bay. 08CAK C. JACKSON, Veterinary 8uf geon. entlemanwillsellbroughamT VJT victoria, cart, flog cart and buggy; all msdo by Browstor A Co. and in first class order; a'so two horses f'lu limit: regardless of oost AdjresOJjVNJSU.

Box 21LEaBk. office." HORSE, BUGGY, IN GOOD OR dor, wanted to pnrchaso. by a physician, at a reaEon nnrrvS T.Adl,r.?8?t wi.ta desonptiou of proporty. DOCfOR, Box 10, Eagle office. STALLS TO LET' WITH WAGON ROOM, in brick stable, Fonrth av, corner of President st; norses to let rtnv linntrDii niv sociation, at which the following gentlemen will speak: Rev.

W. H. lngersoll, W. T. B.

Milliken, and tho Hon. A. S. Bacon Nnncinl Rnitfnr miinin in, nlmi. ST.

aPTHEWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Throop av, near DeKalb. Rev. A. A. Morrison FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, IN tiOUBB with OWnor.

4H.1 rJn.tPR av rtny Murov saie, aesK, etc; owner most sell; nas omer nusmess. G. Box 83, Hartford, Conn. lS tw. "dnll8 onl'r Apply to J.

CRAGG, 101 basement. mO LET PART OF HOUSE THIRD KENNEDY On Thursday, April 3, 1890, William Ph. rector Easter Sunday, mtehrntfnn nr fhn I4nl Sittings free. All cordially invited to worship with ub. lareo square rooms, front or rear; also, hall room; house OOD CHANCE TO BUY BUTTER ini'ionai ttailK biock Wollahout Bank stook Brooklyn Trust Co.

ktoog Iranklin Trust Co. Kings County Trust Oo. stook. I.onx Island Loau and Trusi Oo. riatsau Trust Co stock.

People's Trust Co. Brooklyn City Safe Deposit Co. Long Island Safe Deposit t. stook KinxsUonntrlnsurance Oo. stock Long Island Insurance Co stock Lafajctto Insurance Co.

stock. Nassau Insitrnnnn TT ANTED SITUATION TO iTiirrp: Communion at 7 A M. Full service, with celebration of IvESflLUl, agcu luars. The members of Prospect Lodge No. 290, 1.

O. O. are requestod to meet in the lodge room, corner of Gates RtrirA with ttTtlAiiflifi nnAn no tn isnllf1 vm T' Stairs WOrlc and nlllin Untvin rr nw I I71IRST REFORMED (DUTCH) CHURCH, 1 corner Sovnnth av and Carroll at Services at 10:30 nii.ii nviii jinri. oi secpna, i llgnc room iu 3 story high basomont brown stone houao, 07 Second large trade; horse and wagon living rooms and stable, waiting, by an exlierienced younif girl; hasarstclass city rnfm nnun Pi an an na 1 1 (rm 4.n. A nil, n.vf FURNISHED ROOMS TWO LARGE" rooms, nicely furnished, hot and cold water, two cheap rent; selling on account of other business.

055 ana osironn avs, on nunaay, April nt 1 1. sharp, for the purposo of attending the funeral of our lato iinuo. uuni uimiuu iiiiprovemontS U60 Of hath and laundry: ront 25 SIMOMSnrJ "Tl ri mo nvij! yumuiuuiuu, at. j.u:,ju. aunaay scnooi festival, with carole, at 3 P.

M. Evening at 7:30 tho choir will render Stainor's "Awako thou that eleepest," Gounod's "Send out thy light," Woodward's "The radiant morn." Young's Cantata and Deus, f.nX;.fnr M'WX a. ni. mm iuu tr. ai.

aaouatn scnoo; at V. M. Rev. Dr. A.

S. Hunt will preach to morrow. Strangers luvitod. xiaiBioiiio ar. wvuaw lijicu urotner.

riEMiY i. uobbt, a. G. wuaHjau.u, iuiw uivvaouwm UHUIJ, VTOJUllDg ubahles A. ford, 1'erm.

Sec. mWO DOWN TOWN TEA STORES. DO t'oolfs. owners and iron era. nrd in vtixa av, near Union st.

KlftFJhTRrf Tin rlilnr Anril 1 ti 1 JL Ing laree business, on rtxcellent down tnnn nnrno a TO LET PART OF HOUSEA FINE third floor of 4 rooms in a brick house, in a selact FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST (SClEiT tlBt) holds Services in Atlrnrn. dmtn. nnf nl r.v ANTED SITUATION AS A flfinn FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, NEWLY furnished hall rooms, front, $1.25 also, large square for sale; prices. 81,950 and $2,850: worthy of lnvesti gation. GEO, LOVE IT, 59 Court st.

TT cook, washor and ironor. bv a rpnnpofaM, FrienasTrro Ihvited to attend tho funeral from the rcsi nor Sfidim in nt. nnrl KnilFnr il tj nt. 1 i nbignnornood, to a small faunlyof adults only: one block from elevated railr Ad SOVnn fr amh. from elevated raiir ad soren minutes frbm AFfNE CANOPY TOP SURREY FOR sale; only used once; also a new sidebar top buggy and a set of surrey harness will sell cheap.

Call at 109 Prenching both morninK andevenint? by the naHtor.Rfiv ruuui, duiwuio iui yor wobk large room, 15 L. aonce or ner son in law, 2u2 Steuben st, on Sunday, ot 145 SYfj io'd iii woman: has good city references. Call for two days at 3i Vanderbilt av, owner occtipios balance of house. Address E. J.

yor yupj. jLvyo ni, vuiru uoor irom uay. n. b. Jb.

Mason. Sunday school at 12. Phcuix Insurance Co Williainsliurgh Insurance Oo. 7 porcont. Park bonds, 1915 to 1924.

7 percent. Bridge bonds, 1899 to 1924 7 percent. Water bonds. 1004 to 1912. I percent.

Park bonds, 1924.... percent. Bridge bonds. 1908 to isii'sj" bporooat. Watorbouds, 1913...

niirnrint Ftrflnn hn rt. 1 lit i i. i Eagle office. LOST AND FO D1VD. ot, unit iriirtte.

liaiH a fcl.u.H bnddonly, WIT Lre. youngest son of FURNISHED ROOMS TWO LARGE square rooms, with both, for light housekeeping, or. IjlREE METHODIST CHURCH, SIX 1 teenth St. near Fourth nv Pmnnhinn ffl.MO WANTE SITUATION A A COOK, washer and ironcr, or to do oneral housework, by H.nant.hla anln.aif ..1.1 .1 mX reunectablft nolnrflii crirl TO LET PART OF HOUSE 247nolJFT IilOUND ON MONTAGUE ST, A GOLD BROOCH bearinir a namft annmannina rni.A vvdvuuiuh uu into xiernnaru ioinieiaor. agea JU years.

Funeral Monday, April 7, at 10 o'clock, from the resi Kuutitjiuou (rouirai iuusiiiuu cuuveuient, to ail cars; Will' A. ton place, near lieaford av Lower part, with two lartrn rnnms nn "RRfinnil flnntv Ar 'l i 1 good reference. 1,181 At preaohing and revival service, 7:30. Sunday' school, 2:30. Prayer meeting, 0:30.

Band of Hone. Monday ARGAIN WILL SELL A FINE SIDE J1J bor bnggy (nearly new), made by Tookor: also, a "agon, made by Marlboronsh. Xpply at oliico, l00aiyrtleav.or stable, 234 Vanderbilt av; Say or opening. lantic ar; no cards. iurnisn ooara 11 aosirgu.

jars. 11., j.o ruira a v. a "iui uanvmvii aim owner can have it by giving proper description and paying for this advertisement. CHESTER, Box 7, Eagle fj.poroan.t. Waterbonds, 1014....

if2 KingsCouu 4 per oent. bonds. in? 128 104 ouutm.oi uuubv yltji wuvomenv to eievatea and snr uvuw ui uiotuer, union ittlt, n. il. MAGU1RE On April Tiiomas in tho TTiURNlSHED ROOMS TO LET.

FUR AJN TED SITUATION AS A POOK evening, 7:45. Prayer meeting, Thursday evening, 7:4. All Beats free. Strangers cordially invitod. jivuunc cuui.a,ionbwuuurJAe;posseSf.ion.immediat& In 102 TT or waiter In hotel, or board.

no limiMA rnifaiiv. JL' mshed or unfurnished front alcove room on socond floor and rooms on parlor floor in private iamily; table mujui ui iii age. Services from his late residences, 8(i Putnam av, on SIMPSON METHODIST EPISCOPAL OHURCH, corner of Clermont and Willoughby ays, Rev. Jay Benson Hamilton, rastar Teinperauce meeting at 1 0 :30 A. under the auspioes of tho Brooklyn Temperance Alliance.

Hon Albert Griffin will speak Sunday school Easter seryioo at 2:30 P. the new ohapol. Epworth League prayer meeting at 0:30 Eastor praise servioe at 7:30 P.M. Special programme of EaBter music by the quartet and chorus choir. Seimon by Rev S.

L. Botvman, D. formerly dean of the sohool of theology of the DePanw University, Indiana Strangers cordially welcomed. SUMMERFIELD METHODIST EPISCO PnAIV0liUR0H. Washington and Greene avs, the pastor 0, A.

conference ovo feast; 10:30 A sermon by the Rev. Bishop Edw G. Andrews. D. LL.D, ordination of deacons; 3 sermon by tho Rev.

James W. Buokley. D. LL ordination of elders; 7:30 P. anniversary of missionary Booioty.

Rev. Bishop Edw. 0. Andrews, presiding: addressos by the Rov. S.

L. Baldwin, D. and tho Rev Charles S. Wing. YoQng people's prayer meeting in tho parlors at Oi.tO P.

M. General prayor meeting Friday evening at P. M. All aro weicomo. ON FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL TOE A A OST ant, by a young colored man, who understands hisbusi mWENTY GOOD WORK AND BUSI mO LET PART OK HOUSE TO ADULTS OLEET ST METHODIST EPISCOPAT, 8.

neUS horfiAH. aln una rlinnln e.JJI. I 125 200 180 uuaru tuuTouiuui; uiuueraio. yij AuaulSOn St, zt aL ciock. inierniont at convenience in uuigaoornuou ot i gmpxins av.

peiween Han. jl.t wages moderate. Uall For cook st and Gates av. a lady's gold CHAIN and oniv: a aesiranin seeonrt nnn nr 'i i B' CHURCH, VUU.W.,, sale at ui auuxaoo am iiu 11 Aia, ou rrooneci bv. iKo, iicur jcuiton, ivcy, unanes o.

lilURNISHED ROOMS ON HEIGHTS with diamond in center. A suitablo reward will be given tuo lamuy. mcmDers ot Atlantic Lodge No. so. O.

'9 Encampment No. 10,1. O.O. F. Moses F.

Odell Post No 444, G. A. and veterans of One Acadomyof Music Union Ferry New York Ferry B'klyn SJunicIpal Eloctrio Light Oostoot Citizens' Eloctrio Llgnt Co. stock lrooklyn Water Froutand Dry Dock Oo" 6 per oent bonds I I. Water Supply Co.

1st mor'tgago'df bath in 2 story and baoment brick house in first class neichborhood. near elevated station and ftm AMi noa a itnmc Uencrnl Housework. lu niorrow a A. SI. Uy Rev.

H. 8. Boivman, D. and at 7:30 P. M.

by Rev. wmuihi ivi nvuiuniiia ant nan. "tWiHonjAyjtjcorm)r Lawrence. Brook'lyn. 120 100 JL 84 citato st, noar nonry Handsomely furnishod large and small rooms: all conveniences; perfect order, near ferries and Oity Hall table board, if required.

no; loui bi ur XUUO ixOSClUSKO St, uetWCOn xrav iu u. uuiinBy. tsunuoy scnoot at. Tizji. yt xoung nuimruu nuu riiiy ninin nogimont, a.

y. a. V. cordially invited to attend. WANTED SITUATIONS TO DO GEN eral housework, by two respeolablo young German peopie meeiing at All are welcome.

ELECTION NOTICES. girls. mo LET PART OF HOUSE MONllOR 108 I i i mru bt, uear wentietu ILECTION NOTICE OFFICE OF THE MEGRAW On April 3, 1800, Marv A. Megiiaw, in her 70th year. pPuoejal will take placo on Sunday, April 0, at 2 BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, IN A small private family, two handsomely furnished narlors: hot and cold water in hack nnrlnr nnrl amnta st.

near Sumner av: lower nart rnm. nri ti Kings County WajeV Kunpljr' jjitigs iounry ivater Co. stook. J1IRST REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN JL1 CHURCH, Prospect place, between Fifth and Sixth at Preachinir by tno uastor. Rev.

Thomnn Wnltnm nr. as JrreachniK by tno 4(1 103 WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN Cral hOURFIU'nrlr. hv rnnna.t.hln nnln.A f.l I. 1 rnCNlA inNUKANUK MFANV. 11.

nnn4 et order; Hnely papered and decorated nrnivn RtnnA inii7hhnrh(trid thrna mlnnfoa fnT i Irooklvn. Maroh IKPtl Thn tnnnul r. Ail ox. ana r. m.

oauDatn scnooi at 3 o'clock. 50 A. M. and 4 rectors pf this company and for three inspectors of Prsver nieelinfr on Wednesday nenninc "uH.ji, ijiioni. unruonifr suop, uerry st, near Isorth Fourth, L.

D. oan be seen to morrow be tween 10 and 12. A LARGE NUMBER OF HORSBSUST received from the West aro for sale at Vf ALL ABOUT STABLES, 2 and 74 Washington av, Brooklyn. innm uuun, wasuer ana ironer: willing and obligina good reference. Call at 210 Bridge st.

The public aro oiuaem. aoi ouimtniuruviii et, ueiween xtona ana rtevins. FURNISHED ROOM A NICELYUR nished front room on third floor, with amnla n1rattji UIUCLIUU lur inn tlllrUll II IZ VRjar Will OB DR JktT. r.nn nlflfn at 070 Gates av. cordially invited.

5s Oo 0 o. boudi, 1 atbiish Water Work Oo.stook..... Jlaibush Water Work Co. p. bonds, booth Brooklyn Saw Mill Oo.

and So. Brooklyn Ferry Co. stook N.Y.andSo. p.o.bouil Uassapequa Improvement Co. p.

c. bds 'Ex dividend. ldi) 142 80 To the company, 16 Court st, Brooltlyn, on MONDAY, mo LET PARTS OF HOUSES filiO T.A WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework or to take care of hnh. hunn sal tablo for one or two adults; family private; references required. 238 Duffleld fct.

Jp" 'i auuu, auo jyuno w.i mivu i rum xJ IO JLX oclook A M. The transfer books wjll ba closed on mHE HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH, GREENE near Tompkins, WUliam N. Pile, nastor Preaching 10:30 A. M. and 7:45 P.

by Augustus Bradford, nf Hnrinirlirilri. Mnn. .7. V. JL.fayotte av, elegant liouso, sunny eido, healthiest part 101 spectable.

young girl. Please call for two Of iuarcii loyv, ana remain ciosea unui Alter the elec 11RIENDS' MEETING, LAFAYETTE AV, corner Washinpton To morrow at 10:30 A. M. James B. Ohase and other ministers will take part in the service.

Special Easter service at Bible school, 0:15 A. M. PrQVOr mPfltincr Wflfinuwiav SI A II iiortn jiiioct. place, Hill, lower part, rooms, decorated, $30 upper, 5 ms, $20: only fifteen minutes to bridgo; commir'Sion SaOt only fURNfSHED ROOMS 170 nOLTTMRIA rooms. on.

15 oruer A SMALL HANDSOME PONY, WITH cart and outfit comiileto, for solo; suitable for chil P. M. Prsyor meetimr Wednnirinv ft PHZIjAWUER SitlAW, Swetary. VSTANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN owners aaaress, E. na.i.r in i n' JL: heights Large rooms, withlargte closets, hot and cold water also a smaller room, with all conveniences; VAN ORDEN.

110 John st, Now York. invited. oral nouBoworic in a small private family, by a SnRCtAOlA Vniinir arlrl nn Innhila tbl. AMILTON BANK OF BROOKLYN IN accord an Gfl wUh thn Arftnlnn nf uunr uiiineray, liruoHiyn. wry unuge anu i err 108.

mO LET PART OF HOUSE 829A call at 209 Sands st; no cards answered. )oard of Direct nrn havn dMlvntxtMri Tniwrlitv a BUGGY FOR SALE, IN GOOD ORDER FRIENDS' MBETIN AT ELIM CHAPELT KOa cittRko Rt. nnnr Rnirl nn tiraflDB nv unnor inn. nrn.n nmnn .1 jJURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, NEATLY next, from to 1 A. M.

as tht timo fnr uA fnrther nso tfnr it nun h.nA iu TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH, OORNER Groenoand Patchen avs Easter services. Rev. umard Nolson, pastor, will preach at 10:30 A. 7 30 P. M.

Pilgrim Encampment, Knights St. John and Malta, with representatives from other encampments, attend the latter sjrvice. Special music. bath, now house, every convenience; first class neighborhood and near station rent low to good tenant. tor Meeting for worship to morrow 10:30 A.

M. Sah 7tJ ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN "S1 housowork. by'a respectable young girl; is willing and obliging erenoo from last placo. Call for 7 unT)iur auu.Anspeci.ors oi Election F. MOORE, 44 Pennsylvania av, East New York, ur uouuio ixiuina; iieatL uy location: an improvements; near Sumner av station.

O.BARNES. 790 A Lafayette mo lvijowingyoar, ino election to Deneldattbe uiu dcuooi ju r. m. unristian Enaeavor mooting 7 Jr. M.

service. in hinh thn u.w ruiiiir u. masow. 203 Tompkins av. avtmue.

FURNITURE TRUCK (COVERED) AND tanm nf hnrnna fnr nnln .11 bath school participate, at 7:30 P. M. Prayer meoting p. ULAitK, uashier and Secretary, uuu in nor oauglltor, iflrs. J.

Glakin, 492 Bourth av. Relatives and friends invited. Boston and Portland papers please copy MEYERSSnddeuly, on April Mis Mabie Metehs, at tho ago of years, ti months and days, at the residence of tier son, Louis A. Meyers 878 Dean st Funeral Suuday April 0, at 2 o'clock P. Friends and relatives invited.

NEWTON On April 3 J8S10, Saiiah beloved daughter of Benjamin and Catharine Newton, aged 10 Relatives and friends aro invitod attend the funeral from nor iate residonco. 32 Vanderbilt av, and from there to the Churoh of the Sacred Heart. Clermont av near Park, on Monday, April 7, at i) A. M. Intormeut in Holy Cross Cometery.

PERKINS Suddenly, on Friday, April 4. 1890 Saiiah Jane Kendall, wife of 8. M. Perkini. Relatives and frionds are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at herloto residonco, 002 Greene ar, Snbday, April 6.

1890, at 2 P. M. QUIRK On Saturday morning, April 5, at his residence 141 Willow st, Brooklyn Heights, John Quiiik, In his 7oth year. Notice of fnneral hereafter. REYNOLDS On Friday, April 4.

at Fort Hamilton, rVu.WAM REyN0i.D8, in the 72d year of his ago. Funeral services at the residonco of his daugbtor, 098 Lexington av. Brooklyn, on Sunday5 April (, at 3 o'clock. and frlontls invited to attend, SOMERS On Friday, April 4, Maky, widow of the late John and native of the Parish of Mullare, CoontyCavan, Ireland. unu qn xoo anOKCVv UU, 1 TXTANTED SITUATION TO "DO GEN 1 aro welcome.

FURNISHED ROOMS ONE OR TWO frentlnmnn nan find nfonlv fnf nluhaf Annn.i. mo LET PART OF HOUSE LOWER JL part of handsomo new housa, with extra finishings; all Improvements; separate gas service: amDle clonal. sickness the cauBe for McLEERliOl Columbia st. Oral nonssworlc. hv n.

rnortn taVilr. JIVSTRUCTIOi. X. .7 vvuuutllUM 1 rw.iTiD alcn nnn small Mnm at ini ftlriIina.Mn.i... girl is a good coolr, washer and ironor has good city 6femRtTE IDEA OF GOD, "A DISCOURSE JL by the Rev.

J. B. Parmeleo, in Univorsalist Hall, Eighth st and Seventh av, to morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock; morning Bervico at in tho OHUROH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM (Swedenborgian), Monroe place aqd Clark st. Rev. J.

Agcr, pastor; soats froe. EUtST BAPTIST CHURCHlN PliRRE pontt PrBaohin(t by the pastor. Rov. Willard H. ho will do liver the fourth of Ihe discourses on Lord's Pratvor:" nnhim.t.

"Thn IfinrrAnn. .11 location central; to responsible parties rent moderate 50 FIRST CLASS HORSES, ALL DE scintions. worlrnrs. rfrivnra nnil htiKinnsQ hnraaw frontj, ii uujq nv ja AvL.uiyo iop uoor. RIGHTS BUSINEStS COLLEGE, Brooklyn, E.

Broadway, corner of Bedford UAUiiaiiKoo. room, fnrnsoo, eto. rooms on third floor front if desired owner will occupy uppor part 855 Hslscy st, below Sumner av; will let to small American family only; can be seen afternoons. THE EAGLE AND THE XKlTSDEALEltS. Tho Eaqle lias iveu anothor proof to tbo dealers that they consider his iuteroBta thoir own.

Complaints reaching them that there had been checks for papers and money stolen in their delivery room from the dealers, they immediately took the matter in hand and catisod the arrest of a gang of young pickpockets that had been conducting thoir nefarious operations on thoir premises. In New York offices such complaints arc passed over with a sneer. It will bo welconfa newB to the dealers that tho shapo of the 8WDAV Eaqle is to be changed. The Eaole has been irach staunch friend to the dealers in tho past that the dealers did not like to Bramble, but among themsolves tlioy admitted that tho work of folding and inserting this paper wag most tedious work. It is said that now presses will ba in oporation by June.

Newsdealer ana Stationer. must bo sotd at onoe; very low price; work hordes to let. it Alio nnnu fir i VJSANTED SITUATION TO DO LIGHT TjlURNlSHED ROOM ON av, in its seventeenth year, instruction is given in com mereiat. stenotsrranhln anrl nnnrl Am fn att.nrftnt. AWfcAa.

KJ oi tu j.v uuiuu ni. school at 2:45 P. M. Exposition of tho Sunday school lesaonjbyjhe pastor every Saturday at 4 o'clock. uuusuwurK, or a yonng oiveuisn girl, lately landed rienced corns of nine your address on jjl neiguws a large, nanasomeiy I nrn i nno room, snit CART FOR SALE AT HALF THE tqreo T.

Sjuu nowim nuu uuiivi. Auuretfj IT I.1.I1S11. II nr I agio office. COfit: has been tisid but vrv HftlM nnH i nnH 1,11 1 ATUUSH UAPTIST CHURCH, DIA nlDnd nt. rnrnn.

Nnet.pnnA nf i. Miiujto "ua Aairioiti tms reasonaoie. 78 HicKS st. Bridgo new. Apply at eiablo, 50 Love lane.

STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRITING 1 WRIGHT'S ntiaiNRSH fmr.r.rf nw TOMPKINS AV CONGREGATIONAL OHURCH, Tompkins av, near Fulton st Preaching by the pastor, Kev. R. Meredith, D. 10:30 A. M.

and at 7:30 P.M. Park av branoh, cornor Park and Marcy avs Preaching at 10:30 A. M. and at 7:30 P. M.

Strangers are cordially invitod. mABERNACLE BAPTIST nHiTRnrr st; second floor, 5 rooms, rango, bath and tubs. 157 Bridge st Jower part, 4 rooms, 256 Ooldst! first tioorTi rooms. 14i Concord Kt: seconri flnn. r.

mn.n. m.i RNISHED ROOMS 228 ORT vT WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework In a maU private family, by a respectable young colored woman; is a good cook, washer and ironer; has good oity references. Please oall for Iexds all. other Institutions indthe City of Brooklyn in ltH facilUlfln fnr tnanhinn I f. A sixth St.

South Brooklvn Onn nr fnnr STABLE TO LET, NO. 234 WAVERLY av: stalls for fivo horses. Apply to SILAS TUTTLE. served with preaching at 10:30 A. by Rov bwon, ol Connecticut.

Oommunion after morning bow Boho1 Bt M. Evening sorvice at 7 .10 o'clock, conducted and participated in by the Sunday SehOOl anil niPlllllRrH nf thn Vanna Bt Apply at 171 Washington at' A rooms: Drivate house: all imnrornmnntiir nnHUi fl 243 Clinton av. agents. urn, unja n. oo mum un nt, nunc 1 1 tvu .1 111 av.

Ing. Five nonrs' practice and Instiuctfon dally. Twenty atandard typewriter, in rue. oi.ujruu, rvrvuubjr jivu luiumus irom uaticry; suitable for professional or newspapermen. of Christian Endeavor.

The public cordially inyitoil. VIT ANTED SITUATION TO DO GBN GOOD STABLE TO LET 8 STALLS ...1 Innl. ta VWIti Mlriunna1 moderate rent. oeatsiree. tat 5 WRITING LESSONS.

EVRNTNfi Al.I. to iiEr Foie nnsiYEss purposes flinerai win raxe pjoco on oiuun apm nv P. from St. Peters Hospital. Henry st, corner Con I Fulton st.

fTIURNISHED ROOMS HANDSOMELY erat nousoworg in a small family, by aged woman: is uood cook, washer and Irnnnr. hi. I the year. BROWNE'S. 804 nnrt nlfAn I Kress.

Interment in Holy Uross Cemetery. C'IREENE AV BAPTIST CHURCH, NEAR av Rov. lurnisnea aicovo witn Brjuare room connecting, to arotherorsenaratelyt nlentvnf nlnnntn nnH A BOUT FIFTEEN MOR15 STALLS TO reierences. Call for two days at 82 North' I iow Plorrepontibegmanytimeinoolaosesrtsoryedtriosta Elliott place,, front; no cards. for adults; business course, $10 to $20: scholarships, 435 mo.

LET BASEMENT LARGE BASE J. ment for storogo or olhorbuslnosapurposos. Inquire at 59 Court st, third floor. i jf to morrow lOiJO A. and 7:30 P.

M. by Rev. P. Mc Diarmld, of Ottawa, Ont. Sunday sohool 2:30 P.

Prayer mcotings Tuesday and Friday ovoninge. Cordial invitation extended to all. RINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Jefferson ay, corner Maroy The pastor. Her, Dr. Montgomery, will preach (D at 10:30 A.

M. and i JO M. Sunday school at 2:30 P. M. Young Peo pie's msottng Aionday evening at 8 o'clock.

Prayor njentsrnear elevated stations. 141A Monroo stinear STACOM On Friday. April 4, William F. Stacom, ponof the late Lake and Mary Ktacom. Ifnt.f Iwna nnil r.tnnrtn nrn fnvlferl to Attend the fnneral X3k letin new stable, Clermont av; all improve nirnts.

Calland si'A Ihittn. Call and see them. P.30.,; tn? mornlnR service. Theme: AKi eu with Christ In tho evening Sabbath achool Easier service in Fren nnntn nnn ft at Employment Agencies. jo io snomiana ana typowntmg, glO; department for backward scholars, old and yonng thirty first year.

If .1. .1 i.n HI Tt.nntrl.n nn TO LET EACTORY 3 STORY BRICK; light on all sides: near hrirlnn Ii GOOD" GOOD YSTANTKD SITUATIONS BY FIRST 1 Burnished rooms to let, for 1 hOUSekeenhtir. two nice rnnm A with hnf. render siecial Kaster mueio. ri UUI UIO JSte IC.IUOllClla I VUIIU vuawv, Monday, April 7, at P.

M. A FRATERNAL S0CIKTY IKC0BP0UATKD. A certificate of incorporation of Court MonU rpWO WORK HORSES FoTi I eale; wolgh 1,400 lbs. J. W.

HOLMES, Prospect Heightj Stable, Sterling placo and Seventh av. TT olass family help of all kinds; good plaoss for girls CORONERS' NOTICES. and bolJerpUhe i prertrisesAjpply 32 Adelphi'st. oivnuux uu ii.iiii.. iuxs. 1 A. t'J't 11,. 1. .11.

GENERAL FISKE DR. TALMAGET VJTOhaplain McCabe, Dr. Baldwin, Dr. Leonard and Rqv. fjeome LansinirTavl Ot" Will iinpfklr nf tlSa an.

water in roomsijaouao has all improvements; convenient to all lines of ctvf and elevated road; fine locality: 84,51) per weak. 12 y.rospect place. rose 7,394, A O. F. of America, was flletl router.

DENTlSTitV. Svufc. iJ'J mu ibt. uvm vauintl pillUtf. FvOUND DROWNED AT THE FOOT OF Van Brnnt St.

thn hnd. nt nn nnlinnnn, mo LET OFFICE DOCTOR'S OFFICE, corner of CHnt'in nnrl fittn u. 1 11 1 11 A 11 II 1, 111U NIT OHUROH (THIRD UNITARIAN), Oa'ea av and Irving plaoo. Rev. S.

H. Camp, pas' day with tho Scoretavy of State. Its objects arfljA kli. L. J.

HOI ANTED SITUATIONS MAN AGED A FINE ROAD CART, IN GOOD ORDERT for sale; carries two persons. Can bo seen. 102 Sponcer st, near Willoughby av. 40 years of atrn. fi font.

Ill fnnhnn o.n.n 4 tho Missionary Training Institute, at the BRADBURY MEMORIAL, corner of Raymond and Willoughby sts. JIURNlSinjD ROOMS DOCTOR'S OF ISSSS f' 1 flnn BeautlTnl rnnm. nn n.rin. flnn.

niiYt 'oa. Apply to Mrs. ARNOLD. 192 Brooklvn.

ladfea 'jJrooklvn Icmninvrnnnt RtifAn fJirw fe'fREET. twn ninnlnn to aw anu assist Bick and distressed momboc, et near Concord fformnrlp nt 'Hi nn'nnnrf Waabingtc vaahinirton nf .1 i Kiai pair SI riM.o. ii ov i.ujiij. uarois Dy tne semon for.the oliildren and distribution of flowers The anil to contribute to thoir temooral cnmfoj iffett' Oftr Hell, aojr Park Thee tor, vn'iliii nuiyjinui autu no uifisu. anu SIU FINANCIAL.

Aaylam. Com uiiiFiiyio, uuiu urnat i apparently a lonz time in the water; novratthe morgue a vittinir Identification, AftHIC 1 ROOIWVvMi Dv 'ut i0' olterliiRS wiijbo foi the Brook tojtftate.wlU4dxeMt,m,rtiBl I ucirttuwumu unijiuuaiiiiius. viu uo not prom Ida perfection," bat try to eelov tho best iwlp. if, We hnrnjstioaof Wt ine trustees aro Robert D. Foran, James i ir.fil tNtbyilcTK.4 I' atoy, imjio non loruroraa ROVED OITT gan, George B.

Roach. Anthonv 1 UJauaui! a. 1,11 turn. tfa AUIUDH UVJUI. MlAmWI eoiace.

XJiZftB, U.iJSrHevTg. V..

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